These Digital Tools Can Help You Care for Your Loved Ones From Afar
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These Digital Tools Can Help You Care for Your Loved Ones From Afar

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Caring for your loved ones when they live far away can prove challenging and often leads to stress and anxiety, but many tech tools will allow you to help from afar. From apps that will help a senior loved one remember to take their medication to communication tools that allow you to stay in touch with the push of a button, there are plenty of resources available. Not only that, many services across the U.S. are helpful to families who can’t be near each other. Here are a few of the best to try:

These Digital Tools Can Help You Care for Your Loved Ones From Afar

Digital tools for organization

If your loved ones are older adults, it might be helpful to assist them with getting organized at home. Decluttering is a great way to make an environment safer, and getting important documents in order is a wonderful place to start. For example, medical paperwork, documents related to their home and cars, and insurance policies must be accessible but neat. With this free PDF merger tool, you can help your loved ones digitize all of these documents and more. Merging PDFs will allow your loved ones to keep all of their most important docs in one file, and they can even rearrange pages in whichever order makes the most sense for them.

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Healthcare apps

Another great digital tool useful for people of all ages is a reputable healthcare app, which is used in conjunction with doctors and specialists. These apps vary in function but typically provide the same type of service, helping patients make, cancel, and keep track of appointments, receive vaccination reminders and imaging results, and communicate with healthcare providers about any issues. Take a look at the available options and talk to your loved one about how they can benefit from using a health app for all their medical needs.

Smart devices

Apps can be extremely helpful for anyone with a smartphone, but other devices can be beneficial in helping your loved one stay safe. Smart tools have come a long way in the past few years, reaching into several aspects of technology. From home security systems that tie into automatic door locks, lights, and appliances to smartwatches that allow the user to monitor their heart rate and call for help in an emergency, there are plenty of devices that will make your loved one’s life easier and give you peace of mind when you can’t be with them. Read reviews before making a purchase, and ensure your loved one is also comfortable using these devices.

Communication tools

Smart devices are great tools for ensuring that your loved one will be able to call for help if necessary, but it’s also important to look for ways you can stay in touch regularly. Keeping social connections with friends and family can help older adults and individuals with disabilities prevent isolation, which can be detrimental to their health. Utilizing digital apps for video calling and texting is an easy way to help your loved ones stay connected, so look at tools like smart home devices that allow for voice calls or apps like Zoom that make quick video chats a snap.

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Staying connected with a loved one from afar wasn’t always easy, but these days, plenty of options make the process simple. Look for digital tools that make organizing a cinch, as well as apps that will make daily life as easy as possible for your loved one when you can’t help.

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