Medexprim and Ever Fortune.AI join forces to optimize clinical insights for research
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Medexprim and Ever Fortune.AI join forces to optimize clinical insights for research

Ever Fortune.AI and Medexprim announce their strategic partnership dedicated to improving healthcare analytics and medical AI development.

Ever Fortune.AI, a leading Taiwanese healthcare company, provides AI-powered solutions to hospitals, clinical research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. It is an expert in bringing data-driven analytics to healthcare and provides seamless integration into existing clinical workflow. As a result, the tools help create deep clinical insights for the medical community.

Medexprim, the European expert in generating regulatory-grade datasets of aggregated images and clinical data, builds bridges between hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical research and pioneer new ways to design and execute clinical trials to reduce the associated time and cost risks dramatically.

This collaboration will expand both companies’ networks of hospitals, further connect healthcare innovations between Asia and Europe, bringing value to Taiwanese and European hospitals, strengthen their research ecosystem, bringing a broader mix of GDPR-compliant data across Europe. It will also allow answering pharmaceutical companies’ needs for patient insights for clinical trials, particularly in oncology and cardiology.

Ming-Fong Chen, Chairman of Ever Fortune.AI, says: “Ever Fortune.AI is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Medexprim; this will help empower both of our organizations and better fulfill the needs of our clients in the pharmaceutical and life sciences research by bridging channels between Europe and Asia in providing a more diverse mix of structured and unstructured data. We look forward to working with Medexprim and believe this will add significant value to the global clinical research ecosystem.

Nicolas Dubost, Head of Partnerships & Data of Medexprim, says: “Medexprim is proud to have added EFAI to its international network of business partners and to be able to contribute to international Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence projects with high-quality Taiwanese datasets. As a prominent AI development company, EFAI is an ideal partner and a prime customer of Medexprim. Affiliated to the China Medical University Hospital, one of the largest privately-owned hospital corporations in Taiwan, EFAI is a first-rate source of data for Medexprim’s international projects, and we have already been working closely with Dr. Ti-Hao Wang and Joseph Chang on contributing data for a major project with rare and complex datasets in oncology. Further, it is a fantastic opportunity for Medexprim to deploy its software solutions in a demanding leading hospital environment. With these bilateral business relationships, EFAI and Medexprim have developed a strong mutually beneficial ability to collaborate and to pursue their respective missions.”

About Ever Fortune.AI
Ever Fortune.AI was born in 2018 composed of physicians, data scientists, and AI experts. Our mission is to provide data-driven healthcare solutions. The collaboration between clinical experts and data scientists has driven several innovative technologies for the medical community. Ever Fortune has over 12 partnering medical hospitals in Taiwan to support end-to-end medical AI solutions and clinical data analytics development and commercialization.

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Press contact: Ander Liao

About Medexprim
MEDEXPRIM I Real-World Evidence for better Care

Medexprim is the European leader in reliable extraction of imaging and clinical data to accelerate clinical research. As a specialist of Real-World Data, Medexprim builds secure and efficient bridges between leading university hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. In compliance with GDPR, we help hospitals stimulate their clinical research strategy, leverage their data, and provide pharma companies, AI companies, and imaging CROs with secure access to high-quality regulatory-grade data.
Medexprim aims to build multi-centric data lakes by disease to serve oncology, neurology, and cardiology. We help solve the equation “one patient, one disease, one treatment” to develop personalized medicine. – LinkedIn:

Press contact: Anne-Sophie Labeta

Medexprim and Ever Fortune.AI join forces to optimize clinical insights for research

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