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Do Venture Capitalists only Invest in Serial Entrepreneurs?

Continuing our discussion with Edward Kliphuis – Venture Capital Behind the Scenes with Amadeus Capital Partners


Are you looking for a serial entrepreneur? If they’re not serial entrepreneurs, how do you validate their experience if this is the first time they do it?

It’s hard, right. But, look, I’ve been down this road myself. I’m sitting in front of other investors, asking them to entrust me with money. I know how incredibly tough it can be. People say there’s no history to point back to, so why should we trust you? 

I think we do pride ourselves on working with first-time entrepreneurs and trying to understand what drives them, and doing diligence on the individuals and the surrounding team. for a first-time entrepreneur, it’s a bit of a black box and something where over several dialogues you find out what drives the individuals and zoom is not helping with that.

At that point, is it your role to fill the knowledge gaps for them?

Yes and no, that this a fine line. I want to be cautious not to come across as arrogant because I think they’re stupid. But, on the other hand, you said there would be a friendly interview.

Hey, I’m nice. Believe me

There are different roles to fulfill like we’re specialized generalists. We see a lot of information, but we don’t perhaps have the in-depth sector knowledge that the founders will have where the founders will have the domain expertise and the depth of expertise in their particular domain to the extent that we probably can never possess because we don’t have the volume of time to spend in that subdomain. So there’s a level of trust needed there, and equally, there’s a level of trust required on, let’s say, a higher level where we will speak with more investors at a different dialogue. We’ll talk about more opportunities and have further dialogue and so aggregating that information and matching the two can be a perfect and powerful combination.

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Filling the knowledge gap is a two-way street because the founders will fill our knowledge gaps equally.

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Do Venture Capitalists only Invest in Serial Entrepreneurs?

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