Major Tech Show shifts Focus on Healthcare due to Pandemic 
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Major Tech Show shifts Focus on Healthcare due to Pandemic 

As the tech industry adapts to new ways to combat the ongoing pandemic, Digital healthcare is now under the well-deserved spotlight. Highlighting the significance around the same, The Consumer Electric Show, one of the most significant global electronic technology exhibitions, highlighted the importance of remote services and new development in medical delivery services that can have a long-lasting impact. 

All the products mentioned in the event were centered towards GxP compliance, including product-specific life science requirements like Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP), and others. The exhibitors displayed products that include biosensors, allowing them to solve the patients’ problems without going to the doctor’s office or waiting rooms. 

This new amalgamation between telecommunication and technology is being termed telehealth services. The latest solution to fight the current situation, telehealth services are centered around the doctor and the patient, getting the necessary ailments from the comfort of their homes. 

This piece covers all the necessary details around the evolving trend and centers the focus around the Pandemic.

Why are Telehealth Services becoming Significant now? 

The main reason for the increasing demand and popularity of telehealth services is that people are trying to practice social distancing in this time of uncertainty. Further, this is also a move to eliminate gathering around the doctor’s chamber. 

They want to use health monitoring devices and gadgets linked to their smartphones or computers so that their family doctor can monitor them and treat them accordingly. This way, the public is becoming smarter and settling for better medical ailments while practicing social distancing.    

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Telehealth Services: Problems in adoption and Solution!

Problems in adoption

The major drawback of our shift to telehealthcare services is that a part of the population does not have proper internet or telecommunication services to communicate with the doctors. Another problem is the lack of intelligent, affordable devices that can monitor health properly. There are very few checkups that can be done remotely with the currently available tech. However, there’s more scope for development.   

Solution curated 

To tackle such problems, innovators collaborate with manufacturers to make remote devices like blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, and other devices that follow GxP compliance. However, to receive approval for mass use, they’ve proven that these smart devices can provide accurate readings. Interestingly, CES 2021 also showcased wearables that can be used to detect diseases and monitor the health of older adults. 

Importance of Analytics in Telehealth Services:

As the doctors cannot directly see the patient and rely on data collected by different smart gadgets, there needs to be very accurate data to understand the patient’s condition. There is no existing relationship between the patient and the physician, so they have to have a potent analytics tool to understand the patient’s history and treat them accordingly. 

Several health monitoring apps record data and can share your medical history with doctors if required. These analytics platforms use Artificial Intelligence to classify the collected data and predict risks for diseases beforehand. 

GxP is the Future!

This year, the Consumer Electric Show focussed mainly on improving the current healthcare system using modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and real-time monitoring intelligent devices. A lot of focus was given to telehealth services which depend on intelligent devices and GxP compliances. Fitness was also an essential topic in that event as health and fitness go hand in hand. 

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Lastly, the event also highlighted the significance of Vitamin d3 supplements that could help a person maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases.  

Major Tech Show shifts Focus on Healthcare due to Pandemic.

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