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European Digital Health Venture Capital


  • UNIQA Ventures – UNIQA Ventures is the venture capital arm of UNIQA Group, a leading insurance group in its core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). We invest in outstanding business models driven by strong teams and a clear vision to shape key industries’ future. Our investment focus is on the later Seed and early Growth stage, targeting HealthTech, FinTech, and InsurTech propositions as well as relevant enabling technologies (i.e., big data, advanced analytics, blockchain, etc.).Vienna


  • Capricorn Partners – Capricorn Venture Partners is an independent pan-European venture capital firm seeking to invest in technology-based growth companies. Capricorn’s dedicated investment teams are experienced investment managers with deep technology expertise and broad industrial experience. Capricorn is currently managing its Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund, Capricorn ICT Arkiv Fund, Capricorn Health-tech Fund, and Capricorn Cleantech Fund. The Quest for Growth management company quoted Euronext Brussels and the investment manager to the Quest Cleantech and Quest+ funds. Leuven
  • Careventures – Careventures is an independent pan-European private equity firm that invests in high-growth and profitable small and mid-cap companies in the healthcare services sector. Brussels
  • imec.xpand – Imec. xpand is a revolutionary way of investing in early-stage innovation on the crossroads of technology transfer, corporate venturing, and traditional venture capital. The fund will heavily leverage the extensive technology, knowledge, vision, and expertise of imec and its strategic investors, targeting nanoelectronics-based innovation projects in smart applications for a sustainable society such as smart health, smart mobility, smart cities, and smart cities industries, smart energy. Heverlee
  • Quest for Growth – Quest for Growth focuses on innovative companies in areas such as digital technologies (ICT), technologies for the healthcare sector (Health-tech), and clean technology (Cleantech). Leuven
  • Smile Invest – Smile Invest is an independent European private equity firm that invests in ambitious growth companies. With €350m of AUM, we focus on hidden innovation champions in targeted sectors, including software & technology, healthcare, and consumer products & services. Our investors are successful entrepreneurs and managers who invest in building sustainable value over the long term. Our holding period will usually be 5 years or longer. Whether as a minority or majority investor, we partner with profitable, growing companies with a proven track record. We typically invest €10-€50m+ in companies with revenues of €10-€150m+.


  • LAUNCHub Ventures – an early-stage VC Fund based in Sofia and investing in digital start-ups in the wider Southeastern Europe region. The fund’s portfolio companies are SaaS, Enterprise Software, Health-tech, E-commerce, Mobile, IoT, but its investments are not limited only to these verticals. With €30m under total management, LAUNCHub Ventures focuses on the seed space with investment ticket size in the range of €300K to 700K, expandable up to €1,5m per company. Sofia
  • NEVEQ Capital Partners – the oldest VC fund manager in Bulgaria and one of the few in CEE to manage more than one VC fund. Their decade of collective investment experience has made investments in enterprise applications software, infrastructure software, vertical industry applications, and web and mobile businesses. With their second fund, NEVEQ II, they are also considering opportunities in other emerging technologies where they can help exceptional entrepreneurs deliver growth and performance, such as health, education, and energy efficiency. Luxembourg & Sofia



Czech Republic

  • Credo Ventures – Credo Ventures is a venture capital company focused on early-stage investments in Central Europe. Our mission is to identify and back the most interesting early-stage companies in the region, support them in their growth plans (including expansion to the U.S. / global market), and help to achieve their objectives. We are looking for opportunities to invest in high-growth potential companies with international ambitions and competence to execute and deliver. Our industry focus is IT, Internet & Health. Prague
  • RSJ Investments – manages a large portfolio that includes investment in real estate and its development, agriculture, and engineering. It also focuses on key 21st-century sectors – information technology, bio-technologies, the production of health foods, renewable energy sources, and life sciences. RSJ Investments is a part of the RSJ Group. As our securities trading company, RSJ Securities, we trade in global financial derivatives markets. Prague




  • Lifeline Ventures – Lifeline Ventures is a Helsinki-based early-stage VC investing in health, games, web, and tech. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, we work with early-stage companies in funding, sales, technology, strategy, and operations. Lifeline Ventures invests in future category-leading companies with strong founders. To date, we have invested in more than 70 companies. Our investment ticket size ranges from 100 kEUR to 2 mEUR, and we participate in angel, seed, and Series A rounds. Helsinki
  • Superhero Capital – Superhero Capital is to founders what Alfred is to Batman – the help from behind the scenes. We know what it takes to strive for the seemingly impossible, with the stubborn determination to make it globally. We’ve had our fair share of success – and the occasional failures – to know what it takes to create a company from scratch. We’ve collectively founded, worked at, and invested in over 60 startups in various fields, including eCommerce, fintech, healthtech, and industrial tech. We’re interested in early-stage ventures run by passionate founders with massive ambitions. We’re looking for the next superheroes aiming for global domination while changing the world for the better. Helsinki


  • iBionext – Building and financing healthtech start-ups from creation to growth to transform innovation into products. Paris
  • Innovation Capital – Founded in 1996, Innovation Capital is an international venture capital firm based in Paris with a local presence in Silicon Valley. With over 450 M € under management, our current focus is on venture and growth investments in the Innovation Healthcare Services space in Europe. Paris
  • Kurma Partners– Founded in July 2009, Kurma Partners is a key European player in the financing of Innovation in Healthcare and Biotechnology, from pre-seed to growth capital, Kurma Partners operates over the whole value chain and has the following activities: Fund management of Kurma Biofund I, (size of 51 million euros) Kurma Biofund I is an investment fund which is focused on life sciences and healthcare. It is dedicated to establishing a new economic model for innovation financing: a model based on strategic partnerships with the most highly reputable biotechnology and medical research centers in France and Europe. Kurma Biofund I is particularly interested in early-stage projects, even those at the very leading edge of technology, aiming to transform them into viable entrepreneurial projects and bring them to fruition within three to five years. Fund management of Kurma Biofund II, with a target size of 55 million euros, KBII is a Venture Fund built according to the same approach as Kurma Biofund I, with an important focus on Rare Diseases (at least 50% of the Fund). The four main LPs of the Fund are GSK, BPI France, NEA (New Enterprise Associates), and Idinvest Partners. Fund management of Kurma Diagnostics, KDx, 1st closing of 33 35 million euros in May 2015, is an acceleration fund solely dedicated to Diagnostics solutions (IVD, devices, and digital health) projects and companies. KDx is built on the successful investments made in the diagnostics space during KBI. The fund benefits from several partnerships with major European institutions in the Diagnostics field. Under a consultancy mandate, management of the Biotech portfolio of Idinvest Partners, formerly AGF Private Equity (“Idinvest Biotech”). The portfolio included 13 companies, of which 3 have been exited, and 10 are listed. The total investment size is approximately 100 million euros. Paris Saclay Seed Fund, Kurma manages the healthcare investment of the fund, mainly on diagnostics and digital health. Paris
  • Quadrille Capital – Quadrille Capital is a Paris-based Private Equity and Venture Capital firm established in 2001, investing globally in high-growth technology and healthcare companies backed by leading Venture Capital and Growth Equity funds. The firm has $ 1bn of Assets under Management. Quadrille Capital can partner with the best-performing Tech and Healthcare funds to access direct investments in some of the world’s most exciting growth companies through its unique investment strategy and collaborative approach. Paris
  • Seventure Partners – With over €690m in assets under management, Seventure Partners is a leading venture capital firm in Europe. Since 1997, Seventure Partners has been investing in Life sciences across Europe, Israel, and North America. The four focus areas include biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, digital/connected health and MedTech, industrial biotechnology, and, last but not least: MICROBIOME, nutrition, foodtech, and personalized medicine. Investments can range between €500k and €10m per round, or up to €20m per company, from early to late stage. Paris
  • XAnge – For 15 years, XAnge has been a key investor in Europe. With € 450 M under management and a portfolio of 55 startups,
    XAnge is Siparex Group’s venture capital arm. With growing knowledge of human health, rapid technological advances, and emerging trends such as an aging society, medical and pharmaceutical equipment makers need tech startups to remain efficient. We believe that health tech (including IoT), the silver economy, and personalized treatment algorithms will tackle these challenges.


  • Ananda Impact Ventures – one of the leading impact investors in Europe. Our investees address social challenges in vital areas such as education, health, consumption, and the aging population. We believe in the power of market-based, sustainable, and scalable models with positive impact at the core. We share the enthusiasm of our founders to build solutions that truly matter. To fuel their missions, we created a space to thrive based on our team, investors, and experts’ know-how, network, capital, and experiences. Ananda manages 80 million EUR in three funds (Social Venture Fund I + II, Ananda Impact Fund). It is proud to partner with some leading investors across Europe – from entrepreneurs and families to traditional VCs.
  • Digital Health Ventures (DHV) is a sector-focused Venture Capital Fund based in Berlin. We are experienced early-stage investors with a track record that includes several strong European healthcare innovators. Our mission is to build a sustainable Digital Health ecosystem. We actively support portfolio entrepreneurs and leverage our networks in tech and healthcare. Berlin
  • DvH Ventures – Early-stage investment funds investing in Europe’s most passionate founders. With access to the media companies Handelsblatt Media Group, Der Tagesspiegel & DIE ZEIT. With a focus on fintech and insurtech and a special interest in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, mobile advertising, IoT, big data and digital health, insurance, pensions, education and training, art, and culture or real estate and jobs. Cologne
  • Earlybird Venture Capital – Earlybird manages different funds that focus on digital technologies in Eastern and Western Europe and health technologies. With over EUR 1 billion under management, seven IPOs, and 22 trade sales, Earlybird is one of the most successful venture capital firms in Europe. Berlin & Munich
  • IONIQ – The IONIQ Group is an internationally active platform-builder with the mission of shaping Europe’s digital future. In pursuing this goal, IONIQ has proceeded industry by industry: in 2011, IONIQ started with the data and advertising market, building internationally successful companies like Zeotap in the process. From 2014 on, IONIQ developed Europe’s leading fintech platform, finleap. Since 2017, IONIQ is driving the digitalization of healthcare with its digital health platform Heartbeat Labs. To date, IONIQ Group has built more than 20 companies with over 1,200 employees in more than 10 locations globally. IONIQ Group was founded in 2011 as HitFox GmbH by a team including Jan Beckers, Hendrik Krawinkel, and Tim Koschella.
  • Kompass Digital Ventures – Kompass Digital is the VC arm of a Single Family Office with an Investment focus on Financial Services, Digital Health, and Smart homes. Through early-stage investments, we aim to back digital, EU-based startups with the potential to shape industries and expand their reach globally. We consider lead and co-investments in the following areas: Financial Services, Digital Health, and Smart Home. Berlin
  • LBBW Venture Capital GmbH – LBBW Venture invests in brilliant entrepreneurs raising a late seed, Series A, or Series B round within the DACH region. We focus on startups within the following three themes: 1. Deep / B2B / EnterpriseTech, 2. FinTech and 3. Life Science / HealthTech. Initial tickets amount to 0.5 to 5M Euros. We provide growth support through, e.g., the large network of LBBW enterprise clients and direct business opportunities for core Fintechs. Stuttgart
  • Peppermint Venture Partners (PVP) – a private venture capital firm investing in early-stage healthcare companies across Europe focusing on medical devices, digital health, and platform technology companies. Berlin
  • Rheingau Founders – Rheingau Founders is a Berlin-based Venture Capital firm active since 2011. Focusing on pre-seed to Series A investments in Europe, predominantly B2B in the fields of InsurTech, eHealth, Marketplaces, Software as a Service, and construction tech. Rheingau targets start-ups that have the potential to disrupt existing processes and value chains sustainably. Besides the financial investment, we offer strategic support through the mentorship of our partners. Furthermore, co-found companies can co-found companies if a great idea can be converted into a fast-growing tech start-up. Berlin
  • Santo Venture Capital GmbH – a German venture capital fund headquartered in Holzkirchen, Germany. It is a subsidiary of ATHOS Service, the family office of twin pharmaceutical executives Thomas and Andreas Strüngmann, founders of generic drug manufacturer Hexal AG. The firm was founded in 2011. The fund invests in healthcare, biopharmaceutical, energy, e-commerce, and logistics. It primarily makes Series A and later round fundings. Santo Venture Capital’s average investment ranges from € 5 million to € 20 million.
  • SHS Gesellschaft fur Beteiligungsmanagement – We invest in healthcare, medical technology, digital health, diagnostics, and life science companies across German-speaking countries (DA-CH), Benelux, and Scandinavia. Our investments include venture capital investments in young companies and private equity investments in mid-tier companies. Tubingen
  • TGFS – Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen – Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS) is a regional venture capital company that invests in startups and young companies in the high technology area headquartered or located in the State of Saxony / Germany. In addition to our vast network and experience, we support startups with investments from € 0.1 to € 5 million. Relevant sectors include ICT (Software / Industry 4.0 / IoT / Big Data Analysis), Semiconductor- and Microsystemstechnology, Medical Technology / Health Sciences, Electronics, Sensor Technology, New Materials, New Media, and Cleantech. Leipzig
  • Think. Health – Think. Health invests as a boutique risk-taker in healthcare ventures. We continuously seek innovations and disruptive business models in digital healthcare, medical technologies, and health service providers. Fürstenfeldbruck
  • yabeo– yabeo is a venture investment and advisory company that makes early-stage investments in technology companies and develops them sustainably with a high-performance impact. yabeo stands for ‘smart capital,’ managed by experienced professionals – successful entrepreneurs, executives, and investors who contribute their experience from digital companies focusing on FinTech, InsurTech, HealthTech, and DeepTech. Our goal is to invest in A and B funding rounds of technology-driven companies that drive change in their segment by redefining existing rules through new technology and innovative business models. We educate, connect and use the innovation ecosystems and networks of start-ups, growth companies, corporations, founders, technology experts, executives, regulators, universities, and leading schools of thought – all of whom have a common interest: to effect change and bring the benefits of digitalization to the ‘real’ world. Grünwald





  • Delta Partners – a venture capital firm is investing in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It was established in 1994 and had €230 million under management. The firm has a strong focus on investing in early-stage technology companies, and the team has made over 50 investments in the following sectors: Information Technology, Communications, and Healthcare. Delta Partners is among the most active early-stage investors in Europe. The partners’ backgrounds in operations, strategy, and finance complement the drive and ambition of entrepreneurial management teams. Dublin
  • Fountain Healthcare Partners – Fountain Healthcare Partners is a life science venture capital firm based in Dublin, Ireland, with New York. Fountain currently manages €175M and is actively investing its second fund raised in July 2014. The team at Fountain initially worked within the corporate VC group at Elan Corporation and raised its independent fund in 2008. Fountain invests in drugs, devices, and diagnostics, focusing on companies developing innovative products that address unmet medical needs and deliver significant pharmacoeconomic benefits. Dublin


  • Innogest – founded in 2006 with offices in Turin, Milan, Geneva, and San Francisco. It manages investment funds for a total value of about €200 million, and it invests in startups, mainly in the healthcare and digital sectors, primarily in the early-stage phase—innogest partners with main local and international research centers and technology transfer offices.
  • Principia SGR – Principia SGR is one of the most prestigious companies in Italy in the venture and growth capital, a field in which it has been operating for more than ten years. The predominant part of the principal of Principia SGR is owned by professionals in the venture and growth capital sector. Funds Principia SGR is currently managing three investment funds. Principia Fund focused on investments in the cleantech, biotech, and ICT sectors are the first fund ever launched by SGR. Principia II specialized in investments in the technological and digital innovation sector. Principia III – Health is the first fund in Italy dedicated to ventures in the healthcare sector; it includes investments in venture and growth capital. Milan




  • Fit 4 Start – To maximize your business’s chance of becoming successful and sustainable, Fit 4 Start offers intensive coaching, attractive pre-seed capital of up to €150,000, and access to the best networks. The program is open for selected start-ups in ICT, HealthTech, or Space with innovative ideas, strong motivation, and high development potential. Luxembourg
  • NEVEQ Capital Partners – the oldest VC fund manager in Bulgaria and one of the few in CEE to manage more than one VC fund. In their decade of joint investment experience, they have made investments in enterprise applications software, infrastructure software, and industry vertical applications, as well as in web and mobile businesses. With their second fund, NEVEQ II, they are also considering opportunities in other emerging technologies where they can help exceptional entrepreneurs deliver growth and performance, such as health, education, and energy efficiency. Luxembourg & Sofia
  • Vesalius Biocapital Partners – Vesalius Biocapital Partners invests in companies active in human health through venture capital funds raised since 2007. Since its inception, they have contributed to developing 20 companies with more than € 150 million under management in two funds. Vesalius Biocapital Partners plays the role of lead investor in the large majority of its financing rounds. Their companies are based in Europe, allowing easy interaction with management. They invest in all stages of development and do not shy away from relatively early-stage projects with a sound proprietary technology and corresponding IP, unique team skills, and a clear competitive edge based on solid data.



  • 5Square – We are an independent investment company that invests in inspirational entrepreneurs and their companies. We help entrepreneurs reach their full potential and achieve healthy, sustainable growth. When we invest, we fully commit ourselves. This is what we call Committed Capital. Laren
  • Anterra Capital – Combining deep market knowledge and sector expertise with a passion for building groundbreaking companies, we work alongside companies to tackle global health and nutrition challenges. Amsterdam
  • Gilde Healthcare – Gilde Healthcare is a specialized European healthcare investor managing two business lines: a lower mid-market buy-out fund and a venture & growth capital fund. Gilde Healthcare’s lower mid-market buy-out fund invests in profitable European healthcare services companies focusing on the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The portfolio consists of healthcare providers, suppliers of medical products, and other service providers in the healthcare market. Gilde Healthcare’s venture & growth capital fund invests in MedTech, diagnostics, digital health, and therapeutics. The portfolio companies are based in Europe and North America. Since 2001 Gilde Healthcare has raised €800 million ($900 million) for its specialized funds.Utrecht
  • Health Innovations – Health Innovations invests in young companies that make healthcare better and more affordable. We focus on innovative care concepts, eHealth, medical technology, Digital Health, and Health Services. The market is central to how companies can improve healthcare processes: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. We invest in the Seed and Growth stage, and our investment must contribute to value creation for healthcare, the entrepreneurs, and the shareholders. We play an active role as a shareholder by deploying our knowledge, experience, and network but do not take on the role of the entrepreneur. Our partnerships usually last 3 to 8 years. Have you developed a product or service that will improve healthcare, and do you seek funding for your company? We invest in young innovative healthcare start-ups. We would be happy to talk with you about Health Innovations investing in your company.
  • NLC – The Healthtech Venture Builder – NLC – the European Healthtech Venture Builder – is dedicated to advance health, accessibility for everyone. Using entrepreneurship at scale, our unique NLC approach allows us to find inventions and create and support ventures that can reach the patient. Led by winning teams, together with a dedicated network and driven by data and learnings. Amsterdam
  • Philips Health Technology Ventures – Philips Ventures’ focus areas span the health continuum, from healthy living to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and home care – and from hardware through to services. Amsterdam
  • Pymwymic – The Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund is a venture capital fund that invests in impact-driven companies that seek to conserve and restore our ecosystems while generating an attractive financial return. Our key focus area is companies that contribute to the creation of more sustainable food systems. The Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund is backed by the Pymwymic Cooperative, a frontrunner group of private impact investors, and institutional investors Van Lanschot Kempen and a.s.r. Amsterdam
  • Rockstart– Rockstart is an international company that supports and empowers the best startups on their way to success across four domains: Energy, Health, AgriFood, and Emerging technologies. We provide startups with access to the capital, market, community, and expertise by connecting them to partners, investors, mentors, and the wider Rockstart network. Amsterdam



  • RTAventures VC – an early-stage venture capital firm focused on Europe. We invest in early-stage VC funds and direct investments in online and healthcare undertakings across Europe (and sometimes beyond). We are based in Warsaw and Berlin. Currently, we are interested almost solely in startups related to genomics. Warsaw


  • Caixa Capital – Caixa Capital is the Private Equity and Venture Capital fund management company of Portugal’s largest banking group Caixa Geral de Depósitos, present in over 20 countries. Caixa Capital is a pioneering operator in the Portuguese market, with 500 million Euros under management and total potential capital of 700 million euros for its managed funds. Caixa Capital’s Venture Capital team partners with international funds to support the global expansion of Portugal-related startups with team members specialized in ICT, digital, health tech, engineering, and cleantech. Lisbon
  • Hovione Capital – Hovione Capital is a privately held Venture Capital firm specialized in the Healthcare sector. We invest across Europe in high-potential seed/early-stage projects in Life Sciences (Therapeutics, MedTech, and Digital Health). Lisbon






  • Alta Life Sciences – Alta Life Sciences is a leading multistage venture capital investment firm. Alta LS is investing in companies at all stages of development: from seed financing to commercial growth. Alta LS identifies breakthrough scientific discoveries that solve unmet medical needs in all life sciences, including biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, genomics, and digital health, and invests, seeking both the highest societal impact and the greatest potential returns. Barcelona
  • Asabys Partners – a venture capital firm from Barcelona investing across the board in human healthcare. We are active in the health-tech and biopharma industries and aim to invest in highly innovative and transformative technologies in Spain and abroad. We are motivated by the idea of pushing the boundaries of science and medicine. We do this by sourcing and financing the most disruptive technologies and collaborating with our industry’s best internal and external talents. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and seek to be involved in the building and management of our companies. Not just investors, we consider ourselves partners and collaborators to our portfolio companies. Barcelona
  • CLAVE MAYOR – a Spanish venture capital & private equity specializes in tech investments. With a strong knowledge of Universities and R&D institute’s technology transfer processes. We manage 10 investment funds and a wide portfolio of innovative companies in different sectors, highlighting Medtech and Health. We have launched four new funds focused on Tech Transfer during the last two years, mainly linked to Universidad de Navarra and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and other research ecosystems linked to the health sector.
  • UNINVEST  – a venture capital company that specializes in technology transfer. We invest in startups / Spin-offs in the concept test, seed, and start-up phase. Main sectors of activity: Agri-food, Industrial Biotechnology, and Health Technologies. Stages: pre-seed, seed, startup.
  • VenturCap – a venture capital fund that invests both in startups and in companies in the growth phase. Sectors in which we invest: E-COMMERCE, HEALTH, TECHNOLOGICAL, AND EDUCATIONAL.
  • Ysios Capital – private equity financing to early- and mid-stage human healthcare and life science companies specializes in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices. €200 million in assets under management distributed over two funds. Barcelona


  • Bonnier Ventures – While media is in our DNA, a common misconception about us is that we only look for companies with media affinity. On the contrary, we actively source for high-growth digital and technology companies in sectors including, but not limited to, Marketplaces, B2B, Digital Health, and FinTech. Stockholm
  • HealthCap – HealthCap is a family of venture capital funds investing globally in life sciences. With more than EUR 1 billion raised since 1996, HealthCap is one of the largest specialized venture capital providers within life sciences in Europe. HealthCap is a European venture capital firm investing exclusively and globally in life sciences. The investment strategy focuses on diseases with high unmet medical needs and breakthrough therapies that can be transformative and change medical practice and patients’ lives suffering these conditions. Having raised more than EUR 1 billion since 1996, HealthCap has backed and built more than 100 companies, taken more than 40 companies public, and made numerous trade sales. Stockholm
  • R Ventures – Investing in mission-driven founders within the technology and healthcare sectors. Stockholm


  • Innogest – founded in 2006 with offices in Turin, Milan, Geneva, and San Francisco. It manages investment funds for a total value of about €200 million, and it invests in startups mainly in the healthcare and digital sectors, mainly in the early-stage phase—innogest partners with main local and international research centers and technology transfer offices.


United Kingdom

  • Amadeus Capital -Amadeus backs entrepreneurs to win. Based on our investment experience in over 150 companies, we bring the know-how and networks to help entrepreneurs build great companies, from early-stage to global growth. We are focused on AI & machine learning, online consumer services, cybersecurity, digital health and medical technology, digital media, enterprise SaaS, fintech, regtech, and insurtech. London
  • Crista Galli Ventures – We invest in ambitious European healthtech companies at Seed and Series A. Our deep medical expertise, powerful network, and agile approach enable founders to build important, world-class healthcare businesses. London
  • Luminous Ventures – Luminous Ventures is the go-to venture fund for the most daring and innovative entrepreneurs requiring Seed to Series A/B investment. They prefer to be the first venture investor, focusing on visionary founders with breakthrough technologies, backing deep-tech and science that matters and delivers top returns. Backed by a network of families, they lead or follow – investing as little as €250,000 and as much as €5,000,000. Luminous Ventures is the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Health’s lead country investor for the UK. London
  • RYSE Asset Management – Since 2015, RYSE has been supporting technology companies to achieve accelerated global growth and scale by connecting high-potential healthcare founders with established distribution partners. London

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