TWIDH - Augmented Reality, AI, and Gaming Empowers Young Patients

TWIDH – Augmented Reality, AI, and Gaming Empowers Young Patients

TWIDH – This week’s host Aline Noizet sits down with Dom Raban, the co-founder of Xploro. This unique Digital Therapeutics platform delivers health information to young patients using augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and games.

Xploro® is an award-winning and clinically validated health information platform that uses augmented reality, gameplay, and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to young patients in a way that makes them feel empowered, engaged, and informed while having fun at the same time.

By putting health information in children’s hands, using language they understand and interaction paradigms they are familiar with, we aim to reduce their stress and anxiety and improve their clinical outcomes. In addition, by reducing the fear associated with procedures, we aim to reduce repeat procedures and shorten treatment times. Finally, by improving child health literacy, we provide the foundations for a generation of patients better able to self-manage their healthcare.


  • Reduces procedural anxiety* which can lead to better clinical outcomes
  • Improves health literacy and knowledge about procedures*
  • Improves patient satisfaction*
  • Reduces costs as a result of a reduction in repeat procedures and shorter treatment times
  • Improves ‘Did Not Attend’ rates through in-app reminders
  • Allows clinicians to monitor patient mood about clinical events
  • Allows clinicians to record patient-reported outcomes remotely

*A recent clinical study published in the Journal of Medical Research demonstrated that patients using Xploro® showed a statistically significant reduction in procedural anxiety and statistic in patient satisfaction and knowledge about procedures.


  • Patent-pending avatar chatbot can answer questions, understand the sentiment, tell jokes and detect the wildest of children’s misspellings!
  • 3D augmented interactive reality models of hospital environments, equipment, and processes
  • Customizable avatars of all the medical professionals a child will encounter.
  • Multiplayer treatment-themed games
  • Mood diary and a daily calendar of events
  • Parent app that manages permissions and calendar events
  • Clinicians’ management system allows customization of app content, the addition of calendar events, detailed analytics, and monitoring of patient feedback
  • Gather patient feedback through structured questionnaires (PROMs and PREMs)
  • Rated 88% on ORCHA, the world’s leading healthcare app review platform
  • UK-based public sector organizations can purchase through the GCloud 12 Government procurement framework
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