Top Ways To Fight Health Misinformation On Social Media
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Top Ways To Fight Health Misinformation On Social Media

Any information is now more easily accessible than ever, with the internet in the clutch of every human being. There are millions of free pieces of information regarding all sorts of queries swarming on the internet. You have to grab the correct information that you are looking for.

But, the main problem occurs here, when you are looking for the correct information, you may not know which one is the right one. You may also not know how reliable the source of information is. The misinformation, particularly on health, available on social media is very dangerous.

Some people tend to look for health information on social media for self-diagnosis and possibly find their remedy whenever any health issue occurs. But, inadvertently, they end up relying on information put out by non-certified writers who do not have any health knowledge or certificate to back up their information.

Social media has many pros and cons. But, spreading health misinformation is not one of the pros of social media. In this article, you can learn how to fight health misinformation on social media.

Communicate Health Info Backed Up By Research

Social media opens the door to everyone; surely, there is no problem with that, but everyone is exposed to some info about a particular topic, and they share that on social media.

Health information on social media shared by regular people generally has no factual backup. Instead, they typically share fake news or information. So, to avoid fake health information, there must be communications regarding health backed up by reliable sources.

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Here are a few steps that we can utilize to fight health misinformation circulated on social media.

  • We can circulate printed materials with reliable health-related info and create awareness about the health misinformation forgery on social media.
  • Raising awareness among people to only rely on health info that a doctor or health expert provides.

Proper Resources For Proper Education

There are many content creators on all platforms with both audio-visual and written content about health and medication. However, as popular as some of them might be, you should always be careful about the information they deliver.

The best health advisors online will provide the research documents, medical journals, and authentic data analysis regarding a certain health condition. Go through them thoroughly and see if those documents back up their health advice and relate to your health condition.

Do not rely on health information social media people give. For instance, you must not consume the best liquid vitamin that a person on social media suggests to you.

Use Only Reputable Sites

If you rely on online health information, you must rely on reputable sites rather than random health tips on social media. Many reliable websites provide authentic research-based content related to health. I have listed some of the websites below.

  • Medicine Plus includes a medical dictionary, drugs guide, medical encyclopedia, videos, and links to health associations and organizations.
  • PubMed Central is an international medical database containing journals on medicine, dentistry, nursing, veterinary science, and allied health. You can find here medical documents that only scholars use.
  • Mayo Clinic Health Information is my favorite among all of them. Mayo clinic has health-related topics that are easy to understand, and they are very resourceful and accurate. In addition, they discussed hundreds of diseases, and health conditions, causes, and symptoms regarding many health conditions.
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Professional Advice Over Free Medical Solutions

The medical field has evolved to an immense degree in the 21st century to cure almost all diseases. The doctors and scientists have spent years learning the best solutions to cure each curable medical condition. So, our job is to let the doctors do their job instead of relying on free, baseless internet info about possible health recovery.

It would help if you were very careful about your health, and it is best to ask for help from professionals instead of looking for free online health advice. In case of any medical emergency, consult with a doctor or a medical staff.

Use Online Health Advice Only For Decision Making

Regular people do not have the knowledge to differentiate between the correct health advice and the wrong one. Meta-analyses show that online health advice only helps the information seekers decide when to contact the doctors and understand the symptoms of a specific health condition.

It is best to utilize the online medical tips only to decide what kind of health treatment you should seek and when to look for medical help. Do not rely on this information regularly for medication.


Regular people generally do not have the time, capacity, or knowledge to self examine their health and prescribe medicines to themselves. Therefore, we should use the online health information only for educational purposes and make decisions for further treatment of any health issue with a doctor.

The best way to battle health misinformation on social media is by not solely relying on them. We must always avoid unauthorized health information.

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What, according to you, is the best method of fighting health misinformation on the internet? Let us know your thoughts.

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Top Ways To Fight Health Misinformation On Social Media

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