How to Grow Your mHealth Startup During COVID-19
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How to Grow Your mHealth Startup During COVID-19

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus racked havoc for many small and large companies, while most of the startups were forced to shut down. Having to go into a lockdown situation abruptly presented challenges as well as opportunities for many businesses. One of the industries that can leverage the opportunities during COVID-19 is the healthcare and medicine industry. While there is restricted access to hospitals and clinics, patients are becoming more inclined to mhealth apps.

How to Grow Your mHealth Startup During COVID-19

Therefore, to grow your mhealth startup during COVID-19, here are the opportunities you can grab while overcoming the challenges faced during the lockdown.

What are the tips for growing your mHealth startup during COVID-19?

What are the tips to grow your mHealth startup during COVID-19?

The lockdown has not only impacted businesses but has also increased the concerns of patients with non-communicable diseases, such as Diabetes. Patients found it difficult to get essential medical supplies or treatments due to the situation created by COVID-19 and the lockdown. All this led to worsening the medical conditions of patients. Considering the problems faced by patients and the general public in accessing healthcare services, here are some tips that can help you grow your mHealth startup while also improving healthcare for the public at large.

  • Integrate the latest technology The latest technologies, such as AI, robotics, 3D-printing, AR/VR, and nanotechnology, are radically transforming the healthcare industry. These technologies are shaping the future of medicine, and it is best to integrate these technologies with your mHealth apps to leverage the opportunities they provide. Integrating technology with medicine and healthcare leads to effective treatments, accurate diagnosis, and reduced costs for both patients and the healthcare industry. It proves to be a win-win situation for the community altogether.
  • E-Prescriptions – Due to COVID-19, it has become all the riskier for patients to go out for medical consultations or to buy medicines. Older people are at more risk of contracting the disease as their immunity is low. Moreover, there may be patients that may be disabled, in isolation, or unable to step out of their houses for some reason. To leverage this opportunity, enabling e-prescriptions on your mhealth app is a good idea. You can get general practitioners and other healthcare providers to use your app to connect with their patients, schedule online consulting, and send e-prescriptions based on their diagnosis.
  • Enhanced Features – Users of healthcare apps are always on a lookout for improved features that can help them in receiving effective treatments from the comfort of their homes. However, in the case when patients have to step out of their houses despite the risk of contracting coronavirus, how can your mHealth app help? To grow your mHealth startup during COVID-19, you will have to come up with innovative ideas and introduce them as features within your app. The more helpful your app is for the users, the more downloads you would gain. For instance, a Canadian based company named iMerciv is helping its users maintain social distancing through its pedestrian navigation app. The app informs its users about the traffic data on footpaths to help them avoid bus streets. It also warns the users of COVID-related risks.
  • Medicine delivery – Delivering medicines is another opportunity you can leverage during COVID-19. With the lockdown imposed in countries, access to medicines is quite restricted. Taking medication on time is crucial for the good health of a patient. However, due to the unavailability of drugs or difficulty in buying medicines on time, the health of patients is deteriorating. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, an increasing number of people are shifting to medicine delivery apps to buy medicines and drugs from the comfort and safety of their homes. Therefore, to grow your mHealth startup, it is the right time to start delivering medicines in your region. As a startup in the medical industry, ensure you have the necessary licenses to deliver drugs legally.
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The Bottom Line

Understanding the pain points of your customers is the key to increasing your sales, improving your services, and ultimately growing your mHealth startup during COVID-19. Watch out for the opportunities in the market to be an early bird in leveraging them. Lastly, if your startup is not making the right use of the latest technologies, it may not sustain in the long run. Therefore, integrate your mhealth app with the latest technologies to attract tech-savvy customers and grow your business.

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How to Grow Your mHealth Startup During COVID-19

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