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Angel Investment Track How to Web 2014

Heading off to Bucharest in November to moderate the Angel Investment Track at the How to Web Conference.

The How to Web’s Angel Investment track is co-curated by Angelsbootcamp. Its Program Director, Mike Doherty, will moderate a panel talk with George Lemnaru and Malin Stefanescu, sharing his expertise gathered from working with angel investors from all over Europe.

Learning together how to better support early-stage startups

Angel Investment Track How to Web 2014

Angel investors are the people with financial resources that can boost a startup in return for a small equity. But often so do the accelerators. So that’s why it’s essential to get together and discuss key issues such as:

  • how the scouting process for investment opportunities works

  • how to approach the due-diligence process

  • how to make sure your investment is well managed

  • types of investments in early-stage startups

  • angel investors working with each other and with accelerators and more.

Angel Investors are well aware of high risk. They know that 9 out of 10 business ideas often fail, so they scout all the time, are present at events like How to Web Startup Spotlight, around accelerators and dedicated events like tech angels meetings, they are open to direct contact and always keep track of recommendations.

How to Web aims to support Eastern Europe’s grounbreaking tech experts into becoming web trendsetters.

How To Web realized the great technical potential that Eastern Europe holds, a lot of it being used in the present in the outsourcing industry. Therefore we decided to value this great potential and to inspire and support local startups into developing the next world-changing, innovative web products.

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Our main event is the How to Web Conference, organized once a year in Bucharest, Romania. The How to Web conference reunites hundreds of entrepreneurs and tech professionals with great speakers and investors from Europe and beyond. Our main concern is bringing people whose experience is relevant to the EE scene, people who can bring true value to the local ecosystem.