Business Development Services for Selling in the US

Selling your products and services in United States

We grow our business by helping you to grow yours in the US. Business development services are our specialty – we grew up, went to school and launched several businesses in New York, Chicago and Silicon Valley. When you work with us, you can rely on a highly professional approach & attitude, a profound business development experience and, last but not least, a native English representation. All of which is indispensable for achieving business success in the US markets.

Business Development Services for Selling in the US

Here are just some of the English speaking business development services you can benefit from:

Company Representation & Project Coordination

For companies without relevant language resources, it is crucial to have a native English speaking partner who can act as the company’s representative. Fact is that US  organizations expect to be spoken to in English. We are a the perfect principal point of contact & project coordinator. We provide a professional, authentic communication bridge between you and your US partners.

Business Meetings

For us to help build strong and effective lines of communication between you and your US clients or prospects, it is vital that we first understand your business philosophy, products and services. We will therefore learn all we can about your company. Once we have, we will be properly equipped to support you in business meetings, presentations and negotiations. This approach has proven highly successful over many years.

Business Travel

We encourage clients to meet US prospects and customers on their own home turf. This allows your business relationship to thrive by putting the other side at ease, while allowing you to see things – literally – from their point of view. Having a native English speaker by your side reassures both parties that language need not be an issue. We can assist you throughout the process by arranging meetings and supporting you in them, following-up on business opportunities, and by coordinating projects and people.

Trade Show Representation

When US Companies travel to foreign trade shows, they still expect to conduct business in English.  With our extensive business background, we are well positioned to support you in business meetings, presentations and negotiations.

Document & Electronic Media Translations

Regardless of length, subject matter or medium we have the contacts and expertise to ensure that your German language documents are translated quickly and accurately. Whether it be long or short, formal or informal, German to English, or English to German, translations are always processed by suitably qualified and experienced specialists. Typical assignments include company presentations, marketing literature, company reports, technical and commercial proposals, technical specifications, e-profiles and website copies.

Ad Hoc Language Services

Sometimes – often in fact – you do not need pages and pages of translation. Sometimes, you just need someone to clarify the intended message of an e-mail, a letter, or a document. Maybe you need help with a phone call? At Executive Coach Berlin, we do that too. Sometimes it takes us just minutes, but it can make a huge and lasting difference to your relationship. We never make the mistake of thinking a job is too small for us. We just see it as an opportunity to showcase our skill-sets – and get to know you better!