Core Values

What We Believe

VALUE ADDED RESOURCE We apply our knowledge, talent and resources to be the premium resource for hard to find solutions for the business community. Our customers enjoy service from one single value-added source. And when a solution doesn’t exist – we strive to create an avenue to develop one.

QUALITY, COMMUNITY AND RESPECT Our goal is to provide the highest quality solutions and a sense of community – either via content, services or products – to the business community, which are helpful, inclusive and respectful of individuals for who they are.

COMMITMENT TO THOSE WE SERVE We measure our success by how well we enable people to live their lives fully. Our customers, vendors and colleagues deserve our best. Our customers are individuals, we must never forget that. Our focus is on providing the best experience ever, whether it be in relevant content, user friendly resources or services that enrich our members lives.

As with any business, we must generate revenue but never at the expense of our members. We do not sell our mailing lists without the expressed permission of our members. Advertising on the site must offer relevant content and not be a distraction.

Products and services must live up to their promotional promises and be useful to our community. We believe you can make money without doing evil. Good just isn’t good enough.

Our promise is to always deliver more than is expected. We are constantly tweaking and retooling to try and make your experience better.

Lastly, our door is always open. At least cyber-phorically speaking. We want to hear from you. If you like it, tells us – we like warm and fuzzy as much as anybody else. If we screw up, tell us – we’ll try to fix it.

GROWTH, TRANSFORMATION AND RENEWAL Consistent with our core values, we as individuals and as a corporation are dedicated to creative and constructive growth, transformation and renewal as a source of inspiration and vitality. We will go through growing pains. We will get it wrong at times – because we are not a website, but real people building a website. We simply ask that you partner with us in this endeavor.

Talk to us; tell what you would like to see. Know a great vendor? Share them with us, and we can promote them to the community. Got an inspirational story, let us share it with our members.

Core Values

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