Angel Investing Support & Services

The world around us is changing every day – creating demand and growth – but these opportunities are not with risks.  Statistically, 4 out of 5 businesses fail, and that hot start-up only has a 1.28% chance of becoming a Unicorn.  So, how does a business angel navigate these treacherous waters? We believe in mitigating risk and increasing the likelihood of success through best practices, and developing a portfolio approach to angel investing.

We look at trends in emerging economies like China, India, and Brazil, where personal per capita is low but spread across very large populations.  Making the importance of affordable, low-cost solutions more critical than ever. In addition, with the emergence of mobile usage and shared economies, the basic business model has completely shifted. We help our clients digest these trends and consider their impact on their portfolios.

Angel Investing Support & Services

Startups today have the ability to become global players like never before. And this brings new demands for capital to fund their growth. So with plenty of opportunities to invest and an ever-shifting playing field – where does an angel investor put her money to work with the greatest chance of making a return?

Today both the challenges and opportunities are great. However, we do not pretend to have a crystal ball to predict the next Uber.  Instead, we believe in due diligence and best practices to increase your chances of success as an early-stage investor.

Different investors have different styles. Should you be on AngelList? Join a Business Angel Chapter? Become a permanent feature at local demo days? We help you find a means to best suit your needs and generate deal flow.

Finding a good deal flow is only the beginning. For example, are convertible notes a good thing or a bad thing? What exactly are drag-along rights, and do they matter? We work with partners to ensure your legal and financial needs are addressed in the term sheet.  We want you to structure deals that are win-win for all parties.

You signed the term sheet, you gave them the money, now what? How active should you be? We help devise a plan to help you manage your portfolio of investments. Our job is to give you the tools, knowledge, and support to succeed as an angel investor.

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