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Talking Digital Health Startups with Frederic Llordachs

Talking Digital Health Startups with Frederic LlordachsRecently, we sat down with Dr. Frederic Llordachs, cofounder of Braincats. He was a co-founder of the successful eHealth start-up Doctoralia (now part of the Docplanner Group), the largest global platform for healthcare search and accessibility. At Braincats, the extensive experience of the team helps clients face the business challenges of growth, address strategic issues in the digital transformation arena and reach new levels of scalability of your business projects.

What kind of companies do you like to work with?

We work with founders and corporates that really want to start new projects based on digital in healthcare. It doesn’t matter if they are entrepreneurs or big companies’ executives.

What makes a good founder?

An entrepreneur obsessed with solving a problem and (very important) being rewarded for that.

How does being a serial entrepreneur influence a founder’s approach to Digital Health?

The term visionary fits very well with the approach: You have visions about how technology and/or society will change and what could be done. And sometimes it is so obvious that when you see nobody is doing it… you try to do it or to help the ones doing it.

What technologies are being over-hyped?

IMHO Blockchain has a conceptual hype: it is a binary solution. Or is everybody in an industry involved, or will fail. This is the reason for the relative hype and success of cryptocurrencies, and the inability to being used in any other industry.

Why do you think Barcelona will become a key Digital Health Hub?

Because healthcare here is quite advanced, and even the public healthcare services have been pioneers in the introduction of online appointment (2003), EHR (90’s), and PHR (2012). That means that we, professionals had the mindset to think in technology as a solution to daily problems. On the other hand, we have a great technical and entrepreneurial basis as Tech Hub thanks to the MWC and a fostering Tech Echosystem. As the healthcare industry has always a delay, it was only a question of time to have a Health Tech Hub in Barcelona. Voila!

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Any predictions for 2020?

This is the year of Digital Therapeutics, so everybody in the industry is looking at that. Meanwhile, telemedicine and connected devices are relentlessly growing around the world.

Why are the relationships between hospitals and startups so important?

Because the money and the knowledge of the market are in the caring activity, but they are not innovative. The innovation comes from small projects laser-focused in new solutions to old problems. Innovation is a menace for hospitals but it also is their great opportunity.

Should startups focus on payers, providers or patients?

Clearly on payers. It’s easy finding a nice solution for patients or for providers, but you must find somebody willing to pay you for it in order to be sustainable.

How important is corporate innovation in Digital Health?

Corporates are not innovative per se. They own the status quo. But this conformity has killed global companies like Kodak or Polaroid, that had in their R&D labs’ digital cameras prototypes. This is something actual managers in all the industries have learned, I think, and pharma companies, insurance companies, hospitals, and even public healthcare systems are testing new solutions to the problems they have been solving for years and years. They are testing their survival.

What events will you be attending in 2020?

Of course, the Barcelona Health Hub event, and in February to the HealthXL in Barcelona and of course 4YFN and MWC20. I’ll be speaking in March at the Insurances World Challenges in Bilbao, the HBI in London next April, and who knows…

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Talking Digital Health Startups with Frederic Llordachs

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