Kettering General Hospital Commences Medical Records Digitization Project
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Kettering General Hospital Commences Medical Records Digitization Project

Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust commences major medical records digitization project with IMMJ Systems, Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), and System C. 

Kettering General Hospital has embarked on a major medical records digitization project with partners System C, IMMJ Systems, and SPS that will see more than 220,000 medical records securely scanned into the IMMJ Systems MediViewer™ Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

The project is part of the Trust’s ambitious 10-year digital transformation plan, working in partnership with EPR supplier System C. it aims to improve the care provided to patients by delivering mobile clinical and decision-making support to clinicians, by improving the flow of patients through the 600-bed hospital and by fully digitizing the patient record.

As part of this digitization program, the Trust is implementing the leading next-generation EDMS MediViewer™ from IMMJ Systems.

The MediViewer™ EDMS software integrates seamlessly with System C’s Careflow EPR to provide clinical-context launching of the digitized record. The tightly integrated platform enables clinical and clerical users to view the complete history for each patient attending the Trust and search through the record for key clinical documents via the MediViewer™ SmartIndexing™ technology.

In turn, Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is contracted to digitize all active patient records for the Trust.

The combined solutions will provide instantaneous access to scanned medical records via the EPR safely and securely. The speed and intuitive design of the MediViewer™ EDMS mean that simple but rich features will enable clinical users to easily find the key documentation needed at the point of care, especially as MediViewer™ not only OCR’s all ingested information (scanned or born-digital) but applies its SmartIndexing™ technology over the top, classifying information so it can be found via a single click of a button.

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Andy Callow, Group Chief Digital Information Officer for both Kettering General Hospital and Northampton General Hospital, commented, “Our ambition is to be the Most Digital Hospital Group in England by July 2023. Achieving that would mean clinicians are given excellent tools that give them back time to care, patients are in control of their treatment, managers have instant information to drive decision-making, and all staff has access to amazing training and support. So starting to scan paper records at Kettering is something we’ve been looking forward to as it is a significant milestone on our journey.”

Jamie Hall, Head of Sales at IMMJ Systems, said: “This is a significant milestone for the Trust and for its ambitions to be the most digitally advanced hospital in the country, with secure, resilient, accurate, and timely information at the point of patient care.  

The digitization of the Trust’s medical records will deliver huge clinical benefits and help the Trust deliver much cash releasing and operational efficiencies from the implementation of EDMS technology. In addition, it brings Kettering and Northampton General Hospital, already working together in a group management model, the benefits of using the same document management platform.”

Sarah Peart-Bentham, Customer Director at System C, said: “The electronic management of records stored on paper is a key part of a hospital digitization process. We’re delighted Kettering has made so much progress.”

Gary Harrold, CEO of Swiss Post Solutions UK & Ireland, said: “In support of Kettering’s digital transformation plan, our team was able to deliver results quickly, efficiently and on time, whilst adhering to the highest standards of data security around information handling.

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We are pleased to be working in partnership with System C and IMMJ Systems to enable a safer and better patient experience whilst simultaneously improving clinical collaboration and efficiency.’’

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About IMMJ Systems: 

IMMJ Systems MediViewer™ is an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) that has become firmly established as the EDMS of choice amongst clinicians and the wider NHS in recent years. The solution has been built specifically for healthcare providers and designed around the needs of healthcare professionals. This intuitive EDRM solution provides niche functionality with a highly advanced document classification engine to make sense of large historic paper-based medical records and to provide a complete view of a patient’s health record with ease. The intuitiveness of the UI coupled with the inherent speed of access to information has delivered a step-change to the way clinicians deliver patient care and equally helped improve the patient experience.

About Swiss Post Solutions (SPS): 

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management. A strong international client base relies on SPS’s ability to envision, design, and build end-to-end solutions and be its trusted advisor for the key value drivers in BPO: location strategy, process optimization, and technology, such as intelligent automation. Part of the Swiss Post Group headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, SPS’ 7,800 employees and specialized partners span the full range of the industry, focusing on healthcare, banking, insurance, and telecommunications addressing customer needs in more than 20 countries.

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Kettering General Hospital Commences Medical Records Digitization Project

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