Demand for Operating Room Integration Soars
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Demand for Operating Room Integration Soars

Demand for Operating Room Integration Has Highly Increased in the Healthcare Sector

In the last few years, there’s been a steep rise in the number of surgical procedures worldwide. Significantly, the growing inclination toward minimally invasive surgeries among patients and increasing concerns regarding patients’ safety in the operating room have resulted in huge demand for operating room integration systems, which has driven the market growth in several ways. At the same time, widespread advantages of operating room integration, including optimized efficiency, relatively less surgical period, and reduced workforce, have supplemented the growth even more. At the same time, high potential in emerging economies such as Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific has paved the way for widespread opportunities for the frontrunners in the industry.

Allied Market Research estimates that the global operating room integration market will display a noteworthy CAGR from 2020 to 2027. Top-end OR integration systems are exclusively crafted, combining and bringing together all important patient data for the surgical unit throughout the procedure. As a result, it minimizes congestion and simplifies information across numerous platforms.

Moreover, over the last couple of years, there’s also been a steep surge in the number of hip and knee replacement surgeries, which has been beneficial for the market growth. For example, in keeping with Eurostat, in 2018, cases of hip replacements were almost three-hundred times per 1 lac folks just alone in Germany and again between two-seventy-five and three-hundred times per 1 lac individuals in Finland, Austria, and Belgium. Also, as per the same source, over two hundred knee replacements per 1 lac were executed in Belgium, Finland, Germany, and Austria in the same year.

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At the same time, increasing instances of collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions among the key players have been highly lucrative for the industry. For example, in 2020, Fujifilm Medical Systems, U.S.A., Inc. proclaimed its partnership with Caresyntax corp., another prominent name in surgical automation, to come up with Fujifilm Systems Integration, which will take recourse to Caresyntax’s exclusive or integration and workflow mechanization acumen. Caresyntax and Fujifilm work together to form a system assimilation solution for respective data and image integration in the operating unit and endoscopy set-up, involving Fujifilm’s medical image capture procedures and top-end analytics technologies.

Avant-garde Technology Allows High-end Options for Neurosurgeons to Avoid Clipping Heads of Patients for Brain Surgery-

NICO Corporation, a leading medical device trendsetter, is the first provider to offer a converter for electromagnetic triangulation in due course of MIPS (minimally invasive parafascicular surgery), thereby presenting neurosurgeons the very choice for a non-fastening brain surgery procedure. This ensures that patients will no more have to be held or jammed in a stiff, inflexible head-frame throughout the navigation process. This, in turn, gives way to a more solicitous minimally invasive surgery option.

The BrainPath Probe Adapter, on the other hand, is utilized with precise navigation pointers throughout MIPS procedures. This equipment further discerns NICO’s platform solution to dole out more efficiencies and effective choices to the surgeons in the operating unit. There remains no stone unturned to treat the patients in the finest possible way.

NICO came up with this adapter at the International Stroke Conference held recently in New Orleans. The device is a sterilized, single-use fixture that safeguards the locus of the EM cursor during BrainPath administration. BrainPath is part of a cohesive platform solution for highly effective brain surgery that did not exist before, providing harmless, anodyne access to all extents of the brain.

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Covid-19 Scenario-

Here, it’s worth mentioning that the pandemic outbreak compelled the medical and government bodies, in the majority of countries, to set up new-fangled amenities with a standard operating room entitled for the surgery of only Covid-19 patients. These operating cabins are isolated from the mainstream units to plummet the risk of infection. This naturally gave way to the mounting demand for operating room integration solutions for nursing homes and healthcare centers, especially during the initial phase of the pandemic, thereby impacting the market positively. This trend is also going to continue till the pandemic is completely over.

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Demand for Operating Room Integration Soars