How Healthcare can be Improved with Better Initiatives
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How Healthcare can be Improved with Better Initiatives

Today, I heard the speech on Ted Talks; Tarik Sammour talks about healthcare is right or luxury.

So let’s talk about that topic, only highlighting the ray of light given by Tarik Sammour.

Ask Yourself?

Until you respond, let’s start with a story. I have been working in an NGO voluntarily for 4 years.

In the health summit 2014, all medical brands and doctors associations were invited to talk on healthcare systems.

They have started with the global scenario of the nations, the percentage of people using healthcare facilities as a luxury.

Firstly, the conference was organized in India, so they have started with the scenario of India.

Healthcare has become India’s largest sector. Healthcare comprises medicines, telemedicine, technological innovations that have developed a  great deal in past years.

India’s healthcare has become more sustainable and innovative around the world.

As India’s population is 1.38 billion, serving everybody with good healthcare is the challenge.

The government and private sector are indulging themselves more efficiently to get medical facilities on the taps.

As a Diversified culture, although there are many economic classes divided in the society, not all people get even the basic facilities and medical care.

It is not serving as a right, nor it’s serving as a luxury.

Healthcare: is it a right or a luxury? | Tarik Sammour | TEDxAdelaide

What are the Government initiatives?

The Indian government has started many programs and missions.  “National Health Mission” by developing primary, secondary, and tertiary facilities with a budget of 37 crores.

The Ministry of Ayush has funded a large amount for the well-being of the Nation.

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The healthcare market in India is expected to grow to us$ 193 billion by 2020. And us$372 by 2022.

Driven by rising income, facilities, awareness, lifestyle diseases, and increasing access to insurance.

What are the Global Issues in Healthcare?

According to WHO, these are urgent global issues to deal with.

  1. Elevating health in public debate.

Climate change acts as a game-changer, and due to some harsh changes, annually deaths are increased.

  1. Delivering health in conflict and crisis.

Nearly 1000 attacks and deaths were recorded in 2019, For tens of million people are about to flee their homes.

There is often little to no access to healthcare.

  1. Making healthcare fairer.

The rising number of diseases has negatively impacted society, and the gap between the haves and have not has increased.

People are facing a shortfall in now and then healthcare facilities.

  1. Expanding access to medicines.

Almost all the people have access to healthcare and basic medicines too. But poor ones are the majority who suffer more.

Expansion of networks in medicine is working on an urgent call basis by the government and private sector.

  1. Stopping infectious diseases.

“Prevention is better than cure.” We heard this many times. To Prevent the Spread of infectious diseases should be taken care of because millions of people have died.

  1. Preparing for epidemics.

After having so many outbreaks like influenza, Swine flu, Yellow fever, and the latest COVID-19, medical management is the question to overcome every time.

  1. Protecting people from dangerous products.

In recent times, obesity and health problems like cholesterol, high BP, diabetes are major problems. 8 out of 10 people have problems.

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Carrying junk food and other products containing high amounts of fats, that type of product must be avoided.

  1. Investing in our people who defend our health.

Health workers who are having lower salaries should be incentivized for their moral support and service. The profession should be given high decent salaries for their work.

  1. Keeping adolescents safe.

Every year adolescents die more due to frustration, depression, and drug addiction habits.

Positive behavior change should be made to better adolescents, and happiness and awareness programs should be organized for the youth to maintain their mental health.

  1. Earning public trust.

Gaining trust in medical science is the first and foremost thing, and it can be achieved by gaining the patient’s trust and deliverables.

Taking about the issues and causes of Healthcare, and noticing the behavior of recent years, virtual care and treatments are also booming nowadays.

Top Healthcare app developers play a vital role in giving satisfactory treatments and care to patients. In addition, telemedicine doctors online consultation with less paying gives the poor a blessing.


In this world of smartphones, everybody has a smart gadget, so healthcare developers have developed many apps to download them for free, subscribe for one-time transactions, and get treated by professionals now and then. We shall also discuss applications and their usage in healthcare; let’s talk about the …

Advantages of healthcare applications:

  1. Improves care and medication.
  2. Making healthcare feasible anytime and anywhere.
  3. Remote patients and monitor them properly.
  4. Virtual care is cost-effective.
  5. After the pandemic, people want social distancing everywhere.
  6. The level of consciousness has increased.
  7. Cost-effective solutions and deliverables need to be very well planned.
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As a medical community and people-oriented need, the health system is developing and using more technology, and more healthcare applications make it revamping.

How Healthcare can be Improved with Better Initiatives

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