Digital Help for Behavioral Changes
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Digital Help for Behavioral Changes

With Barcelona Health Hub Summit only a week away, we caught up with Iván Lorca of MedTep. MedTep unifies passive and active data to present it to patients and healthcare professionals in a meaningful way. This allows healthcare professionals and patients to upgrade prevention and monitoring processes fostering the adoption of behavioral changes.

Digital Help for Behavioral Changes

What is a digital care plan and why is it important?

A care plan is a treatment or prevention program designed and specified by a healthcare professional for a specific patient. It is important because through care plans we aim to help people adopt behavioral changes that allow them to complete therapies, improve adherence and change their lifestyle. Besides that, care plans are defined by leading experts and are based on recognized standards.

There are a lot of digital platforms for healthcare, what makes Medtep different?

  •  Cross Solution: We have treatment and prevention plans that are adaptable to the needs of the user.
  • Personalized program: People with the same condition or diagnose are different but they are used to being treated the same way. Insightful and updated information allows healthcare professionals to provide personalized care.
  • Validated Content: We unify passive and active data so we have information where it shows the need of the user.

Lifestyle changes are difficult and hard to maintain, how does your app support them?

To put it in context, we must first affirm that it is people who change the lifestyle. What we do from Medtep is to use a scientifically validated methodology and through technology, help and accompany people to modify their habits in a positive way with a profound impact on their health in the long term.

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In the offline world, the emotional triggers used in behavioral activation therapies are perfectly defined, and we have worked to develop their online equivalent that are applied through collaboration with partners who are experts in this field such as iWOPI.

Why now? Doctors are inundated with new digital solutions from EMRs to telemedicine, how does the Medtep platform assist care providers?

There are countless studies that validate the effectiveness of technology to apply scientifically validated methodologies. Therefore, in our specific field, we must understand technology as a means and not as an end.

In Medtep, the focus is on people and their needs, and from that context, we develop the technology that provides the solution to the real problems of society.

And in this way, we can provide health professionals with an efficient platform to adapt the treatment of their patients or activate the correct prevention plan according to each specific situation.

What are some of the outcomes you’ve seen with patients using the platform?

  • The use of Medtep Hemophilia helped patients to improve adherence to prophylactic treatment. These results opened new possibilities for the therapeutic and preventive treatments of these patients, especially the young.
  • Improvements in asthma control were achieved in patients who received Medtep Asthma support for 6 months, decreasing assistance in emergency services and, as a result, requiring less treatment.
  • Obesity – 9.2% of the patients in the intervention group using Medtep’s digital platform obtained and maintained a more than 5% weight reduction.
  • Medtep DBT (DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY) care plan is a further step in combining digital technology with the expertise of healthcare professionals in the mental health area. Medtep DBT helped get the maximum outcomes possible out of the DBT.
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MedTep has chosen to house the company in the Barcelona Health Hub, what are the main benefits of the BHH?

Healthcare startup environment, where it is possible to have an easier interaction, as well as being aware of events related to this ecosystem.

What are you looking forward to regarding the Barcelona Health Hub Summit?

Network with innovative companies, corporations, and investors and show where we are and where we are going with our product.

What’s next for Medtep?

We are currently actively developing projects in the clinical field and in prevention, such as projects related to Alzheimer’s disease, physical activity and health prevention in general. One of the differentiating characteristics of Medtep is its capacity to approach the market and different pathologies in a transversal way.

Digital Help for Behavioral Changes

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