Top 5 Healthcare Tech Trends for 2021: New Tools to Watch
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Top 5 Healthcare Tech Trends for 2021: New Tools to Watch 

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Healthcare is evolving now more than ever; with the introduction of technology into the equation, many are looking out for new trends in technology that could benefit their healthcare.

Especially during the pandemic, there have been innovative developments in healthcare that make it easier for a person to get the medical assistance they need, all through technology. With that said, here are the top 5 healthcare tech trends to keep an eye out for in 2021.

1.      Telemedicine: 

Granted, this feature was available even before the pandemic; covid has only gone and made it more popular. Licensed health professionals can diagnose people remotely through a simple phone call or apps and even video chat. The many things it does for the patient is to give them access to healthcare, to begin with, increase revenue and efficiency of the healthcare sector, all while lowering healthcare costs for individuals.

2.      3D bioprinting: 

This is the best way healthcare tech can generate a live replica of living tissue and examine and study them. They can also study the molecular basis of diseases by simply testing the tissue. This is the best method of finding effective medicine for terminal illnesses like cancer and tumors. The 3D bioprinting market is forecasted to be a 1.8 billion dollar industry by 2027.

3.      Nanomedicine: 

This is an efficient way to integrate complex data into integrating nanoparticles in living things at the nano level. This is great for lab research because it intelligently delivers drugs through the body systematically. Furthermore, by injecting into a patient’s bloodstream, nanobots are also an effective tool in delivering drugs and monitoring diseases in the body. Because of such groundbreaking discoveries into nanotechnology, the market is expected to reach 216.063 billion dollars by 2023.

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4.      AI: 

The basic function of AI is to mimic human cognizance. The most popular example of AI in healthcare is the GNS AI system used to search for cancer treatments. Google has also contributed to AI in healthcare by building a DeepMind to mine medical data and send it to hospitals to improve decisions by healthcare professionals. This market is expected to rise to7988.8 million dollars by 2022.

5.      Cloud computing: 

Due to the developments that have taken place in terms of technology in healthcare, cloud computing markets are set to rise to 35 billion dollars by 2022. The reason for that is simple, the need to store large quantities of data at a reasonable cost. One very prominent use of such data is a domain in healthcare called EHR (Electronic Health Record).

These are some of the amazing technological advancements that have been introduced into the healthcare industry. Of course, it may seem like such a risk to allow corporations to keep such data and do such experiments legally, but rest assured, they all come with data privacy promises.


These are the advancements necessary in improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare provided. Not only do they enable the discovery of treatments for terminal diseases, but they also help keep a record of medical data that can be used effectively to study and develop present and future medicine.

And just like any escape room, the data taken from you is encrypted and used only for medical progression and no faulty means. The only way to get in is to solve the clue to the key. With data protection and tech helping with discovering medicine and data, this is the best-case scenario for regular folks who want quality healthcare.

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Top 5 Healthcare Tech Trends for 2021: New Tools to Watch

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