Top EMR for Primary Care Practices 2021
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Top EMR for Primary Care Practices 2021

Why Your Primary Care Practice Needs an EMR Software

Running a medical practice is not an easy task. You need to be wearing; administrator, manager, doctor, financial analyst, and much more. With EHR software, you can stop worrying about everything else and only focus on just being a physician.  The software takes care of everything else for you! In addition, the software can do a myriad of things for you, from being able to help you schedule patient appointments seamlessly to making billing as simple as possible for you. All in all, this software can pretty much do what they say they do; manage your practice considerably well.

In this piece, we will be telling you about some of the best EMR for primary care. This list will perhaps help you conclude which EHR software might be a good choice for you.

Best EMR for Primary Care 


The first software on our best EMR for primary care is RXNT because of the various wonderful features this software has on offer. The top features we want to mention are that the software scales to the size of your practice to help cater to your specific needs. This feature allows you to use the software even as your practice grows without shifting to another software. The feature is essential for a primary care practice because of how much a primary care practice can be expected to grow!

The user interface in RXNT also allows you to get the hang of the software in no time. Multiple RXNT reviews mention how this software is easy to use because of the user-friendly interface and allows you to get used to it in no time at all.

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The next EHR is DrChrono which we have included due to several reasons as well! This software has a ton of features that you will enjoy. For example, the templates feature allows you to explore various medical templates and choose whichever one you think will fit the needs of your practice the best. You even can customize the templates however you think they would stand to benefit you more!

The software has a quick fill option which allows you to make patient notes quicker. This feature looks at whatever you input into the forms and then remembers your preferences which it then suggests, later on, to help you save time and fill inpatient forms much quicker!

AdvancedMD EMR

After this, we have AdvancedMD on our list again due to several wonderful features. First, the software has a patient portal feature unlike any other which helps make things much easier for you at your practice. The feature allows patients to make their own appointments, look at their billing, and much more. All of this leads to you having a reduction in the number of responsibilities on your plate. This means you can focus on your patients rather than worrying about anything else, such as administrative or managerial work.

The billing feature in AdvancedMD EMR also helps you to reduce the number of errors in your billing. In addition, this feature helps you automate many processes related to billing, which can then help you get your bills reimbursed both much sooner and more often, which is always a priority!

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PrognoCIS makes it to our list for best EMR for primary care because of its dashboard feature, which is wonderful. This feature helps you get used to the software in no time because it is easy to navigate. The dashboard can also be customized according to whatever your needs as a medical practice are. This means you can shift features and whatnot in optimal places for you and your work.

The telemedicine feature in prognoCIS is also wonderful for how it aids you to carry out your patient appointments virtually. This feature was beneficial during the Covid-19 pandemic, where most appointments were shifted online to ensure better patient safety!


The last software on our best EMR for primary care list is Kareo EHR. This is a trendy EHR option used by thousands of doctors and practices across North America. This software is so popular because it is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means you can remotely access your work and execute tasks without having to be present at your office or clinic like you would have had to in the past!

The e-prescription feature in this software is also wonderful in how it allows you to make prescriptions virtually. The feature helps you make prescriptions remotely, automatically sent to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for your patient. This releases them from needing to come to see you grab a prescription paper.

Which EMR Should you Invest in 

Now that we have told you about some of the very best EMR for primary care, you are probably confused about which one you should choose. Unfortunately, we cannot decide which EMR you should shift to next, but we can help you draw your own conclusion.

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We recommend that you ask the vendor for whichever software you liked best for a trial or a demo. This will help you decide whether or not the software is right for you! We are sure that the best EMR for primary care you choose will be a good option for you and your needs.

Top EMR for Primary Care Practices 2021

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