The Increasing Value of Digital Health
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The Increasing Value of Digital Health

It is the era of digitization, and the health segment has embraced it in full form. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for digital health technology, including health analytics software, has been at its peak. Digital health tools, like mobile health apps or wearable sensors, are heavily used to improve human health. According to Global Market Insights, the “Digital Health Market size was estimated at over USD 106 billion in 2019, and the industry will grow at 28.5% CAGR through 2026.”

The digital health industry growth is driven by:

  • Increased number of smartphone (or other devices like tablets) users globally
  • Growing health IT infrastructure
  • Supportive government initiatives
  • High venture capital investments
  • Increased awareness of fitness & health importance, leading to increased digital product adoption.

Digital health has brought new approaches to the management of health conditions. The segment is driven by innovation, action, and technologies and tools to improve patient care. For example, there is a significant increase in the number of health apps being downloaded from app stores worldwide. The industry has ensured to develop high-quality apps for each step of the patient’s journey. The adoption and use of such digital health apps could result in a high amount of savings; it could bring down the country’s national health expenditure if used in the expansion.

The substantial increase in the number of digital health apps and wearables is now leading to remote patient monitoring and proven results in acute care utilization. Apps are developed by focusing more on health condition management. These apps and wearables use sensor data to track human health, and the developers are now improving it based on user experience.

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The top apps play a vital role In the increasing value of digital health. Below are a few apps that are free to use and are highly rated.

  • Runkeeper – A GPS based fitness activity tracking app
  • Headspace – An educational app that has videos and gives guided medications to the user
  • Kwit – To end smoking practices, the app motivates the user by tracking and presenting the financial and health benefits of not smoking.
  • AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker – Tracks the alcohol consumption and calculates the blood alcohol of the user.
  • SmartBP – Helps manage blood pressure measurements and tracks progress.

The healthcare industry works towards higher levels of care for patients by addressing the technological advancement for a wide set of audiences. As mentioned above, people have started to rely more on apps and websites to make healthcare decisions. Hence, it becomes critical for organizations to ace their digital marketing game.

Role of Digital marketing towards increasing the value of Digital Health

Role of Digital marketing towards increasing the value of Digital Health

The digital health market is highly patient-centered. The consumer behavior in this segment has changed over the past few years, which has led to the evolution of digital health marketing. As per InnoServ, “Googling for health information is the 3rd most popular online activity”. It becomes important to create a digital presence and a seamless online experience for a healthcare company.  Hence, just like marketing is essential for increased sales of any product or service, digital marketing plays a vital role in increasing digital health value.

Digital marketing in the healthcare industry is about reaching the right patient at the right time with the right treatment advertisement. Healthcare digital marketing addresses the same digital marketing elements like SEO, Social media marketing, content marketing, email campaigns, landing pages, websites, mobile apps, etc.

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To stay in the front in this online revolution of healthcare, adopting digital marketing techniques has become inevitable for the industry to deal with an audience who is more active on apps and websites these days. The reasons for digital marketing playing a key role in increased digital health value are:

  • Increased mobile access
  • More digital channels
  • High demand for healthcare apps
  • Growing reliance on digital marketing insights for improving user experience

With the right digital marketing strategies, it is possible to leverage the growing digital health value to elevate the sector.

As the digital channels have taken over the traditional channels, the industry now also has well-informed customers. By adopting various digital marketing strategies, you can enable digital health power, as mentioned below.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertisements
  • Content marketing
  • Video advertisements
  • Optimized website

As discussed, Digital Health already has a solid place in the world; now, it uses digital marketing to frame and implements strategies to make its value stronger. By combining strategy and technology, digital health is increasing its value on the global platform.

Knowing the importance and future of increasing digital health value, now is the time to use digital marketing to rise on the platform.

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The Increasing Value of Digital Health

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