5 Fantastic Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions
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5 Fantastic Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions

Physiotherapy sessions are vital for those struggling with functional issues and movement problems following illness or injury. With many usual in-person physiotherapy sessions currently unavailable post-pandemic, going online is the next best thing. Virtual physiotherapy sessions ensure patients and practitioners can still meet effectively online. Here are 5 fantastic benefits of virtual physiotherapy sessions.

1. Quick and Simple Access to Care

One of the most attractive benefits of virtual physiotherapy sessions is that they can be arranged from wherever suits you best. This means the usual worries about finding a convenient time, booking days off work, or factoring in travel costs do not apply. This can be especially important for those with reduced mobility or chronic pain sufferers.

As all virtual physiotherapy sessions can still contain the necessary information required, there is no impact on the level of care. Log on and speak online to your physiotherapist to discuss medical history, current symptoms and create a care plan going forwards.

2. Controlled and Comfortable Environment

Whether you want to see a physiotherapist for a new pain issue or have an ongoing illness, clinics can feel daunting. Many are often outside our immediate local area, and appointments can include expensive travel costs if mobility is impaired.

However, virtual physiotherapy sessions mean speaking to a practitioner from the comfort of your own home. This can be especially important for patients, as having an appointment in their controlled home environment means –

  • Improved self-confidence in taking care of themselves
  • Encouraging self-regulation and management of pain
  • Putting into action an appropriate exercise plan with greater confidence
  • Simple and easy monitoring of progress and recovery
  • No travel stress or worry of missing appointments
  • No need to risk Covid-19 exposure for those who are in a high-risk health category
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All these reasons can help to bring added peace of mind for those needing to access physiotherapy post-pandemic.

3. Improved Communication During Appointments

There are plenty of reasons why virtual physiotherapy sessions are preferred by both patients and practitioners alike. For patients, it means they can speak freely from their own homes without the worry of scheduling an inconvenient in-person appointment.

For medical professionals, it means they can safely speak to patients online without the need to wear a mask or risk Covid-19 exposure by holding in-person clinics. This also removes the worry for any physiotherapy patients who may also be shielding.

Therefore, online appointments can make for improved communication and more concise appointments. These benefit both patients and clinics alike.

4. Greater Personal Privacy

For many patients, having a strong sense of personal privacy and respect is key during treatment. Some patients may find a more ‘hands-on approach to physiotherapy too invasive, preferring an online setting. In these cases, virtual physiotherapy sessions provide –

  • A complete review of all patient medical history
  • An in-depth look at patient symptoms
  • On-going review of patient exercise plans and recovery updates
  • No need for an in-person physical exam or contact

Having a sense of greater personal privacy during appointments can aid the recovery process. It also helps patients feel more in control of how their recovery progresses and retain ownership of their bodies.

5. Better All-Round Health

Finally, online physiotherapy sessions have also been shown to give patients a sense of better all-around health. After several lockdowns, many patients may feel isolated. However, virtual appointments are allowing patients to take back control and access the care they need. This improved accessibility and a greater sense of care and attention mean that patients feel better and stronger.

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Moreover, with outside activity reduced during the pandemic, new physiotherapist curated exercise plans have been much needed. These bespoke exercises are helping many who have suffered in silence during lockdown feel greater freedom and connection with their bodies.

It also means that patients who may have been isolated are now able to enjoy face-to-face care. In addition, as online appointments carry zero risks of Covid-19 exposure, they enable patients to enjoy their independence again, taking back control of their pain management routine.

So for those suffering from chronic pain, do not let the Covid-19 pandemic stop you from using an online virtual physiotherapy session. These sessions can be just as effective as an appointment face-to-face. With all symptoms and medical history easily relayed virtually, any physiotherapist can now create a bespoke care plan via smartphone, computer, or tablet. With all these fantastic benefits, virtual physiotherapy sessions are helping more and more patients move forward with greater self-confidence about their care.

Author bio:

Peter Keane is a chartered physiotherapist. His physio Waterford clinic was extremely busy pre-covid, which meant he had to adapt during Covid times, resulting in online consultations.

5 Fantastic Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions

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