How Can You Deal With Arthritis by Using Light Therapy
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How Can You Deal With Arthritis by Using Light Therapy

Light therapy has become one of the most sought-after treatments that can provide solutions to many different health problems, both mental and physical. Light therapy has established itself as an astounding method to treat skin-related problems and problems with sleep cycles. If you go through depression and related problems, don’t worry, light therapy can be your savior regarding this as well. But apart from all these, light therapy can also help you have comfort while going through severe pain in your muscle, nerves, and especially joints. With the help of light therapy, you can try to get rid of the pain you might feel due to arthritis.

What Happens When People Suffer From Arthritis

In the United States alone, more than 54 million people have arthritis. So, you can easily guess how high the number is throughout the whole world. Of all the people who have arthritis, 60% are working-age from 18 years to 64 years. And among all people, women are substantially a bit more prone to experience the painful effects of arthritis than men.  Moreover, women can also experience rheumatoid arthritis, which is hardly seen in men. And this type is the most weakening type of arthritis out there.

When someone falls victim to arthritis, they will start facing many unbearable symptoms such as severe pain in joints, aching, stiffness, growing in or around the joints, etc. When you go through the pain caused by arthritis, even the easiest of your daily chores might feel like a tough battle to fight. Also, your daily activities will be bound to get seriously limited. When you are going through severe pain due to arthritis, you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible, and then you might get prescribed some specific medicines.

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However, most of these medicines might work to ease your pain in the joints a bit. But the whole problem will hardly be solved. However, it was found in several pieces of research that taking light therapy can provide a patient with arthritis a considerable amount of comfort and might be able to increase their capacity of going through their daily activities.

Light Therapy for Treating Arthritis Pain

There are different types of light therapy that provide us with solutions to different problems. Red light therapy and infrared therapy are specifically known for dealing with different types of pains. However, these two types of light don’t work the same way. Red light therapy and infrared light have huge differences between them, as they are from a different spectrum. Infrared light has a longer wavelength than red light, and it doesn’t fall in the visible light spectrum, unlike red light. Even though both these lights’ frequency is close to each other, they work differently on the human body. Infrared light has considerably more strength, and it can penetrate the human skin properly and work deep inside the body. On the other hand, red light mostly deals with the problems of the surface of our skin. It doesn’t deeply penetrate our body, even though it can facilitate the generation of different chemicals inside our body.

Light therapy devices that use red light and infrared light mostly work to invigorate blood course, quick recuperating, loosen up muscles, alleviate pain, etc. Red and infrared light treatment might be able to incorporate general transitory pain and ease your pain derived from different problems such as muscle and joint throbs, arthritis, muscle fits, and tendonitis. Infrared light has the extra advantage as it is better with the pace of injury recuperation and wound healing. Infrared light can work on the nerves of your body, which is a huge advantage. By working on the nerves, infrared light can work on a deep level to deal with your arthritis pain.

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How Does Infrared Light Treat Arthritis Symptoms?

Infrared light therapy utilizes explicit frequencies to invigorate quite some human tissues’ reactions to upgrade the general cell regeneration on a high level. The low-level light energy or the infrared light can infiltrate through numerous layers of skin painlessly to arrive at muscles and nerves. Body cells absorb the energy and become more dynamic, and the bloodstream to the region increments to additional help cell regrowth and recovery. This mix of cell movement and course attempts to decrease irritation brought about by arthritis.

While utilizing a light therapy gadget, remember that the natural eye can’t identify infrared light. On treatment gadgets with red and infrared lights, just the red lights might be visible to you. Rapid computerized cameras, for example, the one on your cell phone, can normally locate infrared light, so you can take a photo to confirm that your device is working.

Final Words

If you are going through severe pain due to arthritis, light therapy can easily be your go-to treatment option. However, make sure that your doctor has no objection regarding this.

How Can You Deal With Arthritis by Using Light Therapy

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