Top EMR System for Digital Health Practices
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Top EMR System for Digital Health Practices

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are the first step toward a more advanced healthcare system. EMR and its potential to digitally communicate medical data will help you deliver better and safer treatment for your patients while also increasing the profitability of your business.

EMR software provides comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate healthcare data at the point of care. They also offer instant access to patient records, allowing for more effective and coordinated care. Overall, the best EMR systems are known for improving patient information privacy and security.

Best EMR Systems for Your Practice

Several EMR software firms offer comprehensive and cost-effective EMR software, making it challenging to discover the right fit for your business. Here’s a list of the best EMR systems, in no particular order, from which you can identify the most suitable one for your clinic.

DrChrono EMR Software

DrChrono is one of the best EMR systems that integrate with a practice management system and billing solution. DrChrono is also known for its user-friendly cloud-based interface. It’s a low-cost EMR that allows you to make use of high-level technologies while streamlining your workflow. Furthermore, the service is budget-friendly, starting at $199 per month per user, making it excellent for small and independent businesses.

AdvancedMD EMR Software

AdvancedMD is our next choice, as it provides HIPPA-compliant cloud-based software. You may set up reminders for your employees to schedule consultations. You can also send lab orders and lab reports over this EMR’s secure communication network. In addition, patients can also use the patient portal to see their healthcare data and request appointments and prescriptions.

Another vital feature of this software is the ability to create and customize health plans for your patients. These plans will function in combination with the automated reminder system to help your patients improve their health and stick to their care pathways.

NueMD EMR Software

NueMD is one of the best EMR systems that also integrates with practice administration and billing software. Moreover, it provides HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software for approximately 100 different specializations.

Because of its integration features, you can contact labs and get lab test results faster. Furthermore, you can virtually prescribe medications with just a few clicks. To make your process more manageable, custom-fit chart management and e-Prescribing are also accessible. NueMD also features a patient portal that keeps patients informed about their medical details. The monthly cost of NueMD starts at $99.00 per user.

Kareo EMR Software

Among the list of best EMR systems, Kareo is the easiest to learn and utilize. It excels at organizing the complicated tools available in healthcare IT platforms into a highly navigable user interface. Custom templates, same-as-last-time (SaLT) charting, hotkeys, macros, and single-screen views are just a few of the essential features that make clinical note-taking easier.

In addition, Kareo offers relatively competitive tiered pricing for physicians, starting at $500 per provider, per month, with savings for midlevel providers and therapists. It is cost-effective for new and small practices because there are no upfront costs with adoption and training.

athenahealth EMR Software

athenahealth is also one of the HIPAA-compliant cloud-based EMR software on our list because it provides optimum clinical efficiency and quality healthcare services. In athenahealth, you can enter data via digital dictation and voice-recognition technology as well.

Patients can also use an online patient portal to request medication renewals and obtain necessary information from clinics, such as lab test results and bills.

Praxis EMR Software

The Praxis EMR system offers unique patient charting features as it does not employ templates. Instead, it relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to understand how each physician works and adapts to their specific needs. The artificial intelligence (AI) engine self-learns and gets more intelligent and faster over time. As a result, the system presents everything in your words and your preferred arrangement.

E-prescribing, lab integration, procedure workflows, narrative reports, practice advisories, and a patient portal are among the software’s features, all ONC-ATCB certified.

Cerner EMR Software

Cerner is a leading EMR provider that gives you fast access to a patient’s medical records, enabling you to make the best clinical decisions possible. A user-friendly dashboard for workflow optimization is also present in the EMR software. Cerner EMR is suitable for acute and ambulatory care settings and a variety of other specializations.

Patients can access a patient site to schedule appointments, get lab results, and learn about health subjects. According to Cerner EMR reviews, the software allows you to consult more patients while maintaining high-quality care.

Amazing Charts EMR Software

Amazing Charts EMR is appropriate for solo and small practices. This EMR software also connects to a practice management solution, allowing for more efficient clinical documentation and financial management processes.

Amazing Charts EMR is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant tool with a Script Writer feature that allows you to write medicines to patients with only a few clicks. It also allows you to generate new prescriptions quickly and eliminates the need for human data entry.

eClinicalWorks EMR Software

eClinicalWorks is a top-rated and adaptable EMR solution that you can customize to meet the needs of over 40 different specialties. It also has an interoperability feature that allows for the smooth exchange of health-related data between hospitals.

The eClinicalWorks EMR allows you to electronically write prescriptions and review your patient’s clinical details at any time. Patients can also utilize a patient portal to make appointments, administer their medications, and get medical test results. The monthly fee for each provider starts at $449.

Our Verdict

The top EMR systems on our list can help you improve your medical, organizational, and financial productivity. You can also define your criteria and schedule an EMR demo to determine which EMR is the best fit for your business. Moreover, we suggest reading multiple EMR software reviews online to explore the software from a current users’ perspective. Altogether, we hope whatever decision you finalize turns out to be the best for you!  Best of luck!

Top EMR System for Digital Health Practices

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