Travel Tips for Dialysis Patients 
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Travel Tips for Dialysis Patients

Do not let dialysis limit you from traveling and take over your life experiences. Patients on Dialysis can travel and enjoy lifr4 while traveling where ever they want, but after some preparation and consulting the doctor before planning the trip. Traveling for a patient is good as it boosts the morale of the patient and at the same time prevents depression and a sense of well-being while spending quality time with friends and family.

Here are some of the tips for a happy, healthy trip.

Home hemodialysis away from home

There are two ways in case you are on home hemodialysis. First, some patients travel without a machine and make the arrangements in travel place accordingly. Two, you can bring your machine with you and perform your treatment as conveniently as you do at home.

Even if you perform your treatment, make sure you know the nearby dialysis centers in your travel destination. Let the center know when you will be in the area, and ask if they would be willing to provide medical assistance if needed. Remember that most dialysis and equipment companies have toll-free numbers for assistance 24 hours a day. Carry these numbers with you. In addition, carry your complete medical information with you.

Peritoneal dialysis away from home

In the case of Peritoneal dialysis, patients can travel easily without any hazel as there is no dependency on dialysis centers. But it is essential to plan if you face any challenges while traveling, so arrange for backup medical care in advance. Keep your medical records with you and contact the closest dialysis center of your travel location to inquire if they provide home dialysis so that you can get help on a call if any urgency arises.

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Patients should carry enough supplies in case planning for a more extended trip. Make sure that if any problem arises, you have extra supplies already arranged; you can also look for delivery at your travel destination in advance.

Traveling if you are active on a transplant waiting list

If you are active on a waiting list for a transplant, make sure you consult with your doctor and plan the trip accordingly.

The doctor will help you decide whether you should hold your trip for the time being or can go for it and return in case the kidney becomes available.

Travel Safe during Pandemic

Dialysis patients are at a higher risk if they get infected with COVID-19 because of kidney failure. We would suggest you limit the travel time because of serious complications that can arise. If it is necessary to go out, make sure you take all the precautions and go for a small day trip.

Do not forget to check the status of virus infection at your travel destination along with en-route as well. But make sure you avoid going out when the infection rate is high.

Now some important tips to prevent yourself from getting sick and travel without any problems-

  • Prepare ahead of time to make your experience less stressful.
  • Do not overdo your activities, enjoy outings, and make sure you do not get tired.
  • Make sure you communicate your travel plans with your friends and family if in case any emergency occurs, you will get immediate assistance.
  • Always have a copy of all your medical records along with the insurance documents (if any)
  • Bring the medication in enough amount with you to last until the end of the trip till you get back home.
  • Have all the important phone call numbers of the dialysis center, your doctor, family, and friends on the go.
  • Make sure anyone traveling with you knows where you keep your records and what your medical needs are.
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Travel Tips for Dialysis Patients