5 Tips To Get More Patients with Email Marketing For Doctors
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5 Tips To Get More Patients with Email Marketing For Doctors

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Not many people think that doctors need good marketing, but the truth is there is so much that happens behind the scenes to get more patients. For example, some practices did telemedicine during the pandemic, and others are doing email marketing to grow their patient list.

It’s hard for doctors to keep their practice going without a consistent list of people going in for a consult. With so much competition on the market, email marketing should be a powerful way to get more patients through the door. Here’s how to do it.

  • Compile a List of Subscribers 

If you’re doing email marketing, you must have a list of people interested in what you have to say. You can compile a list on your website using popups or have people submit their information through a form. 

Most practices’ biggest mistake is they start with an extremely large or tiny list of names. The way to avoid this is to make sure the list is generated from targeted patients. You want qualified prospects screened from marketing efforts addressing their pains and anxieties.

For example, a pain management clinic that built-up a detailed list of people interested in pain relief will do well. Then, if someone visits your website, social media, or searches for the details on the internet, they’re likely interested in what you do. 

Make sure you power your lead generation efforts with a good, clear copy. If you have existing customers, sign them up to your email management and encourage referrals.

  • Be Specific

One crucial detail you need to focus on with email marketing is showing your expertise. Many sites already cater to general health details and vague pandering; this doesn’t work. Don’t just talk about general topics. Instead, talk about specific issues, such as why someone should see a specialist or make your office different.

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Including a call to action in your email newsletters can encourage your readers to click. For example, when people see that a featured treatment comes to mind when they hear about your services, they are more likely to click on that section.

The more you can visually show what treatments you offer, the more people know about you. You can tell people to add your practice to their calendar if they have a particular pain or are looking for skin treatment. It may be a marketing effort geared towards specific ailments, but you can get people interested simply by showing your areas of expertise.  

One way to grow the list is by localizing your content on your website. People are more likely to browse online for information about the area they live in. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps, but it’s always best to address anything that comes up for a local area.

  • Personalize Your Emails

People typically unsubscribe from real-world email marketing campaigns because they soon receive many unsolicited junk emails. Many people, however, trust emails that originate from businesses. You want people to connect with your practice genuinely. 

Smart marketing is about personalization. Different people have different needs and desires, so you need to focus on your content and address these particular needs. But, at the same time, you want to avoid sounding like you’re launching a generic sales campaign. 

It’s not just about sending emails once a month. You are building relationships with your patients. If you’re not sure how to do email marketing, find someone who can do them for you. Some agencies are great at writing good email templates for clients.

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Consider that their family members and close friends are typically the ones who are most likely to stay in touch with you through email or text. It would be best to think about how you can cater each email to different intentions. 

  • Focus Your Content On Frequently Asked Questions

Patients often have questions, but doctors who think about their client base will allow these questions to simmer inside them until they pop to the surface. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you understand the most common questions patients ask and write content to address their queries.

Whether simple treatments or prescriptions, nearly all practices deal with repetitive questions from their incoming patients. It would be best if you did specialty content research about your patients’ most relevant pain points. Insights should come from interviewing your current patients, potentials, and others in your practice.

The sooner you write content that addresses the specific pain points and queries patients ask, the better. Once those questions pop to the surface, you’re almost guaranteed to get more patients through the door with well-thought-out content.  

  • Create a Resources Section

You need resources to send out your emails. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you have an advice section on your website. It should contain important details such as booking an appointment, your doctors’ apps, and even what paperwork to bring with you to a consultation.

The resources section in the new patient form is rivaled by only social media sites in its importance when attracting new clients. News about medical advances and the general medical field are important topics to pursue, along with short explanations about what one can expect from a visit to the practice. All of this information will draw interest, and any information you provide should be a trustworthy source of information. 

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Overall, take notes about how a prospective client would respond to your call to action. Your goal should be to get their contact information and encourage them to schedule an appointment. A resources page on your website starts your branding in action. It shows that you’re worthy of readers’ time and adds that personal touch to a rather faceless industry. 

The Bottom Line

It’s crucial to know what to do for powerful email marketing that can get you more patients. The best approaches to use focus on your customers’ problems and move to appeal to their sense of empathy. 

It all comes down to results, so track who your leads are coming from to fine-tune the next campaign. When you get it right, you will create a relationship with your leads and keep in touch with them through all means of digital communication.

5 Tips To Get More Patients with Email Marketing For Doctors

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