Can Digital Fix Healthcare?

Can Digital Fix Healthcare?

We sat down with João Bocas, a Digital Health influencer. We talk about digital transformations in healthcare – the challenges and how we move forward.

Digital Salutem is a digital health expert on the mission to make health uncomplicated by transcending the barriers to human health.

Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading healthcare providers of digital, and we are on our way to reaching that goal.

Our superior market knowledge and evidence-based and results-driven technology partners enable us to offer a trustworthy and quality service.

When you engage with us, you’ll work with a team of digital and business transformation consultants with proven experience in implementing digital health programs.

We are making healthcare uncomplicated by transcending the barriers to human health.

Our CliniTouch Vie platform connects patients and clinicians through digital channels to improve communication and efficiency while eliminating unnecessary costs. CliniTouch Vie is the first digital health platform for patients and clinicians, intended to save time and money. The mobile application, web access, and smart device integration enable easy and secure communication between patients, clinicians, and partners. For example, a user can easily reach a clinical at any time of day through one simple request by using CliniTouch Vie as their health assistant.

Can Digital Fix Healthcare?

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