HealthHero Delivers Post-COVID Digital Services
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HealthHero Delivers Post-COVID Digital Services

HealthHero wins Healthy Hub competition and will partner with health insurance companies to deliver Post-COVID digital services.

  • The digital Post-COVID service from HealthHero is among the 2022 Healthy Hub competition winners. In the coming months, this service will be made accessible to members of the participating health insurers.
  • In the past year, an estimated 2.4 million people in Germany have suffered or are suffering from Post-COVID. On average, these individuals need 105 sick days to return to work. This places an annual burden on the German healthcare system amounting to more than 17 billion euros.
  • The digital Post-COVID service provides doctors with a structured symptom assessment and efficient patient anamnesis. In addition, it supports patients with further treatment options and enables health insurers to reduce their costs.

Berlin, November 30, 2022. HealthHero, one of Europe’s largest digital health players, has been named among the winners of this year’s Healthy Hub competition. The service will be accessible to those covered by three statutory health insurers: Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse, mhplus, and BIG direkt gesund.

Post-COVID Symptoms

In the past year, at least 2.4 million people in Germany suffered from Post-COVID. The diffuse symptoms, the long path to diagnosis, and the lack of causal treatment result in many working-age adults struggling to continue working and caring for their families. Data from Techniker Krankenkasse shows that a Post-COVID patient takes an average of 105 sick days. In the last 12 months, the statutory health insurers have incurred additional costs totaling an estimated 17 billion euros.

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Post-COVID Digital Services

The Post-COVID service seeks to solve exactly this problem. Based on a certified symptom checker (MDD Class I), the HealthHero team has developed a digital symptom checker with post-COVID experts, enabling a standardized and structured record of personal medical history. This symptom assessment tool supports patients and medical professionals in making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. In addition, the combination of digital assessment and physician consultation (telemedical or on-site) provides patients with a hybrid care structure that enables efficient treatment.

Post-COVID is an unprecedented challenge. Countless people are torn from their daily lives and find themselves chronically ill in a care system that is only able to offer a few solutions. Our Post-COVID service provides clarity. It’s an intelligent tool that helps doctors to better understand and classify individual symptoms and make the right decisions. First and foremost, we are creating a tool to benefit those affected by Post-COVID.” Jan Falkenberg, Medical Director of HealthHero Germany

We are very pleased to recognize HealthHero’s digital post-COVID service as one of this year’s Healthy Hub winners. The HealthHero service stood out among the many contest entries as a very robust approach to the intractable problem of post-COVID diagnosis and treatment.” Elmar Waldschmitt, Managing Director of Healthy Hub and Board Representative for Strategy, Digital Innovation Management and Policy at BIG direkt gesund

“Integrating digital solutions into the German healthcare system is notoriously difficult. This may be partly because digital health companies often fail to demonstrate real added value. This makes it gratifying to receive consistently positive feedback for our Post-COVID service. In addition to Healthy Hub’s participating insurers, other health insurance companies have decided to collaborate and help us to roll out this service. Country-level initiatives will also be using our service. One reason for the tremendous response appears to be our modular approach, which allows patients to decide on a situational basis whether to use the telemedicine service or local care structures, such as their family doctor.” Holger Semsch, Managing Director of HealthHero Germany

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About HealthHero

HealthHero is Europe’s leading digital healthcare provider, delivering remote access to doctors and expert clinicians directly to patients, insurance policyholders, and employees via digital technology. HealthHero’s purpose is to simplify healthcare and improve lives, and the company has set out to transform healthcare by combining digital convenience with human expertise. With three million consultations a year and 35 million lives covered, HealthHero delivers a holistic care solution to patients, making it easier for them to manage their health while delivering better outcomes. In addition, HealthHero reduces the burden on in-person care and increases efficiency within healthcare systems.

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About Healthy Hub

The Healthy Hub competition stems from a consortium of four German statutory health insurance funds that cover more than 2.5 million lives. This year’s competition saw over 60 innovative applicants from seven European countries.  The Healthy Hub insurers include BIG direkt gesund, IKK Südwest, mhplus Krankenkasse and SBK Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse. Along with the winners, they develop healthcare strategies that can have a real impact on clinical practice. The Healthy Hub competition is an entry path for innovative reimbursable healthcare solutions.

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In the past 12 months (from November 15, 2021, to November 15, 2022), there have been 30,687,154 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 in Germany, according to the Robert Koch-Institut. The scientific literature reports a wide range of prevalence of Post-COVID among the infected population. Therefore, we calculated a conservative estimate of an 8 percent prevalence of Post-COVID among the SARS-CoV-2-infected population. Based on this assumption, we estimate that in the past 12 months, 2,454,972 people suffered from Post-COVID. Furthermore, the Techniker Krankenkasse recently published data demonstrating that an individual suffering from Post-COVID takes an average of 105 days of sick leave (Grobe und Bessel 2022). Therefore, we assume that the cost per sick day is 68 euros and calculate that the cost of Post-COVID sick leave to health insurers is 17 billion euros.

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