BGS Webinars: Share Your Experience With The Right Audience
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BGS Webinars: Share Your Experience With The Right Audience

Worldwide remote cooperation increased significantly during the past year. It is a perfect time to make the experience exchange more global and targeted at the same time. BGS Group launched a BGS webinars project for digital experts of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries’ prominent representatives to express their vision.

BGS Group is the closed-door congresses organizer with years of experience in networking offline and on the home-grown online platform. The BGS webinars project was created to bring the expert’s point of view to a bigger audience. BGS webinars let top managers and field specialists discuss market agendas and industrial cases with an audience worldwide.

“We were creating BGS webinars thinking about lively discussion and immediate connection. Firstly, our speakers make short and simple presentations so everyone could be focused on the conversation without monotonous reading. Secondly, experts can share their cases in real-time, and everyone has an opportunity to discuss it just by clicking several buttons to get in,” says BGS Group Managing partner Kristina Sabirova.

There have already been several webinars dedicated to the most cutting-edge subjects of digital development in the healthcare market:

  • Implementation of the digital strategy in healthcare today – trends and recent developments;
  • What are the standards to be used for successful pharma 4.0 implementation;
  • Strategies to implement successful serialization program;
  • Digitalization in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals: impact and plans for the future;
  • Blockchain technology for reducing counterfeit pharmaceutical products and for other use cases;
  • A method for an effective data governance structure to enable Data Science, Analytics, and AI.

At the time of the presentation, decision-makers of the industry provide listeners with the companies’ insights and experience while discussing the implemented cases. Among the participated speakers are:

  • Yannick Hofmann, Global Business Process Owner / Business System Owner Shopfloor Serialization at Roche;
  • Johannes Galatsanos, Head of Data – ERP Transformation at Novartis;
  • Marcel De Grutter, Liaison Regulatory & Government Affairs at Abbott.

Alongside the presentation, there is an opportunity to ask instant questions in the chat and get answers related to the presentation and beyond. Among the participants, there are usually 33% technical specialists, 36% top-management, 13% BD&marketing, 12% sales, and 4% represent other industries. According to the statistics, 84% of the attendees got new insights during the webinars.

Check the next BGS webinar here:

BGS Webinars: Share Your Experience With The Right Audience

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