The Other Side of the Accelerator

The Other Side of the Accelerator

TWIDH sits down with Dana Le, Founder of Wander Health. As a former Founding Head of Operations for prominent digital health accelerator programs, she reflects on what we are told in these programs versus her now real-life experience as a startup founder.

Dana was listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare. Dana Le served as the accelerator Founding Head of Operations for KidsX, an international healthcare organization consortium aiming to accelerate pediatric innovation. The network consisted of more than 30 hospitals, all of which agreed to pilot at least one startup per year. One of the accelerated startups through the program was Augment Therapy, which utilized augmented reality to enhance therapy outcomes.

She has since crossed over to the other side and launched her startup.

Wander Health is your International Care Companion

We are making access to healthcare as easy as possible for travelers with chronic conditions. You will gain access to reputable, English-speaking doctors for your urgent care needs, such as getting insulin and relevant equipment, while in foreign countries.

In our discussion, we discuss the challenges of being a solo founder and compare them to the advice traditionally given in the accelerator world.

“My expertise has been in launching new internal initiatives from 0 to 1, forming strategic partnerships for healthcare organizations, creating digital health accelerators, designing startup pilots for hospitals, strategizing go-to-market plans with startups, and training community members to become innovators. In addition, I’ve been a part of two founding teams.”

Dana now navigates the practical realities of launching a Digital Health startup, contrasting the advice given to startups with her real-world challenges. Listen in on our discussion and see if you can’ relate.

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The Other Side of the Accelerator