Rise in Smartphone Users Promotes Digital Health
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Rise in Smartphone Users Promotes Digital Health

Rise in Smartphone Users to Promote the Digital Health Market in the North America Region

The North American region is witnessing growth in the digital health market due to smartphone users’ rapid increase. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has paved the way for the rise in digital health services due to social distancing, quality medication, and costs reduction. Amongst the North American region, the U.S.A and Canada are flourishing due to remote monitoring and smartphone users’ augmentation.

Technology is playing an influential role in the past 10 years and is growing rapidly towards a glorious future. This future revolves around electronic devices, gadgets, virtual reality, holograms, and everything else that a sci-fi movie features these days. One must expect a world where every sector or industry is governed by digital technology. One such sector is healthcare services, and they have pledged to achieve the goal of digital health in today’s time.

What is Digital Health?

As the name suggests, digital health is a perfect combination of healthcare and technology for maintaining any persons’ health conditions. In other words, digital health is a broad concept where all kinds of technology are utilized for creating a healthcare and wellness platform.

Frequently used digital health technologies are mobile health, wearable devices, health information technology, robotics, and telemedicine. These can be incorporated with artificial intelligence and machine learning for the enhanced efficiency of the devices. Digital health diagnoses every disease accurately and supports physicians in decision making.

How has Covid-19 Pandemic Accelerated the Digital Health Market?

Hospitals and clinics are flooding with Covid-19 patients, thus restraining people from accessing them to prevent the virus’s spread. People are switching towards technology for obtaining health-related information on a real-time basis. Moreover, collaborating the internet with healthcare will nurture telemedicine and remote monitoring of the healthcare sectors during the pandemic.

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These factors are responsible for the growth of the digital health market during the coronavirus outbreak. According to a Research Dive report, the global digital health market is estimated to reach $1,045.8 million by 2027, with a healthy growth rate of 33.4%.

Why is the Digital Health Market Increasing Rapidly in North America?

The North American region is mainly dominated by two nations – the U.S. and Canada. These nations control the economy and the market trend, resulting in the rise of digital health services in this region.

  1. USA:

America is considered as one of the advanced countries in terms of technology. The widely used device here is smartphones that have made it possible to run several services on fingertips due to high network coverage. Digital health services are on the rise due to growth in mobile phone usages across the nation. Nowadays, anyone can access health-based data anytime and anywhere without visiting hospitals.

Mobile health is a key factor in the digital health market. From this viewpoint, researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have created emocha mobile health that runs on directly observed therapy (DOT) technology. This invention is cost-effective, scalable, and handles chronic diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C. Moreover, a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in the U.S. verified that in 2016 75% of the American population is endowed with smartphones as compared to 35% in 2011. Therefore, the digital health market is elevating due to efficient access to healthcare services via smartphones.

  1. Canada:

Another factor that is driving the growth of the digital health market is remote monitoring of patients. One of the well-known examples of remote monitoring is the RPM program (Remote Patient Monitoring) initiated in 2014 in Canada. Under this program, every patient is educated and coached about health management. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), diabetes, and congestive heart failure are some of the diseases covered under the RPM program.

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Furthermore, Access 2022 movement is picking up pace in Canada, where the citizens can access e-services and information related to healthcare. This is expected to augment the usage of digital health services by the consumers.

Some Other Factors Controlling the Digital Health Market in North America:

Digital health services ensure access to patients’ data that aids in controlling medical outputs. This data enables healthcare practitioners to make timely decisions and provide treatment options, prevention, and diagnosis of lethal diseases. Apart from this, digital health services assure high-quality diagnosis, personalized medication for patients, tracking health activities, and cost reductions of treatment.

Future Scope of Digital Health Market in North America:

This region will continue to augment swiftly due to technological innovations, setting up digital health facilities, growing awareness among people about digital health benefits, and collaborations for excelling in digital health services. Covid-19 pandemic has propelled the digital health market’s growth due to the social distancing factor and availability of physicians on digital health platforms such as Google Wear and Fit. All these aspects are predicted to promote this market in the North American region in the future.


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The rise in Smartphone Users Promotes Digital Health

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