TWIDH with Dick Sietses of Health Innovations
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TWIDH with Dick Sietses of Health Innovations

TWIDH – Investing in Digital Health with Dick Sietses, Partner bij Health Innovations

Health Innovations invests in young companies that make healthcare better and more affordable. We focus on innovative care concepts, eHealth, medical technology, Digital Health, and Health Services. The market is central to our process. How companies can contribute to improving healthcare processes: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

Dick studied Administrative Informatics (Econometrics) at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He has experience as an organization adviser and has been active in the Venture Capital sector since 2000. Dick has made many transactions and guided companies from start-ups to successful exits.

We invest in the Seed and Growth stage, and our investment must contribute to value creation for healthcare, the entrepreneurs, and the shareholders. We play an active role as a shareholder by deploying our knowledge, experience, and network but do not take on the role of the entrepreneur. Our partnerships usually last 3 to 8 years. Have you developed a product or service that will improve healthcare, and do you seek funding for your company? We invest in young innovative healthcare start-ups. We would be happy to talk with you about Health Innovations investing in your company.

TWIDH with Dick Sietses of Health Innovations

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