State-of-the-Art skin Imaging for Cancer Detection
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State-of-the-Art skin Imaging for Cancer Detection

The Partnership Between Open Medical and FotoFinder will Revolutionise Skin Cancer Pathways.

London and Bavaria, DATE – In announcing a new partnership, Open Medical, and FotoFinder bring together the best of two worlds: innovative cloud technology and state-of-the-art skin imaging. Open Medical’s digital transformation solution, PathpointⓇ eDerma, in combination with FotoFinder’s Automatic Total Body Mapping technology, will enable dermatologists worldwide to access high-quality dermoscopic images and provide prompt specialized care regardless of location.

State-of-the-Art skin Imaging for Cancer Detection

FotoFinder’s devices

FotoFinder creates medical devices that capture high-resolution images of skin conditions, which can be used for diagnosis, progression monitoring, and treatment evaluation. In addition, their advanced skin mapping and analysis tools provide dermatologists with powerful algorithms to make more informed treatment decisions, demonstrating changes in skin conditions over time with astounding precision.

Open Medical’s digital transformation solutions

The clinically-coded PathpointⓇ eDerma digital transformation solution was developed in collaboration with dermatologists to improve care delivery, streamline departmental workflows, and enhance service coordination. With eDerma, healthcare providers can manage multiple aspects of a patient’s journey through a centralized platform that includes referral capture, clinic and theatre planning workflows, remote patient monitoring, patient engagement, and digital consent. In addition, as a cloud-based platform, it is accessible from anywhere and provides visibility of the end-to-end patient journey.

Synergising Revolutionary Technologies

Open Medical and FotoFinder will redefine skin cancer patient pathways by uniting innovative solutions. By synergizing the revolutionary technologies, dermatologists can view high-resolution skin images, deliver care to patients remotely, monitor patients over time, and track the progression of skin conditions from anywhere in the world. This will improve patient access to care, reduce waiting times, and enable early detection and treatment of potentially cancerous skin lesions. Additionally, the collaboration between Open Medical and FotoFinder will support future research efforts in artificial intelligence, using Pathpoint’s functionalities and FotoFinder’s dermatological image databases. Ultimately, this partnership aims to enhance dermatologists’ workflows and save lives.

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About FotoFinder

Founded in 1991 the German company specialises in skin cancer diagnostics by means of Automated Total Body Mapping, digital dermoscopy, in hair diagnostics, psoriasis documentation and imaging in aesthetics. Subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, UK and the U.S. and a global partner network support the company’s worldwide presence.

The FotoFinder brand is the global epitome of cutting-edge skin visualization technology. Whether early skin cancer detection, hair analysis, aesthetics, clinical dermatology, or research, FotoFinder systems stand for the sharpest images and absolute reliability. Our corporate mission is to visualize skin and make standardized photography in medical practice easy and intuitive. This is done by intelligently combining state-of-the-art technology with software, hardware, and camera technology.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Massey Tahmasebi, CEO at FotoFinder UK, said, ‘FotoFinder UK is pleased to announce our new collaboration with Open Medical officially, and I believe that together we will facilitate a new approach to patient management pathway in the healthcare profession. It has been recognized that most patient referrals have non-relevant skin lesions. As a result, there is a substantial backlog of referrals with immediate demand to manage patients with skin cancers. Our goal is to optimize skin cancer diagnosis and management of skin lesions with the potential benefits of FotoFinder Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solution and Open Medical effective workflow.’

About Open Medical

Open Medical is a team of clinically-led digital health pioneers founded by NHS clinicians with technical expertise to produce intelligent, clinician-centric software solutions for impactful digital transformation in healthcare. Our mission is to empower global healthcare providers to deliver efficient data-driven care with trusted, secure solutions that deliver value. We have implemented Pathpoint in over 100 UK and Ireland healthcare organizations, already processing 2.5 million patient pathways.

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Commenting on this partnership is Michael Shenouda, commercial director at Open Medical, “We are very excited to launch this new endeavor with FotoFinder, which will leverage our innovative digital solution eDerma and FotoFinder’s groundbreaking imaging devices to improve patient care. With this partnership, we are committed to making a real difference in health service providers globally and making this revolutionary technology available everywhere. This is a new dimension in early skin cancer detection; We are proud to collaborate with FotoFinder to transform skin cancer workflows and enhance the quality and access to patient care.”