Incorporating AI into Bespoke Real-World Research Studies
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Incorporating AI into Bespoke Real-World Research Studies

Medexprim and Illuminate expand their partnership to incorporate AI into bespoke real-world research studies.

After three years of virtuous collaboration, Illuminate and Medexprim are happy to announce the expansion of their strategic partnership to support US and EU researchers and enable Real-World bespoke studies with unique cohort needs, from the simplest to the most complex.

With an expanding network of more than 20 European academic hospitals and now entering the US market, Medexprim is the European leader of reliable extraction & aggregation of imaging and clinical data to accelerate clinical research, in full compliance with GDPR and HIPAA.

Present in 70+ hospitals in the US and France, Illuminate helps hospitals unlock the patient record stored across multiple systems to deliver actionable intelligence. In addition, illuminate puts AI and NLP to work to enable advanced cohort discovery.

Illuminate’s speedy, comprehensive, and temporal search capabilities allow processing hundreds of millions of records to enable advanced cohort discovery. At the same time, Medexprim’s solution provides researchers with de-identified, aggregated, multicentric, curated high-quality regulatory-grade datasets made of imaging and clinical data. The two plug-and-play complementary solutions, on-premise and on the cloud, enable the most complex bespoke studies in the US and Europe.

Romain Cazavan, CEO of Medexprim, says: “We are very happy to announce our partnership with Illuminate, whose positioning, network, and expertise are very complementary with ours. For Medexprim, this partnership aims to strengthen Real-World data clinical research. In addition, we aim to help US and EU partner hospitals gain efficiency in clinical research and patient care, in full compliance with GDPR/HIPAA”.

Matt McLennon, CEO of Illuminate, states: “For Illuminate, this partnership allows us to reinforce our claim to put AI in action for physicians to improve translational medicine. With Illuminate focusing on Provider Value, and Medexprim focusing on Real-World Evidence value, we aim to bring together those two worlds and create unmatched value to our clients ”.

Medexprim is the distributor of Illuminate in Europe. Illuminate partners with Medexprim in the US, where it will initiate distribution.

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About Medexprim

MEDEXPRIM I Real-World Evidence for better Care

Medexprim is the European leader in reliable imaging and clinical data extraction to accelerate clinical research. As a specialist in Real-World Data, we build bridges between leading university hospitals and pharmaceutical, AI, and Medical device companies. In compliance with GDPR/HIPAA, we help hospitals stimulate their clinical research strategy and leverage their data, thanks to our software and services designed with and for physicians. We provide our partners with secure access to high-quality regulatory-grade data. Medexprim aims to build multicentric data lakes by disease to serve oncology, neurology, and cardiology. We help solve the equation “one patient, one disease, one treatment” to develop personalized medicine for better care.Visit Medexprim at the RSNA, booth #4851 – South Hall. Find us – contact: Anne-Sophie LabetaEmail:

About Illuminate, Inc.

Illuminate was created by software engineers passionate about partnering with physicians to develop solutions that make their jobs easier and optimize patient care. We’ve built our entire business around helping health care practices thrive in an increasingly digital world. Physician-driven innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Illuminate. From superior health outcomes and administrative efficiencies to improved compliance. Illuminate applications lead the way in helping doctors, hospital administrators, and academia focus on what they do best: deliver outstanding patient care. Illuminate software is developed exclusively in America by a diverse, multi-cultural team of experts.Visit Illuminate at the RSNAbooth #6711 – North Hall. Find us here.And visit to learn more.Press contact: Cole Erdmann, Vice President, Product and MarketingEmail:


Incorporating AI into Bespoke Real-World Research Studies

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