How Telemedicine Can Be Useful To Treat Cancer
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How Telemedicine Can Be Useful To Treat Cancer

In the world of virtual transformation, people are engaging in online care for healthcare.

But it seems to be difficult that every disease can be regulated via an online platform, right?… Well’ before the invention in the field of telemedicine platforms, people might have thought like that since the last half-decade due to the increase in diseases and virus-like “corona” has ruled the world. During that time, innovations took place to help the people for the betterment of healthcare.

What does telemedicine come up with?

The answer to this question is that it comes up with a lot of functionality with convenience. It provides the online platform with lots of features and availability of the staff, doctors, experts 24/7. It offers good care with the new technology.

Telemedicine was introduced in the 1960s when the military troops fell ill, and doctors treated them virtually by audio. At that time, no one was thinking of the opportunity to develop the healthcare system in this manner, but as time passed, it would gradually become the first aid box of the population worldwide.

In developed countries like Canada, the USA healthcare system is developed so that people approach telehealth in primary care because there are some hamlets and remote areas that will not access the expert doctors to the humans living over there. Hence, they choose small care at the utmost convenience.

Let us start with some data and facts that can help us understand more about it.

On average, if we read the graph, then almost 55% of average users use the telemedicine platform to treat their regular and daily consultations and diseases.

These predict the near future of telemedicine, and one can imagine the chain of supply and demand.

There’s a significant change in the percentage of the oncology department and the drastic change in due to the covid-19 situation, well’ it is there all to safeguard the environment and infuse less from the prompted virus. In addition, due to this technological advancement, the patient and care providers mutually benefit from helping themselves with the care and performing their duties.

The readers have few questions in mind; let me clarify it by providing one by one answers:

Is It Possible To Use Telemedicine for cancer?

For the medical treatment in urgency and telehealth solutions are becoming more sustainable, if the patient is also looking for the second option of a regular check-up, it will also take care of. So let’s talk about the benefits and challenges of telemedicine in curing cancer.

From the discussion, we can acknowledge that telemedicine is the sustainable solution for primary care and the demand. However, along with the advancements, if the person is using the tech for the first time, some challenges need to be considered. Well, sometimes, a particular age group is facing problems. This will help them in simplifying the task.

Preparing for the easy consultation:

Telehealth can help you reduce the time and manage things properly, as patients can upload the insurance materials and other details through the telecare platform while traveling. In addition, patients can access directly to doctors’ cabins.

Yes, in explaining this, I remember my personal experience, which I must share with you. I once planned the domestic flight to roam intra-state for some office work; I usually test my diabetes and do check-ups before traveling, but that day I forgot, and that was the time of the second wave of covid and flights.

Unfortunately, the cop caught me and asked me for several reports of covid and diabetes and reports of my high blood pressure, I have only an RTPCR report, and he checked though he wanted to check all the reports. Then, I was afraid of missing my flight, but somehow my telemedicine application helped me a lot.

I had a call with my doctor, and the doctor talked with the cop and made him understand that I was fit and fine and ready to fly without any fear. So you do not know when telemedicine applications will help you and in what way.

When you caught some uneasiness with mammograms:

At the starting stage of developing cancer, patients feel many abnormalities and uneasiness. If you are caught with the abnormalities, you should immediately consult the doctors, the immediate care you can get only from the telemedicine applications, the doctors, and the experts available urgently there.

With the help of the application, he will check you and ask you several things like the symptoms and other problems if the patient faces or not. For example, he will ask you whether you have been caught with any lumps in your body parts anywhere or not? Then, if you are fond of it, he will immediately treat you with X-rays/ Mammograms.(mammograms are specifically done when it is the case of breast cancer).

Consistency in the check-ups and daily consultations:

The doctor sees the patient in person; it will carry forward with the video calls, virtual audio calls, and E-prescription. During the consultation, your doctor will follow up on your reports and prescription. The applications with telemedicine already follow the recent scans and medicine and medication.

Appear Post-surgery in:

You can do your post-surgery check-up with telemedicine by providing the doctor with a proper camera vision and concerns; it probably seems that the patient may not have any side effects and reactions to the medicines already taken.

Allergies or Side effects:

The side effects are serious and need to be treated urgently; there are several side-effects mentioned in the list below,  If the patient feels the side effects like nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, mouth sores, or anything, then you can immediately consult the doctor via telemedicine application, and he will engage his team till you make sure that you are comfortable.

If a patient is experiencing serious side effects, she should consult the doctor, and the team will carry onwards.

Telemedicine can treat allergies or side effects very quickly:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair changes
  • Mouth soreness
  • Nausea
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Change in taste or smell
  • Menopause symptoms

For admitting the clinical trial:

Clinical trials are made for the patients to demo the process to make it easy for the proper consultations/judgments and the proper medications.

If you ask for further evaluation then, they will also provide you with the screening and monitoring.

If a second option is needed for good care:

If you want immediate and regular care, you should go for the second telehealth on the first stage of your disease; the applications will help you with the daily reports, free consultations, and restorative care. Then, of course, which medicine will suit you, what kind of side effects are there which a patient will suffer, all these things are to be taken care of.

Telemedicine in variegate care:

Suppose we see and analyze the authentication of the doctors managing the immediate care. In that case, there are several doctors with expertise from all the fields, like oncologists, multidisciplinary specialists, practitioners, and the nursing staff.

So, if the person needs any care or treatment for an immediate purpose, then the applications provide it very nicely with the nurtured care.

Using telehealth services has its benefits and challenges, too, because as it is new in curing cancer, so there are few challenges, and those are as follows:

Eco-costly and Eco-timely care:

The patient wants cost-efficient and time-efficient care, as we all know that cancer treatments are very costly, and not everyone can afford that. And if someone will afford it for the sake of getting a cure, then; the patient has to be in the queue for a longer time, waiting for the doctors to come and check. Moreover, the frustration of visiting doctors is increasing many times due to traveling far with the heavy traffic on roads.

You can call or message doctors anytime; the doctors are 24/7 available there.

Appealing the care:

Patients fall sick more with the emotional pressure and mental pressure, and sometimes they face depression. Still, with the help of telemedicine, patients can relieve themselves by staying with their family and friends; they can share the recordings of the consultations with the family, which will make them more secure. So telehealth options in every sense provide balanced care in the health industry. Hence ultimately, people are using the applications, the average ratio is increasing.

Provides standard care and lifestyle:

You may wonder that how I connect it to the way of lifestyle, let me clarify it to you, surveys and samples of the study show that the patients have noted the change in their lifestyle because when they feel like connecting to the doctor, you can do it immediately also the families are insisting for the telemedicine care because it is very efficient in all the cases.

Matters of Concerns and Cons: (not Cons or drawbacks, but it’s a matter of concern.)

We have seen the advantages only, but we do not think till now what a patient can feel with such uses of technology and what insecurities came to their mind. Whether that also depends on the age group, there are many questions that patients ask many times about privacy. Whether they feel disheartened about some treatment or what?

Not all patients feel good in examining the tumors online; some may trust in-person examination more than others. So, the crux is that telemedicine will provide primary care and nurture further follow-up and intense care, but it will not take the place of physical examination, but it will act as a rescuer.

Things for consideration during the doctor visit:

 This is the fundamental approach to the telehealth check-up that to ensure the devices are well and are adequately charged; the patient needs to be more precise for the virtual appointment. Make sure your internet plan works better; otherwise, it leads to frustration for both the doctor and the patient. One more thing is to find a nice corner in your house where no one can interrupt you in between, and you can talk with the doctor very efficiently.

Things to take care of on the day of the appointment:

  1. Check whether your device is appropriately charged or not.
  2. Before your consultation starts, check whether you have all your files, reports, and prescriptions(if any).
  3. If you are a person like me who forgets little things many times, you have to make sure that you have written your doubts in the diary before starting your consultation.
  4. You should wear light clothes during the consultation. It can help you with the situation that if the doctor asks to see your surgery wounds or lumps, you should be able to manage it quickly. But before doing that, check the privacy settings of your devices.
  5.  Note the doctor’s recommendations and opinions and, for that, sit with the diary and pen.

What are the practical things at the time of visiting?

Make sure that as it is a virtual visit, your account and your device should be properly logged in and check the internet connections before starting the meeting so that there might be fewer chances of interruption. Suppose it will happen on the doctor’s side, then be ready to remember all small things and make notes properly. Your doctor visits are now regular; consider the doctor as your family member to be more comfortable in sharing your experiences and problems.

Newly meetings and virtual conferences with the experts:

The new specialist will ask you all about your history of cancer and especially cancer, be ready for the detailed description; once you enrolled in the application, the oncologist may not be very familiar with you, and to be familiar with you, he will start consulting with some basics such as: what are the symptoms, how long do you have, any specific likes and dislikes, any allergies or not, asking for the doctor you would have visited…etc.

Please do not lose your temper because he didn’t know all about you, so it’s natural to ask such questions; from the second visit, he will not repeat such questions so enjoy your first meeting/ visit with the new oncologist.

Take care of yourself with the following calls and conferences(audio or video):

The doctor must have the feedback or revert responses of how you feel after the several treatments and visits. The application is helping them fulfill their duty by creating the feedback sheets, and they will approach that process after every visit or call, or treatment. Online doctors will also care about the medications given and their reactions after using them. They will follow up on all the information and then update you on the other treatment.

There are other such doctor’s teams who will visit every person’s sheet and recommend the changes to the team.

Facilitate with the E- prescriptions:

These provide you with detailed information about E-prescriptions; if the situation arises and the doctor needs to change the medicine precisely, he will directly notify the medical store, and you will now serve the newly prescribed drugs.

Does health insurance help?

As in the past, telemedicine and telehealth approaches are not considered under the insurance policy; but as time surpasses the use of telemedicine more so, it becomes mandatory for the National Consortium Of Telehealth Center to cover half of the telemedicine cost under the insurance[ but not the surgery cost]. It also offers the tracking of the billing database so that it could directly know the expenses and other details.

Although several applications provide audio and video facilities, they can not be authenticated for a telemedicine visit; it already mentioned according to the HIPPA guidelines, 1996 means the applications like Facebook, TikTok can not be used for patients consultation.


Diagnosing cancer is a stressful condition; for easy consultation, telemedicine is the best option.  Your families also get satisfied with that which can bring comforts from within‘ Healthcare mobile app development [Do not wait for the right time to visit the doctor house, if you have minor symptoms then to see the doctor immediately, Stay healthy for the sake of your loved ones.]

How Telemedicine Can Be Useful To Treat Cancer

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