Internet of Medical Things
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Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is growing at a rapid pace. Given the recent developments, it may completely outrun any other IoT implementation such as agriculture, retail, manufacturing, energy, and smart home.

The Healthcare crisis is becoming so natural with the rising relevance of using digital technology in IoMT and healthcare. The value of the problem is no longer calculated in monetary terms, instead of studying an uncountable number of use cases where IoMT helps doctors and nurses, such as improved patient experiences and thousands of saved lives with increased efficiency and safe services.

Explaining Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things is a set of IoT medical devices, systems, connected technology solutions, and infrastructures used in the healthcare industry. IoMT has a wide array of applications that include sensor-based spaces and devices, wearables, and applications. For instance, sensor-enabled patients can send alerts to nurses and help to monitor patient activities. Connected medical devices software for visualization and data analytics transforms data-based insights and valuable information to hospital management, doctors, and medical staff.

How IoMT is different from IoT

Internet of Medical Things is a branch of IoT and is used to address big data solutions and connected technology. Although, IoMT alone captures a significant share in the overall IoT industry. A set of properties and benefits offered by advanced technologies such as related medical technology and eHealth contributes to the IoMT segment’s central dominance in the IoT industry.

Increasing concerns about handling and securing sensitive data related to patients in the form of real-time change in health conditions, location, treatment plans, medical records, and patient’s personal information coupled with enhanced reliability towards digital technologies boost the adoption of IoMT in the healthcare sector. A data security breach is a significant issue faced by every domain, and healthcare organizations are no different. As per the report published by Aruba Networks, more than 87% of healthcare organizations are expected to use IoT devices. Among those already using IoT devices in the healthcare industry, nearly 90% reported a security breach.

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Reasons why IoMT Integrated Devices are making sense for Healthcare Organizations

  • Enables extreme connectivity
  • Expedites and enhances clinician workflows
  • Supports remote care
  • Cross-departmental collaboration
  • Emphasizes strong security measures
  • A proactive approach to maintaining good health

Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things

Advantages and Limitations of IoMT


  • Health Care Service Providers
  • Reduced response time in case of a medical emergency
  • Optimal utilization of resources and infrastructure
  • Patient Benefits
    • Reduced morbidity and financial burden due to fewer follow up visits
    • Cost reduction
    • Real-time interventions in emergencies
  • Device Manufacturers
    • Capability to sense and communicate health-related information to a remote location
    • Standardization/compatibility and uniformity of data available


  • Market Challenges
    • Security policy compliance
    • Mobile hesitation
    • Data overload on healthcare facility
    • Physician compliance
  • Technical Challenges
    • Scale, data volume, and performance
    • Managing device diversity and interoperability
    • Need for medical expertise
    • Data integration
    • Errors in patient data handling
    • Lack of standards and communication protocols
    • Security of IoT data – Unauthorized use and hacking of IoT

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Internet of Medical Things

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