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EIT Health The Investor Network Application Deadline: 31 Mar 2019

The Investor Network is open for start-ups looking for funding

Application Deadline: 31 Mar 2019

The EIT Health Investor Network is the first pan-European, EU-driven network solely focused on financing health innovation.

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This programme, part of EIT Health Accelerator, aims to connect European health-oriented investors and promising start-ups through cross-border financing and co-investments.

The EIT Health Investor Network connects both private and institutional investors with pre-screened high potential start-ups from early to late development stages. Beyond connections, the Investor Network programme offers start-ups various opportunities to reach out for greater funding at a faster pace, especially for a first financing round, as well as coaching by experienced investors and serial entrepreneurs.

To join, your project should respect the following points:
  •  Equity funding > € 500K (if less we can help you find local funding)
  •  Investors that bring their expertise into your start-up governance
  •  International growth
  • Technical proof of concept done (or prototype to be completed)
  • Public grants and love money raised at a significant level
  • Yours is a disruptive solution to address a real need for a sizeable target with sufficient purchasing power
  • Funds should go to a specific developmental stage or milestones with clear deliverables that will increase the start-up value for a given type of subsequent investor
  • High growth (when you have a turnover, it should be x2/year at least)
  • Peak sales > € 10M
  • Clear exit for investors and <7 years
Who can apply:
Innovative European healthcare start-ups or SMEs, with a European ambition and seeking funding from ≥ € 500K to more than € 30M.
Partner organisations involved: Angels Santé
For further inquiries: Contact any of EIT Health’s Business Development Specialists, listed here.

EIT Health The Investor Network Application Deadline

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