Seasoned Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur
- Angel Investing, Pitch Coach, Startups

Seasoned Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur

I met Jonathan Bixby (Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Venture Capitalist) at 2014 How to Web conference in Bucharest.  I was the moderator of the Angel Investing Track Powered by Angelsbootcamp.

Several months later, I walked into a bar in Varna, Bulgaria.  I can honestly say I had no expectations of running into anyone I knew, let alone that guy from Vancouver. Nonetheless, there was Jonathan.

Seasoned Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur

Over the next two days, we both presented, juried a pitch contest, and advised startups. Being an American, I am often accused of being a tad too direct.  Apparently, Canadians suffer from this as well.  Jonathan closed his presentation with – “You’re all gonna die, better make the best of it!” That was the act I had to follow.

Jonathan is an active angel investor, board member, and advisor. Jonathan currently invests out of both Stanley Park Ventures and Oak Mason Investments.

A serial entrepreneur, Jonathan has a wealth of experience in starting and leading technology companies. Jonathan has exited two companies and raised the biggest angel round for a tech company in the history of Canada. Now Jonathan acts as a program manager for GrowLab, one of Canada’s top tech accelerators. What are the most important lessons Jonathan has learned during his career about angel investing? How can an angel make the most out of his investment? Jonathan tackles these questions in our discussion at the How to Web Conference 2014 – Angel Investment Track Powered by Angelsbootcamp.

Jonathan is a founder and on the Board of Advisors of HIGHLINE.VC is a VC-backed Co-Venture Platform with programming in four cities (Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, New York) powered by some of Canada’s best entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem partners. HIGHLINE is a merger of GrowLab and Extreme Startups. Jonathan was the Executive Director of GrowLab before merging with Extreme Startups.

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Seasoned Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur

Below, Jonathan shares his thoughts on angel investors, growing companies, and being a dad.

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