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In the United States, many children are diagnosed with speech disabilities. If not treated early, this can still occur even in their adulthood. Overall, speech disorders can impact children and adults in their day-to-day lives. And this is why child speech therapy is a must when your children are diagnosed with this condition. Let’s define what it is before we get down to some digital health solutions and treatment for speech disorders.

What is a Speech Disorder?

Speech disorders in children are common. It pertains to children or people who cannot form speech sounds. This hinders their ability to communicate with others. Once people with speech disorders speak, it becomes hard to understand, making them unable to converse properly with people.

There are various causes of speech disorders. While speech develops from our early stages to teenage years even to adulthood, some don’t get this normal development and growth. Some preschool children mostly experience this, and it can be due to several factors such as:

  • Genetics
  • Trauma in the brain
  • Infection in the brain
  • Emotional abuse and stress

Moreover, there are also different kinds of speech disorders. For example, disfluency is a disorder wherein a child repeats a phrase, word, or sound. This can be caused by genetics or stress as well.

Phonological disorders are when children can’t form sounds due to changes in the cleft palate or teeth problems. It can also be caused by a change in the muscle and bone shape or hearing loss. Also, voice disorder is when children have trouble with the air that passes through the lungs’ vocal cords. This can be due to acid, throat cancer, nerve damages, and more.

When your children have one of these disorders, ensure that you enroll them in online speech therapy as soon as possible.

Types of Digital Health Solutions

The beauty of getting your children to help treat speech disabilities is the technological innovation and advancements we have today. It’s more convenient and effective to get digital health solutions and treatment such as assistive devices for speech disorders. These devices refer to gadgets that help children and adults with their speech, voice, or language disorders.

To enhance and help with communication, AAC or augmentative and alternative communication devices are commonly used today. The traditional AAC device can involve a touch screen or picture board with pictures or symbols representing a person’s daily activities.

People can tap the photos to communicate, whether face to face or virtual. Moreover, some of these devices also display text that can allow people to exchange information. Some of these devices also have word prediction software that makes it easier to determine and enter the information.

Other types of AAC devices contain software that translates the pictures or words into sentences or speech. This way, it’s easier for those with speech disorders to express what they want through choosing from texts or visuals, and the device helps them communicate through clear speech.

Finally, those with speech disabilities can work with speech and language pathologists through virtual therapy sessions. When these sessions are regularly conducted, this will improve your child’s speech issues and boost their confidence in communicating with other people.


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