EHR - Amazing Charts vs. Cerner
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EHR – Amazing Charts vs. Cerner

Amazing Charts vs. Cerner: Which One Would You Use?

We are entering a new era of healthcare, and every decision-maker is looking for the best way to manage their patients. So let’s dive in to compare the performance of Cerner and Amazing Charts for informed decision-making.

How Amazing Charts is helpful software?

Amazing Charts was founded in 2001 by a family physician who understood the issues clinicians face every day. Since then, Amazing Charts consistently ranks as the top EHR in terms of usability and has remained an affordable choice in medical facilities. Through the acquisition, the Amazing Charts family of products has expanded into Harris CareTracker, digiChart, Clinix, MEDfx, Pulse, and The vast amount of information gained from the additional practices of clients and the staff has only enhanced the general knowledge of the industry. In addition, amazing Charts provides physicians with solutions for Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Medical Billing, and Population Health.

EHR has allowed doctors to record their patients quickly and efficiently, with minor clicks, while keeping costs low. This solution is being used by more than six hundred independent practices, including medical practices, family practice, internal medicine surgery, pediatrics cardiologists, and a vast range of additional specialties. This is an EHR Designed by a Doctor for Doctors.

It provides AC EHR on-premise or on the cloud to meet the demands of independent practices.

It’s as simple as just one click to access chart summaries, lab results, referral summaries, and previous encounters’ summaries. Amazing Charts includes a powerful and integrated e-Prescribing feature. Through an intra-messaging system, charts are easily accessible and editable from any inbox to anyone with access. User-friendly reporting software provides standard pre-defined queries and the capability to create your complicated queries using an easy, step-by-step process. Unique Charts templates are created to be easy to use and minimize the possibility that your notes are identical. When you write an entry within Amazing Charts, an electronic superbill is automatically created and then stored to be used for billing. You can Set appointment types and duration and quickly rebook appointments. Telephone, email, chat, and immediate remote access to US-based support personnel are more in hand .moreover, and you can Receive regular program and database updates to improve your EHR usability. Work with your patients electronically to exchange messages, and share visit summaries, test results, and educational materials.

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It starts at $39 per seat per month in addition to: – A one-time cost of an Amazing Charts license ($1,200/clinician)


  • A few users are impressed by Charts since it is the top-rated EHR per multiple satisfaction surveys. It is also affordable, user-friendly, simple, and free to try.
  • Many other users also love it, as it’s an affordable program that works excellent.


Not all fingers are the same often for many people. Some users are upset. They say internet issues make life complicated. It can take several days for an answer. If the person who called is unavailable, the support team leaves a message but with no directly connected call-back line. Consequently, when calling back,

What is Cerner EHR?

Cerner is an all-in-one solution. It has been a leader in medical technology ever since 1979. It has been designed to supply your company with the clinical and operational, financial, and financial tools that you require to improve results across your entire system. Cerner EHR offers various services and solutions span the entire care continuum. They are designed to assist you in managing your business to improve workflow efficiency, engage with your community, and, most importantly, enhance the quality of care for patients. In addition, Cerner is dedicated to being your trusted healthcare advisor, helping your company navigate the changing healthcare system and deliver better results.
Cerner is cloud-based EHR software used by healthcare organizations of varying dimensions and specialties to simplify their processes and offer better health care. It allows charting, documenting as well as revenue management and health analytics. These capabilities guarantee up-to-date data on patients and precise diagnostics and treatment. In addition, the patient portal integrates into an EHR and provides patients with access to their entire medical records.

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Patients can connect with their doctor via secure messaging.

They can make or cancel appointments, access clinical information, Request refills, edit information, and even send documents.
Cerner consulting services will assist your business through the process of implementing it. Your sites are connected to hospitals, clinics,  offices, and long-term care facilities’ satellite clinics. Cerner’s revenue cycle software seamlessly connects to the clinical process, allowing your company’s operational, financial, and clinical aspects to be integrated. Interoperability solutions provide health information at the clinic’s accessibility inside the EHR workflow. They aim for physicians to save time searching for information, so they have more time to spend working with patients. It can cater to more than 40 specialties with automated tasks and easy recording, allowing health professionals to focus on their patients. As a result, doctors can see more patients during a particular day, which increases overall profits without compromising the quality of the care. In addition, Cerner is an early member of CommonWell Health Alliance. This system is nationwide, making the possibility of sharing and sharing health information for patients across geographic and cultural barriers for vendors.


Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR pricing starts at $25.00 per year. Unfortunately, they do not have a free version Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR does not offer a free trial.

Reviews of Cerner EHR


  • The average number of users referred to usability said that the software is simple to operate and navigate. In addition, the collaboration capabilities of the product help assist multiple medical facilities, as stated by most users who have used this feature.


  • Cerner’s weaknesses revolved around the entire system’s inconsistencies, complexity, and disjointed functioning. Cerner also lacks the capability of interoperability with the state’s vaccination system, which is what people want to see.
  • According to many customers who have referred to support, the support of a strong customer is often inaccessible and delays response time.
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Difference between Cerner EHR and Amazing Charts

Cerner EHR and Amazing Charts are cloud-based software solutions healthcare organizations use to streamline operations and provide more extraordinary healthcare. Both solutions offer charting, documentation, revenue management, and health analytics; however, Cerner is used by organizations of various sizes and specialties, while Amazing Charts is explicitly designed for independent practices. In addition, Amazing Charts offers a more comprehensive solution with more features and functionality than Cerner. As a result, users of Amazing Charts have a better understanding of their patient’s medical histories and can make more informed decisions about their care.

While Amazing Charts and Cerner are both comprehensive EHR software options, they each have unique capabilities that may make one a better fit for your practice. We hope this comparison has helped you better understand the features offered by both software solutions and which one might be the best option for you. If you have questions about either product or want to discuss your specific needs in more detail, you can ask for a demo.

Final thoughts

Amazing charts and Cerner EHR both have their pros and cons. It ultimately comes down to what the individual or practice is looking for in an electronic health record system. Kareo offers a wide variety of features that may be appealing to some practices, while Amazing Charts seems to focus more on providing quality customer service. No one system is perfect, so weighing all the options before deciding is essential. Have you compared Amazing Charts vs. Kareo? What factors are most important to you when choosing an EHR?

EHR – Amazing Charts vs. Cerner