4 Ways CRMs Improve Patient Journey Mapping
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4 Ways CRMs Improve Patient Journey Mapping

Almost 94% of today’s patients use online reviews to evaluate healthcare businesses. Therefore, it is crucial that your business provides excellent service and improves patient experiences.

One way to do that is to have a patient journey map.

A patient journey map can give you complete visibility over each stage of a patient’s interaction with your healthcare providers, thus establishing a way to improve your services.

This helps your health business in two ways:

  • Increases patient engagement.
  • Improves patient retention.

A good journey map helps you acquire more patients as well, as you understand the patient’s requirements more precisely.

One way to improve your healthcare process map is by employing Healthcare customer relationship management software, or CRM.

What is a CRM, you might ask? As the name suggests, a CRM helps improve your relationships with patients by employing automation and giving you valuable information about their preferences. The best part of using Healthcare CRMs is that they are HIPPAA-compliant, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally leaking valuable information.

With that being said, here are a couple of ways healthcare CRMs can help improve patient journey mapping –

4 Ways CRMs Improve Patient Journey Mapping

Automatically capture patient information and segment them

CRMs help in collecting patient information, more notably their preferences. Automatically sorting these needs into different categories allows you to treat each patient depending on their needs. This allows you to create a more personalized journey for the patient, improving their satisfaction.

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CRMs can also capture your lead details from multiple sources and present them on one platform, making them easier to view.

Track your patients’ journeys and execute interaction points on time

Maintaining track of where your patients are in their journey can lead to many errors.

CRMs help eliminate cumbersome tasks of tracking your patients on excel spreadsheets and can automatically move them from one stage to another. Furthermore, they provide sales force automation to save time for your team.

This also eliminates tracking errors as the process is devoid of manual tasks. Since a CRM can follow a preset map, it will also avoid delays in execution by routinely reminding your team to follow up with the patient in the next phase of their journey.

Integrate with EHRs to create a cohesive patient journey

While EHRs are useful for storing patient information, they are not enough, as they do not have communication facilities.

Integrating a CRM and EHR can help you build extensive patient dashboards for better visibility and understanding of patient journeys. This will enable you to segment patients. Then, based on the patient segment, you can trigger a different journey, which will save you time from having to create new unique ones for individual patients.

Provide reports and analytics.

Lastly, a CRM can also provide in-depth reports and analytics, which can help you design better maps for patient journeys. Reports and analytics can give you more information about patient satisfaction, how invested they are, and how well your team is performing.

Often, a patient’s satisfaction depends on many other factors, like how the staff interacts with them or how quickly the admissions team works to get the patient admitted. Comparing reports generated by the CRM can help managers and the healthcare business understand why and where a patient’s pain lies, enabling them to take the best course of action to improve the patient experience.

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A patient journey map can give you a great understanding of how smoothly your workflow flows and, more importantly, how easy it is for your patients to use your services. When you get different perspectives from your patients, it is easier to build a business that your visitors love.