Know The Top 5 Gene Synthesis Companies 2021
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Know The Top 5 Gene Synthesis Companies 2021

Advancements in science and research make it possible for gene synthesis to exist. While this may have seemed like an impossible feat to achieve a few years back, several companies have dedicated themselves to this sector and are making significant strides in it. But do you know which companies are leading in this sector and what makes them unique? This article captures some of these bold companies that continue to venture into a scientifically beneficial world today. They include:

1.   Codex – the DNA Printer

When counting gene synthesis companies globally, Codex comes among the first choices anyone can make because of its usefulness in this sector. It is one of the renowned companies in areas SGI-DNA synthesis is concerned. The company is rooted in the J. Craig Venter Institute in synthetic biology. Codex uses a model that does not resemble many others in the world. Its DNA gene synthesis follows the popular gene synthesis services offered by many other services and offers other unique services such as DNA assembly reagents and gene synthesis instruments.

The multiple offers can be confusing because some services do not come with obvious benefits that you would expect from other services. Specific gene synthesis benefits may not be easy to acknowledge. However, with this technology, the process takes a maximum of 3 to 4 days before proceeding to the next step, which is crucial, especially when considering commercial gene synthesis.

While Codex may not have the best speeds, its excellence in handling complex projects is not something that many other industry players can do with precision. In most cases, Codex is the partner of choice when complex DNA synthesis is involved.

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2.   Integrated DNA Technologies – A Leading Pioneer

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Integrated DNA Technologies – A Leading Pioneer

There is something unique about being a pioneer and one of the first companies or establishments in something. The Integrated DNA Technologies have played a significant role in championing gene synthesis globally. Being a respected company, it has made a name for itself in the molecular biology community. It is known and respected for the synthesis of oligonucleotides and dominant leaders in oligo production.

There is an increasing and ever-growing need for the gene synthesis services offered by this company. In the beginning, the company only provided small gene synthesis, but with growing demand, it has expanded its services to providing dsDNA fragments. The sale of these is made commercially through the name gBlocks. The company has currently grown to the point where it offers DNA synthesis services comprehensively, with these services ranging from standardized gene synthesis for a fragment whose length is not less than 5kb and specialty services such as DNA origami and ssDNA fragments of up to 500bp.

3.   Twist Biosciences – The Shooting Star

3.   Twist Biosciences – The Shooting Star

This is a rising company that has made its mark conspicuously in the gene synthesis world. Its entrance into the industry was quite surprising as no one saw it coming. Having joined the sector in 2013, its rise has been relatively rapid and impressive, thanks to its proprietary technologies. Twist Biosciences focuses on the process of miniaturizing common oligo synthesis as well as processes involving gene assembly.

Due to its unique focus, the company has successfully managed to sustain its growth and encourage profitability. It raised over $250 Million before being publicized back in 2018. Currently, it has an over one billion capitalization value. Such impressive statistics only show and prove that the company is doing well. It focuses majorly on working around gene synthesis that offers gene fragments and clonal genes.

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The company establishes high standards of gene synthesis, which is useful in coping with competitors as they enter new markets. Current software and infrastructure simplify the procedure people follow when placing orders. What’s more, it offers API and remains the outstanding company offering this specialized service approach.

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4.   Eurofins and Genscript

Eurofins and Genscript

This is one of the organizations that offer contractual gene synthesis for companies and clients. The company offers a varied range of research services to its clients. Some of the popular services provided include purification, protein expression, DNA sequencing, and genotyping. For more than three decades, Eurofins has expanded, moving its operations beyond the single laboratory located in Nantes to having its operations in over 50 countries. What’s more, there are over 47 thousand workers under its management.

It remains one of the fastest-growing companies in this industry. The company exists in several continents, including China, North America, the EU, and Pacific Asia. When considering the company’s portfolio, it is easy to see how it taps into different niche sectors. The company offers diverse analytical techniques to evaluate the safety, authenticity and determining how pure biological substances are. They offer diagnostic tests that would be considered clinical. This company ranks as one of the leaders in the sector because of the advancement in the sector.

5.   Next-Gen Synthesis

This company offers a new kind of gene synthesis that most old-school companies do not. It offers a new generation of gene synthesis among companies in this industry. The primary focus of this company is on Molecular Assemblies,  Ansa Biotechnologies, and Paris-based DNAScript. With the advancement in this technology, NextGen continues to be one of the best companies.

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Final Thoughts

There are several companies that you can count on when you need gene synthesis assistance. With a bit of research, you can know which organization to reach out if you need help. The companies mentioned above are excellent for people seeking gene synthesis services.

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Know The Top 5 Gene Synthesis Companies 2021

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