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The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted several business sectors and organizations worldwide. Many businesses close and file for bankruptcy; the healthcare industry continues to take up the battles concerning the coronavirus and other health-related issues.

While many challenges face other industries such as education, fast-food chain, retail, tech industries, and more, healthcare persistently offers an unwavering dedication to sick people. Unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

What people don’t know is that the healthcare industry is also facing some challenges of its own. While they continue to serve the people, this industry is battling with either internal or external issues. Here are five of the most common challenges facing the healthcare industry in 2021.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is beginning to make waves in residences and commercial spaces and the healthcare industry. With the current pandemic, healthcare organizations are trying to implement fewer interactions when processing patient admissions, payments, and whatnot. And that’s why they resort to AI to replace some mundane work that people can delegate to robots or machines.

However, AI machines are not perfect. Some don’t carry out the tasks seamlessly. Also, other factors such as security breaches and impersonalized interactions may affect patient inquiries, admissions, and checkouts.

  1. Self-service customer experience

In some industries, customers no longer have to wait in long queues for their inquiries or transactions. Some processes are AI-oriented or automated, which makes them faster. Some patients may also want a “self-service” process in the healthcare industry when it comes to mundane inquiries and tasks.

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However, due to confidentiality issues and healthcare organization policies, this isn’t possible. That being said, healthcare companies may need to queue up customers for their simple queries. This makes the entire process longer and more tedious.

  1. Data security

Some healthcare organizations are bringing their storage to the cloud, and for a good reason. Cloud computing is becoming a reliable and cost-efficient data storage for both individuals and businesses.

The drawback, however, is how hackers can easily penetrate it. This is a major concern for the healthcare industry as cloud storage can contain susceptible patient information.

  1. Payment methods

Those patients with excellent healthcare providers can benefit from a seamless payment processing system. Unfortunately, that’s not the same for customers who have to undergo several steps to process payments.

While we are trying to achieve a paperless society, the healthcare industry is one that’s still relying on backward payment processing systems. This impacts the overall customer experience and delays the healthcare organization’s strategy as well.

  1. Major government changes

Due to different advocacies in healthcare reform, there can be various political stands in this industry. And because of this, constant government changes are inevitable. This can be quite confusing for both healthcare organizations and patients as well.


Healthcare is an essential facet of society. It’s one of the most recession-resistant industries that will thrive despite unforeseen circumstances. However, these challenges will hinder its ability to serve customers. That being said, technological solutions and a holistic approach should be in place to enhance the healthcare industry’s overall processes.


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Lily Brooks loves to travel, taste different cuisines, and write about her experience. She is currently working with RedRobin, one of the leading restaurants in the fast-food chain.


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