TBD Health Raises $4.4M Seed Round to Expand its Hybrid Sexual Healthcare Offerings Nationally
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TBD Health Raises $4.4M Seed Round to Expand its Hybrid Sexual Healthcare Offerings Nationally

As Reproductive Rights are Defunded and Debated Nationally, TBD Health Aims to Democratize Access to Inclusive Sexual Care

NEW YORKJan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TBD Health, a sexual healthcare provider revolutionizing the medical landscape through unparalleled digital and in-person clinical care, today announced a $4.4 million seed round led by Tusk Venture Partners, with participation from Springdale Ventures, Human Ventures, Expansion VC, Starbloom Capital, Hyphen Capital, and The Community Fund along with several strategic angels. With this new financing, TBD Health is expanding to all 50 states, democratizing access to its sexual healthcare offerings, consisting of at-home STD testing and emergency contraception available via telehealth or in-person in its Las Vegas Care hub.

“At a time when our government is challenging women’s rights, we needed to build a sex-positive healthcare company that makes it easy for people to prioritize their health,” said Daphne Chen, Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of TBD Health. “As someone who has experienced firsthand the judgment that doctors and clinicians pass when it comes to sexual health, it’s our mission to create a safe space for people to seek inclusive, trauma-aware care, as well as treatment and resources on their terms, regardless of where they live.”

Recent CDC data found that one in five people in the U.S. have an STD, almost half of all new STDs are among people aged 15-24, and numbers continue to surge. TBD Health takes a new approach to supportive sexual healthcare by making users feel empowered rather than embarrassed or uncomfortable, starting with an at-home STD screening kit that reduces all the stigma, anxiety, and inaccessibility that usually comes with it.

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This investment enables the company to expand its hybrid model of treating clients through its physical care hub, where all clinicians are sensitivity-trained, trauma-aware, and have telehealth offerings. TBD Health provides end-to-end service with personalized clinician care, counseling, and actionable next steps following test results. Previously, TBD Health solely provided at-home testing services in WashingtonArizonaNevadaMassachusettsFlorida, and Connecticut. After navigating clinical and regulatory hurdles that accompany operating in new states, TBD Health will now be able to provide a comprehensive care offering for the entire country.

“We’re seeing local sexual health clinics nationwide shuttering due to lack funding and resources. Unfortunately, this leaves an immense strain on those who urgently need care,” said Stephanie Estey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of TBD Health. “We seek to be a solution for those living in sexual health care deserts and beyond by offering a more accessible and approachable way to taking care of your sexual health.”

“Since Roe v. Wade was overturned last year, it’s critical people must have accessible options to reproductive and sexual healthcare,” said Bradley Tusk, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Tusk Venture Partners. “We are proud to back TBD Health as they establish new standards for care through its STD testing kits, availability of emergency contraceptives with next-day shipping nationwide, and an in-person care hub in Las Vegas.”

TBD Health is expanding offerings within sexual wellness and launching innovative partnerships with employers, universities, and other digital health companies in 2023. To learn more about TBD Health, visit https://www.tbd.health/

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TBD Health was co-founded by Stephanie Estey and Daphne Chen, two longtime friends, after they found comfort in one another after the countless questions related to sex and sexual health – and, too often, experienced judgment and stigma at the doctors. TBD Health is a hybrid sexual healthcare platform that offers sex-positive, supportive sexual healthcare, making it a routine, easy part of taking care of yourself. The company’s platform offers at-home and in-clinic screenings, emergency contraception, education, and counseling, and it has plans to expand its offerings.