Can Telemedicine App Really Improve Healthcare?
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Can Telemedicine App Really Improve Healthcare?

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People frequently refer to how online solutions are transforming our lives. Well, the Internet is not just pushing change through e-commerce stores, webchat and social media platforms, net banking, and eLearning platforms. One of the most significant Internet-led changes is happening through telemedicine apps. 

You can book doctor’s appointments, consult doctors right on your mobile screen, get access to vital health statistics and allow remote monitoring of your health by healthcare professionals. These online apps helping the patients in an array of tech-driven features are called telemedicine or telehealth apps. Medical facilities look forward to developing a telehealth app to avail a wide range of advantages.

How do telemedicine apps help? 

Telemedicine apps continue to make health care services more accessible for everyone, including remote patients. Here below, we provide some examples of how telemedicine apps help in particular health issues or diseases. 

Let’s understand how to treat and manage chronic health disorders like diabetes; telemedicine apps offer help. 

  • The patient can use a smartphone to upload the food chart, medications, doses, and blood sugar measurements to help nurses and caregivers review the same remotely. 
  • The patient can also watch a video on the smartphone screen regarding dietary management to lower carbohydrate intake. 
  • He can download an app to keep a check on consuming various foodstuff.
  • Through an online portal, the patient can access medical history, test results, scheduled appointments with doctors, prescriptions, etc.  
  • By using the telemedicine app, the patient can also place orders for medicines and other supplies he needs from time to time.  
  • Stay updated on all the latest test results, prescriptions, and other medical communication. 
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The most significant advantage of telemedicine apps is offering remote healthcare access in rural areas or among communities isolated from mainstream life. Telemedicine apps also make healthcare more accessible and cost-effective for people with financial constraints. In addition, the app maintenance cost for telemedicine apps is getting lower as more and more healthcare facilities are jumping on the bandwagon of telemedicine.

While Telemedicine apps continue to rise in popularity, let’s have a quick look at some of the key advantages offered by these apps.

Easy access to care and treatment 

Most surveys and studies now indicate that patients prefer mobile or online consultation instead of in-person visits or interactions. The ease and convenience of accessing healthcare is the most significant advantage of telemedicine apps. Since convenience remains the key consideration for patients to choose treatment facilities, telemedicine easily fits the criteria.

Virtual care and online patient visits are now famous for providing immediate and on-demand care to patients without wasting time and resources, just like traditional in-person doctor visits. In addition, the video conferencing, live chat, cloud-based database, and communication channels ensure unparalleled ease of access to medical care and treatment. 

Cost-Effective Treatment Ensuring Great Healthcare Savings

The remote patient analysis and real-time patient monitoring services, to a great extent, helped to reduce the cost of healthcare services. The cost reduction is positively impacting patients, healthcare facilities, and medical insurance companies. 

According to many healthcare facilities that in the recent past embraced telemedicine apps, the move could save a considerable portion of the healthcare budget. But, apart from these so-called cost-savings, telemedicine apps can also help increase revenue for healthcare facilities simply by boosting the productivity of doctors and minimizing the number of in-person visits. 

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Quick Access to Specialists and Experts

With telemedicine apps, patients living in rural and remote regions can quickly access experts and specialists without much difficulty. Since rural regions always have fewer specialists, doctors, and facilities, remote healthcare through telemedicine apps can help bridge the gap. 

Telemedicine apps can easily guarantee easier and instant access to many specialists. Moreover, a doctor can also refer to other specialists and doctors, and the app can help you check available doctors and book ambulance services.

Managing Primary Care and Chronic Conditions 

Many family members need to spend a considerable portion of their time visiting primary care practitioners. Whether visiting a child specialist or a veterinarian for your pet, both can consume a lot of time from your daily routine. Telemedicine apps allow you to contact doctors and caregivers instantly when needed and fix an appointment at the earliest. 

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Many health disorders and chronic health issues need to be taken care of by the patients only. For example, patients with diabetes and chronic health issues need to keep track of their healthcare metrics and goals. This can result in better healthcare output and lower costs. Telemedicine apps for these self-care factices can play an impactful role.

Telemedicine apps can help patients make appointments with doctors, follow medication schedules, check vital statistics through connected healthcare gadgets, and stay tuned to nutrition and diet charts. Such involvement of patients with their care and treatment process ultimately results in a higher quality of care at a low cost.

Control of Contagious Diseases 

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One of the advantages of telemedicine apps that came to the forefront in recent years is the ease of controlling contagion spread. The vast majority of people who have used telemedicine apps during the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid contagion-prone hospitals is a nice example of the key value proposition of telemedicine apps.


Telemedicine is already a multimillion-dollar industry, and it is going to be the new normal of patient care and treatment in the years to come. Telemedicine does not just represent a tech trend in the healthcare industry, but it perfectly represents whatever modern healthcare has tried to achieve for years.

Can Telemedicine App Improve Healthcare?