Surgical Training at Your Fingertips: Mobile Access to Surgical Procedures
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Surgical Training at Your Fingertips: Mobile Access to Surgical Procedures


 Members of a leading UK surgical specialty association to benefit from Proximie’s HealthTech platform.

 London, United Kingdom – 23 February 2023 – Proximie, the global health technology platform digitally connecting operating rooms, announces a new partnership with the Association of Surgeons in Training (“ASiT”).

ASiT is one of the largest surgical specialty associations in the UK, with over 3,500 members representing all ten surgical specialties. It is the only body in the UK representing trainees at the core and higher surgical training levels.

Surgical Training at Your Fingertips: Mobile Access to Surgical Procedures

The partnership will enable all 3,500 ASiT members to access the Proximie platform, providing a vital resource for training the next generation of surgeons.

With demographic pressures and a growing global population increasing the demand for surgeons, alongside up to 60% of surgeons due to leave the NHS in the next eight years  – estimates put the current shortfall at over 2 million surgeons[1] – highlighting the pressing need for innovative solutions to train this next generation.

As the social media campaign #notrainingtoday #nosurgeons tomorrow highlights, we will have no surgeons tomorrow if we do not factor in appropriate, high-quality ‘on the job’ training.

The pandemic exacerbated this issue as over one million training hours were lost in the UK alone, and the subsequent rise in surgical backlogs is also negatively impacting training opportunities. Proximie’s platform is a much-needed alternative – trainees don’t always need to be in person to observe and learn from surgeries.

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ASiT’s trainee surgeons can observe live surgeries or previous playback surgeries from their mobile phones, providing front-row seats and access to surgical procedures they would never normally see. In addition, trainees can record their cases, or that of others, and add them to the ASiT library; they can ask for feedback from other trainees or mentors, providing further opportunities to develop skills and share learnings across the membership.

Matthew Green, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Proximie, commented:

We are delighted to announce the partnership with ASiT. The Association’s surgeons are the future of the UK’s healthcare system. By providing them access to the Proximie platform, we can make a significant difference in their training opportunities.

Embracing technological innovation is critical to producing the future’s world-class surgeons and reducing both the current and predicted global shortfall in surgeons. This partnership with ASiT is a fantastic opportunity for Proximie to highlight this to the next generation.”

Martin King, President of ASiT, stated:

“We are very excited to launch this partnership with Proximie. Through digitization, we can transform how we train our surgeons. Watching live surgeries and receiving feedback on previous ones will be a game-changer for our trainee surgeons, encouraging a culture of continuous learning throughout their careers.”

Proximie and ASiT have professionally collaborated for many years. Proximie has previously held training events for ASiT members and participated in joint reports with the Association, including the 2022 report Future of Surgery: Technology Enhanced Surgical Training (FOS: TEST). This inspiring work led by ASiT was supported by many major groups, including the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the Confederation of Postgraduate Schools of Surgery (CoPSS), the National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) Advanced Surgical Technology Incubator, Health Education England (HEE) and the Joint Committee on Surgical Training (JCST).

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The new partnership will also see Proximie host live surgical events with leading global surgeons, which ASiT members can observe. In addition, Proximie will be a diamond sponsor at the ASiT Annual Conference in March, hosting a panel on patient safety in surgery following the recent publication of their white paper, Patient safety in surgery – the urgent need for reform.


About Proximie

Proximie is a global health technology platform that digitizes operating and diagnostic rooms.

Proximie’s mission is to deliver a connected surgical platform to help provide quality surgical care around the globe. Every Proximie procedure can be recorded, analyzed, and leveraged for future use to help inform best practices.

By connecting operating rooms globally, Proximie facilitates a rich, insightful data set that naturally feeds best practices into the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Founded by Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, Proximie has conducted tens of thousands of surgical procedures and deployed in over 500 hospitals across 100 countries on five continents.

Proximie has contracts with over 35 major medical device companies – with access to 90% of operating rooms and diagnostic suites in the UK, US, and EU – and has been published in over 20 medical journals.

Proximie is the lead author of the recently released report, ‘Patient safety in surgery – the urgent need for reform,’ highlighting the challenges affecting patient safety in the NHS and potential solutions to improve patient safety.

For more information, please visit or follow @ProximieAR on Twitter. 


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