How to Create a Pediatrics On-Demand Mobile App
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How to Create a Pediatrics On-Demand Mobile App

Over the past many years, mobile application development technology’s versatility has commenced significant innovations in the healthcare industry. From implantable devices to smartwatches that monitor important signs, mobile technology has helped enhance the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. Mobility is emerging as a game-changer for the healthcare industry at large.

Improving patient experience and enhancing efficiency are the two most essential healthcare areas that call for urgent attention. With speed and efficiency playing a crucial role in defining patient experience, health care organizations are turning to technology to improve the quality of care. Streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving productivity are other areas that need to be addressed.

As product development and consulting partner for healthcare organizations, many companies offer custom solutions for hospital practitioners and patients. Their solutions integrate New Age technology such as the Internet of Things telemedicine and medical imaging.

Let’s see a few situations where mobile technology positively impacts healthcare. 

John is recovering from a concussion. He uses a wearable device to take physical and cognitive tests and shares the results with his physician. The physician remotely monitors John’s recovery progress, real-time access to information eliminates the need for frequent trips to the hospital and helps John recover quickly. John arrives at the clinic for a follow-up visit and checks in at the kiosk at the clinic. The queue is streamlined using a patient flow management system. John moves through the system seamlessly and completes his visit with minimum help from the hospital staff. John’s physician gets to spend quality time with his patients, enhancing the physician-patient relationship. John has to continue medications even after the recovery from the injury. He places the order using the mobile app, and the pharmacy delivers the medicine on time.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, 40% of doctors or pharmacists believed telemedicine apps would reduce the need for patient visits. This pandemic has forced us to rethink the outlook on life; now, more than 75% of people take advantage of mobile apps to get the best healthcare services.

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So, in this blog, we are going to talk about pediatrics on-demand mobile app. Later in the blog, we will learn the features and development costs in creating such an app. So, let’s begin:

Important Features Of A Pediatrics On-Demand Medium App

There are critical considerations of each industry and so as Pediatrics medical industry. Your app should focus on the pediatric’s challenges and pain areas as your client needs these in their mobile app.

We have classified pediatrics on-demand mobile application into three parts. Here, we will discuss the highlights of each of the functionalities individually:

Patient’s App

It helps patients to schedule appointments, order prescription drugs, and get in contact with the doctor.


  • Help find a doctor or physician online.
  • Users can enter the name of their doctor or doctor based on a specialty like an ophthalmologist, ENT, child psychiatrist, physiotherapist, and so on.
Schedule Appointment

  • Lets users check the availability of their doctor
  • Patients can book an appointment when feasible.
  • Appointments must be stored both in the patient’s app and in the doctor’s app.
Appointment Reminders

Lets the patients set appointment reminders.

Virtual Appointment

Doctors can easily examine a patient’s well-being, disease symptoms, and evaluate treatment plans via the video or chat.

In-app Chat

  • Lets parents or patients talk to the doctors in case they have some to discuss
  • if parents experience discomfort by taking their medicine or need to comprehend the dose or reschedule an appointment.
Prescription delivery

  • Patients can easily get medicines at their doorstep.
  • Reduces human contact as well as the chance of contracting the Coronavirus.
2. Doctor’s App


Lets doctors coordinate with patients and organize calendars as per virtual or walk-in appointments.

Accept/ Reject Appointment


  • With this feature, doctors can accept or reject an appointment.
  • It helps doctors prepare a proper schedule for any day.
Video Call

Allow doctors to take a video with their patients and resolve their queries or provide proper assistance.

In-app Chat

Doctors can chat with their patients securely and conveniently.

3. Web Portal


The admin manages the Admin panel. It’s like a doctor’s office and their waiting room. All the activities, like doctors and patient appointments, are taken care of.

Patient Database


  • Stores all information of patients.
  • Information is saved in their database.
  • It helps in keeping track of information, history, and appointments of the patients.
Manage Doctors

  • Manages all the physicians or doctors in the system. One can add as well as remove a doctor as per requirement.
  • Information, like the type of doctor, doctor’s profiles, and appointments, is stored securely.           
Check Availability

  • Check the doctor’s availability & book an appointment
  • If rescheduling or cancellations, the admin can check for other available timings.


Required Team Structure

If you like to convert your pediatrics on-demand mobile app idea into reality, you need to hire an iOS or mobile app development company in India. If you like to build an app by hiring an individual team, then there is a requirement of different experts with various niches in developing a pediatrics on-demand mobile application right from scratch. Here is the required team structure needed for creating a pediatrics on-demand mobile app:

  • iOS & Android Developers
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysis Team
  • Backend Developers (.Net Developers, PHP Developers, NodeJs Developer)
  • Front-End Developers (AngularJS Developers, UI/UX Developers)
  • Cybersecurity expert
  • QA Experts

To create a pediatrics on-demand mobile app, you need to hire mobile app developers with a good track record of creating such kinds of applications with the latest features and functionalities.

How much it Cost to create a Pediatrics On-demand Mobile App in 2020

A good pediatrics on-demand mobile app comprises lots of features and functionalities. Also, the cost of creating a pediatrics on-demand mobile app depends on various factors like the type of mobile app that you want to build and the types of features and functionalities you choose in your mobile app. It isn’t easy to find the exact cost of developing a pediatrics on-demand mobile app.

The cost of development also depends on which platform you choose to create your mobile app (iOS or Android) and the country in which the custom mobile application development company is located. A USA based app development company charges around  $50-$250/hour, Eastern-Europe based app development company charges around $30-$150/hour, and India based app development company charges around $10-$80/hour

Let’s Wrap Up:

In this blog, you have seen various details you need to know while creating a pediatrics on-demand mobile app. It would be best if you also kept this in mind that the total cost of pediatrics on-demand mobile app development depends on the types of mobile apps, the number of developers you choose, the country of development, and the features you want in your app. Make sure to hire a good app development company in India to ensure a feature-packed application.

How to Create a Pediatrics On-Demand Mobile App

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