Aulisa Medical USA Raises $13 M to Support Patient Wearables Growth
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Aulisa Medical USA Raises $13 M to Support Patient Wearables Growth

Aulisa Medical USA Closes $13 Million in Series A Funding and Appoints Kenneth Abriola as VP of Sales and Marketing.

Recent investment and a high-level executive appointment will enable Aulisa Medical to scale its sales and marketing efforts to meet rapidly increasing market demand and support its high-speed business growth.

PALO ALTO, Calif., January 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aulisa Medical USA, Inc., the Wearable Wireless Continuous Patient Vital Monitoring System company, today announced the close of a $13 million Preferred Series A financing round and also welcomes Mr. Kenneth Abriola to join the Company as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Aulisa Medical USA specializes in wireless, wearable, vital-signs measuring devices with continuous, cloud-based patient monitoring and alarm systems that use pulse oximetry to track heart rate and oxygen levels. Aulisa’s Guardian Angel® device is the only FDA-cleared wireless vitals monitoring and alarm system on the market. It provides early detection of health incidents for adults, pediatrics, and infants to improve opportunities for intervention.

“Due to serious nursing staff shortages worldwide and absence of devices for continuous monitoring of patients, there is a huge market need for Aulisa’s technology in the healthcare industry,” said Augustine (Augie) Lien, founder, and CEO of Aulisa Medical USA, Inc.

“The standard of patient care in hospitals defaults to infrequent spot-checking. Caretakers can only visit patients every 3-4 hours to take measurements of their vital signs, leading to patients being often unattended for hours. This makes it difficult to detect conditions and vital trends. Thus adverse events occur before effective medical intervention can be taken, causing many unnecessary deaths in hospitals and at home”, said Lien. Mr. Lien adds, “Aulisa’s wireless continuous monitoring and automatic alarm system is the answer to these unmet medical needs.”

“We are very grateful for the support of our investors,” said Lien. He continues: “This new round of funding provides Aulisa with the backing to meet the rapidly increased market demand and support its high-speed business growth to empower consumers and healthcare providers with smart medical and IT technologies that can detect adverse events and potentially save lives.”

Aulisa’s patient monitoring systems are designed to use patients of any age, including infants, pediatrics, and adults. Their Guardian Angel® products are independently developed by the company supported by ten different patents, manufactured by the company’s own GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) factory, market cleared by the US FDA in 6 different 510(K) and continues to receive CE marks for EU markets and approval by the Taiwan FDA, demonstrating its global footprint.

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Accompanied by this big milestone, the company is also pleased to announce that medical sales veteran, Kenneth Abriola, joins as Aulisa’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Effective January 3, Abriola’s responsibilities will encompass sales team leadership, marketing plans execution, accelerating Aulisa’s revenue through expanding Aulisa’s presence in the US and internationally, developing new channels, and contributing to the company’s business strategies.

Abriola has over 30 years of medical device sales experience, most recently at O2 Concepts, the world’s most efficient and reliable portable oxygen concentrator. In addition, Abriola has held several executive sales positions throughout his career, including positions with Drager, Toshiba, Fukuda Denshi, and Spacelabs. In addition, he offers specialized experience selling complex capital solutions for medical services providers on a regional and national scale.

“Hiring Abriola demonstrates our commitment to exponentially growing our business reach and impact by prioritizing consumer and patient health with our medical device solutions,” said Lien.

Abriola concludes: “Aulisa is a pioneer in the smart vital sign monitoring space, and I am excited to make the company’s big vision and mission possible to ensure a safer and healthier world for consumers and patients worldwide.”

About Aulisa Medical USA

Aulisa Medical USA, Inc., located in Palo Alto, integrates medical device science and information communication technologies to provide smart medical solutions for the evolving patient care landscape. The company specializes in wireless, wearable, FDA-cleared vital signs measuring devices with continuous, cloud-based patient monitoring and alarm systems. By developing new products, Aulisa continues to focus on growing the application of Digital Health, collecting large amounts of patient data for big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to medical applications. The company is a subsidiary of Taiwan Aulisa Medical Devices Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, where a Research & Development center and operational headquarters were established in 2013.

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Aulisa Medical USA Raises $13 M to Support Patient Wearables Growth