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Our goal is to bring together startups, investors, and innovators to learn about cutting-edge innovations and foster dynamic conversation addressing how technology transforms Europe.

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  • Buildit Accelerator – Buildit is an accelerator for new global success stories in hardware. Buildit is the first accelerator in the Baltic States and Nordic countries focusing on physical devices (hardware in combination with software). Apply at www. buildit. Lv Buildit offers – a 3-month program of intensive mentoring, product, and business development – up to 50K EUR Pre-seed investment – individual follow-on program with up to 250k EUR Seed investment – free and discounted services from partners – incl. Server space, licenses, development tools, design services, testing facilities, marketing services, legal, accounting, banking services, interns, etc. Riga
  • iTech Capital – iTech Capital is a group of private equity funds with more than $300M of total assets under management. We focus on the export capabilities of Eastern European talents to developed and developing markets in different industries. Our team invests at the Series A stage in rapidly growing businesses focusing on AdTech, FinTech, BigData, SaaS, OnlineTravel, LegalTech, E-sports internet segments. Our pioneer fund, iTech Fund I, LP with $100M AUM, was established in 2011 and is fully invested with nine companies in its portfolio and four successful exits. The second fund, iTech Fund II, LP, was launched in 2018 with a target size of $200M AUM and a $2-10M investment ticket. The fund is actively fundraising and seeking new deals across such verticals as SaaS, AdTech, Online Travel, FinTech, Big Data. iTech Capital is launching a new global sports-tech opportunities fund in cooperation with professional athletes combining deep sports industry expertise of anchor investors with proven investment acumen of the iTech Capital management team. Global Sports Opportunities Fund’s size of $50M to start investing from Q4 2018. Riga
  • ZGI Capital – one of the most experienced venture capital firms in the Baltics that began its operations in 2005. We have successfully concluded the investment period for the first three funds, and now we are building the next-generation venture capital fund ZGI-4. We want to invest in companies with proven business models and firmly established home markets, which are now entering new export markets, increasing capacity, developing new business directions, improving profitability, or automated manufacturing. ZGI Capital has invested in metalworking, food industry, woodworking, logistics, IT, engineering, retail, service exports, and more. Riga


  • Blue Lime Labs – Blue Lime Labs co-creates startups by investing required product development resources and capital to enter the market firmly. We invest in great people with innovative B2B ideas that can be sold globally. Blue Lime Labs is also continually looking for sales-oriented entrepreneurs without ideas having the drive and commitment to create a B2B venture from zero to one. Vilnius
  • Contrarian Ventures – We have a world’s carbon budget. It’s finite, and it’s running out fast. We believe that technology is the only way to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and mobility. This is where Contrarian Ventures step in. We back ambitious and bold entrepreneurs who have what it takes to build a world-class, category-defining business and help them grow globally while enabling sustainable energy transition and accelerating this shift towards a balanced net-zero planet. Vilnius
  • Open Circe Capital – a venture fund management company. We will make equity investments into early-stage Lithuanian startups with global ambitions and the aim to invest in innovative and disruptive technologies. We focus on Deep-Tech, ICT, and robotics technologies, where our management team, advisory partners, and mentor community can add significant value. Vilnius
  • Practica Capital – Practica Capital is a dedicated Baltic VC focusing on investments in the Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Baltic-origin (e.g., Baltic diaspora) ventures in Europe. We invest from €200k to €1.5m+ in seed, late seed, and Series A ventures backing great teams behind the tech-driven businesses from the region and partnering with them as company builders. We have three funds in 2 generations with €50m under management, we made 50+ investments in total, and we are one of the most active Baltic syndicate partners. We are now investing from our €25m fund, launched in 2019. Vilnius


  • Adara Ventures – Venture capital firm managing over €170m investing in Early-Stage, Deep-Tech companies, including Cybersecurity, Big Data, AI, and other Digital Enterprise areas. Luxembourg, Madrid & SF
  • AQUASOURÇA – Nous adaptons les montants investis (de 3 à 12 M€) en fonction de la taille de l’entreprise, du type d’opération (capital développement, transmission, sortie d’un minoritaire…), mais aussi de la vie de l’entreprise : nous nous réservons la possibilité de réinvestir en cours de parcours si un projet le nécessite. Luxembourg
  • Cipio Partners – Founded in 2003, Cipio Partners is a leading investment management and advisory firm for European Growth Capital and Minority Buyouts for Technology Companies. Cipio Partners targets European growth-stage technology businesses with €10-100 million in revenue and makes initial investments ranging from €3-10 million. Cipio Partners operates from offices in Luxembourg and Munich. Further information is available at  Luxembourg.
  • Fit 4 Start – To maximize your business’s chance of becoming successful and sustainable, Fit 4 Start offers intensive coaching, attractive pre-seed capital of up to €150,000, and access to the best networks. The program is open for selected start-ups in ICT, HealthTech, or Space with innovative ideas, strong motivation, and high development potential. Luxembourg
  • La Maison Compagnie d’Investissement – La Maison is a club of highly renowned investors led by Michel Cicurel and Marc Levy. La Maison gathers a pool of outstanding entrepreneurs from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds such as the Dassault family, Michel David Weill, Carlo de Benedetti, Xavier Niel, Jacques Antoine Granjon, Maurice Levy, and many others. Based on the prestige of its shareholding, La Maison’s DNA is to co-invest in growth stage / late-stage deals with very exclusive and highly qualified Venture Capital / Private Equity teams. La Maison has invested in various funds and growing companies in Europe, the USA, China, and Israel. Since 2014, La Maison has already made more than 50 investments. Luxembourg
  • Mangrove Capital Partners – We back a wide range of ventures across information technology, emphasizing mobile, software, e-commerce, and the mobility industry. Luxembourg
  • nfinitiv – challenging the traditional norms of management consulting for start-ups & scale-ups to reshape the industry. With our panel of experienced investors, nfinitiv is reshaping the venture capital industry by making it accessible to you. Our team comprises industry experts who have demonstrated outstanding skills and knowledge in their field of expertise. They have been on the front-line of start-ups. In that sense, they immediately understand the challenges and opportunities and provide real added value based on this expertise and experience. nfinitiv funding invest jointly or directly with other successful funds across Europe and the United States. We invest in all stages of technology-based Startups! Luxembourg
  • NEVEQ Capital Partners – the oldest VC fund manager in Bulgaria and one of the few in CEE to manage more than one VC fund. In their decade of joint investment experience, they have made investments in enterprise applications software, infrastructure software, and industry vertical applications, as well as in web and mobile businesses. With their second fund, NEVEQ II, they are also considering opportunities in other emerging technologies where they can help exceptional entrepreneurs deliver growth and performance, such as health, education, and energy efficiency. Luxembourg & Sofia
  • Postscriptum Ventures is a venture capital fund with a broad portfolio of investments in start-up and niche situations, primarily in the renewable energy and technology sectors. They invest in early-stage ventures where their expertise and experience can leverage their financial investments to help realize the full growth potential of the business. They invest globally with a preference for emerging markets in which their intellectual and financial capital can have the biggest impact. Luxembourg
  • VAM Investments – VAM Investments is a private equity company focused on growth and buyout investments. Luxembourg
  • Vesalius Biocapital Partners – Vesalius Biocapital Partners invests in companies active in human health through venture capital funds raised since 2007. Since its inception, they have contributed to developing 20 companies, with more than € 150 million under management in two funds. Vesalius Biocapital Partners plays the lead investor in the large majority of its financing rounds. Their companies are based in Europe, allowing easy interaction with management. They invest in all stages of development and do not shy away from relatively early-stage projects with a sound proprietary technology and corresponding IP, unique team skills, and a clear competitive edge based on solid data.
  • WorldStone Ventures – WSV is a private investment firm in Venture Capital that funds innovative, young, and disruptive companies from inception to growth stage. Luxembourg


  • Binance Labs – Binance Labs is the venture arm of Binance, established to incubate, invest and empower blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and communities. The mission of Binance Labs is to support industry projects that help grow the broader blockchain ecosystem, realizing the full potential of blockchain technology and its social impact while increasing cryptocurrency adoption globally. Valletta, Malta


  • Alliance Venture – Alliance Venture is a venture capital firm investing in exceptional early-stage tech companies, providing active support to entrepreneurs with global growth ambitions. The total capital under management is 850 MNOK (about 100 MUSD). Oslo
  • Farmhouse Capital – We typically write the first checks of 10-100kEUR, preferably co-investing with Norwegian and international angels, pre-seed, and seed investors. We have a soft spot for diverse teams and purpose-driven companies who share our passion for sustainability.  Oslo
  • Finstart Nordic – At Finstart, we are passionate about supporting great businesses, either by building new ventures from scratch or by investing in and partnering with teams of exceptional founders. Oslo
  • Nordic Impact (Katapult World) – Nordic Impact invests in, supports, and builds businesses and funds based around technology with a mission to impact society and the planet positively. Our goal is to make impact investing mainstream and mobilize all business and capital towards solving the big problems in the world. All this while making high financial returns. Oslo
  • Northzone – With offices across the Nordics, London, and New York, we work around the clock to connect our companies with customers, business partners, and critical talent on a truly international scale. London, New York, Oslo & Stockholm
  • – prefers to invest in early-stage deep technology companies. Oslo
  • ProVenture – one of the leading Seed and early-stage investors in Norway. The total capital under management is 925 MNOK. We provide capital and competence to accelerate growth for our investments. Our combined knowledge and experience working with entrepreneurs provide us with a unique understanding of what it takes to succeed as a startup company. Sandnes
  • Tomorrow Today (2M2D) – Our strategy is to invest in two steps to participate in multiple funding rounds. Typically we’ll enter the seed stage or the series-A round – determined on a case by case basis. We believe our strength is in the early stages of a company timeline. We can help founders sort out their roadmap, identify obstacles, and, most importantly, be a great speaking partner.
  • Verdane Capital – We invest in growth businesses whose development and proven potential are underpinned by technology and supported by long-term structural growth trends, such as offline-to-online migrations, demographic shifts, or changing consumer habits. Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Oslo, Stockholm


  • AgriTech Hub – a Venture Capital Fund with investment interests in modern solutions within the scope of high-tech for the agriculture and food sector. We aim to put R&D projects with the most potential to commercial use during the Proof of Concept (PoC) and Proof of Principle (PoP) stages. We invest in solutions and technology within the scope of the entire value-added chain in agriculture and agricultural practice. AgriTech Hub constitutes an amalgamation of knowledge in terms of high-tech and ICT with the investment experience of a team of experts. Our mission is to support innovation, applicable at the growing, production, and distribution stages, all the way to the commercial end customer. MIT Enterprise Forum Poland has been supporting the fund since its inception. Warsaw
  • Almaz Capital – Almaz Capital is a venture capital firm focused on technologies serving global markets. Berlin, London, Kyiv, SF & Warsaw
  • Arkley Brinc VC – Arkley Brinc VC provides venture capital for early/seed startups throughout Europe in connectivity and sustainability. In addition to funding, we offer over a decade of first-hand experience in business and product development and a network that reaches deep into Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay region in China. Both Arkley and Brinc have an extensive track record of investments as separate entities (80+ companies) and have joined forces to launch a VC fund in Warsaw. We’re excited about Agriculture (AgTech), MedTech, FoodTech, Industrial Tech, Energy Tech, robotics, IoT, and Hardware. Arkley Brinc VC is proud to be part of the PFR Starter FIZ fund from PFR Ventures. Warsaw
  • Black Pearls VC – Black Pearls VC is a venture capital firm focusing on Life Quality Technologies. We look for the best entrepreneurs in Northern and Central Europe who develop and commercialize world-class deep tech & enterprise software solutions. Gdańsk
  • EEC Ventures – EEC Ventures Sp z o.o. Manages Central and East European funds specializing in the Energy, Environment, Utilities, and Advanced Materials sectors. EEC Ventures has the following target group: companies with unique technology, know-how, or market position for the energy, water, and waste management sectors. Target companies should provide the market with products or services that respond to the following global trends: (1) steady energy demand increase, (2) natural resources reduction, (3) reduction in wastes generation, (4) reduction of CO2 emissions, (5) upgrade of utility infrastructure. EEC Ventures provides target companies with early-stage and growth/expansion capital financing. EEC Ventures applies impact investing principles, especially through support of efficient execution by investee companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. Warsaw
  • Innovation Nest – We believe Europe has a lot to offer. European engineering talent and product intuition are amazing. We back fierce leaders and teams with big ambitions, strong personalities, and thorough market expertise. Our investment ranges from €100k to €1M and is directed at early to Series A stage B2B technology companies with a global focus. Innovation Nest is a seed/VC fund focused on software as a Service (SaaS) companies across Europe. We support high-tech companies to grow faster and scale their business globally. Kraków
  • Inovo Venture Partners – is a venture capital firm that provides investments to Polish SMEs and helps them go global by accelerating business processes. It manages 30 million zł (€6.79 million) assets, which we allot on investing in innovative companies with high growth potential. Our Team is experienced in running companies, strategic consulting, and financing. Warsaw
  • Kogito Ventures – Kogito Ventures is a CEE-focused early-stage VC fund operating in a venture-on-demand model. We build syndicates with Angel Investors and often co-invest with other Venture Capital funds. Ticket size ranges from PLN 0.5m to PLN 2m, and we can follow on with up to PLN 4m per company in total. We can participate in rounds starting from Pre-Seed to Series A. Kogito Ventures participates in the Biznest program run by the Polish Development Fund and has been allocated funding of PLN 30m, which will be matched with another PLN 30m coming from co-investing Business Angels. Warsaw
  • – is a venture capital fund with over €50 million under management, focusing mainly on early-stage tech investments. Born in Poland, we invest across Europe in SaaS, cybersecurity, automation, digital marketing, and e-commerce companies. We provide entrepreneurs with expertise and insights in scaling, market intelligence, business development, marketing, and brand-building. Born in 2017, is supported by our track record in innovation and business building at mBank – the world’s leading digital bank with over 5 million clients. Warsaw
  • MCI Capital – MCI Capital, founded in 1999, is one of the most dynamic private equity groups in EU-CEE focused on digital transformation. With the use of Private Equity / Venture Capital funds, MCI implements growth stage and expansion/buy-out stage investments in CEE Region, Germany, Austria (DACH), and Israel. MCI Capital is also active in the field of private debt. The assets under management are around PLN 2,3 Bn (USD 600 M). Through investment funds, it has closed over 60 investment projects and over 30 full exits. From 1999 till now, MCI generated net IRR at almost 23%. MCI Capital SA has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since February 2001 and is also a member of the Polish Private Equity Association. MCI cooperates with the best European and global VC / PE funds. The investment strategy is based on three growth pillars: – Digital disruption — investments in pure-play internet business models. MCI forecasts that the strongest growth will be recorded in the following segments: digital media, e-commerce, marketplaces, Fintech, Internet of Things, Software as a Service, cloud computing, mobile Internet, and digital entertainment. – Digital ecosystem — investments in companies operating on the internet infrastructure development market, such as telecoms and data storage centers. – Digital adaptation — investment support to companies which, being already well established in the traditional economy, aspire to become European- and global-level players using opportunities offered by the Internet. Warsaw
  • Protos Venture Capital – Our team consists of successful Internet entrepreneurs and experienced Venture Capital and Private Equity fund managers. Our goal is to create a unique – in terms of expertise and experience – VC fund that invests in Poland and abroad. We are interested in seed, startup, and expansion projects. Warsaw
  • RTAventures VC – an early-stage venture capital firm focused on Europe. We invest in early-stage VC funds and direct investments in online and healthcare undertakings across Europe (and sometimes beyond). We are based in Warsaw and Berlin. Currently, we are interested almost solely in startups related to genomics. Warsaw
  • Shell Ventures – Shell Ventures helps companies to reach the next level. Established in 1996 as one of the first corporate venture funds in the oil and gas industry, we act as an investor and a partner to help commercialize innovative businesses. Amsterdam, Krakow, London.
  • Simpact VC – Simpact VC is Poland’s first impact investment venture capital fund. We are looking for tech-driven startups that incorporate high business potential and a positive social or environmental impact. We empower founders to build tech companies that combine profit with purpose. We believe that the impact which a startup creates for society represents the degree to which it solves actual problems and, at the same time, is the best indicator of its future financial performance. Warsaw
  • SpeedUp Venture Capital Group – We are a group of funds investing in early-stage yet dynamically developing ventures with global aspirations. Our cooperation with companies is based on a 3-8 year investment horizon. We’re interested in innovations from consumer internet, fintech, martech, IoT, and hardware. Marc Andreessen’s sentence, “Software is eating the world,” resonates with us. We believe that the world is reaching a point where every process will be streamlined, and traditional human labor will be replaced by the computational power of machines and universal network access. We cannot stop this process. However, we can control it and build, based on it, companies that would conquer the global markets. Poznań
  • Sunfish Partners – Sunfish Partners is an early-stage VC that invests in Polish deep tech startups. Berlin
  • TDJ Pitango Ventures – TDJ Pitango Ventures is a Polish-Israeli venture capital fund that invests in technologically innovative startups with global potential. Drawing on over 25 years of successful VC investment experience, we employ in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes for an organization to become a truly global company and build impressive value. We actively support our portfolio startups in the value-building journey by providing them access to our network or by attracting the best experienced senior talent to the startups. We help fundraise for the next financing rounds and actively support the exciting process. We also bring expertise related to strategy and business development, HR and growing pains challenges, and legal and finance. TDJ Pitango Ventures was created with public funds from the National Center for Research and Development. The Fund concentrates on projects in the early startup and growth phases. In the case of interesting projects, it also invests in the seed stage. The fund size is $ 55 million. Warsaw
  • Xevin Investments – We are a venture capital fund specializing on the Internet, focusing on Central and Eastern Europe markets. Warsaw


  • Bynd Venture Capital – Bynd Venture Capital, former Busy Angels, is a Portuguese venture capital investor with more than 30 active investments in the portfolio in different funds. At Bynd Venture Capital, we invest in companies: – At the seed / early stage – In IT/Digital and Sustainability (including Lifesciences, Clean Tech, among others) sectors – From Portugal, Spain and any startup that has a direct connection with these markets (founders, tech team, investors, …). “Building beyond”​ Lisbon
  • Caixa Capital – Caixa Capital is the Private Equity and Venture Capital fund management company of Portugal’s largest banking group Caixa Geral de Depósitos, present in over 20 countries. Caixa Capital is a pioneering operator in the Portuguese market, with 500 million Euros under management and total potential capital of 700 million euros for its managed funds. Caixa Capital’s Venture Capital team partners with international funds to support the global expansion of Portugal-related startups with team members specialized in ICT, digital, health tech, engineering, and cleantech. Lisbon
  • Hovione Capital – Hovione Capital is a privately-held Venture Capital firm specialized in the Healthcare sector. We invest across Europe in high-potential seed/early-stage projects in Life Sciences (Therapeutics, MedTech, and Digital Health). Lisbon
  • Portugal Ventures – Portugal Ventures is a Venture Capital firm that focuses on innovative, scientific, and technology-based companies with significant competitive advantages and export-oriented strategies to global markets. We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, assisting them in achieving new levels of competitiveness and success at all stages of development of their companies and operating in several different sectors. Porto
  • Shilling Capital Partners – Shilling Capital Partners is one of Portugal’s most active Business Angel funds. Founded in 2011, Shilling invests in projects from the start and aims to maintain its support throughout the different rounds of funding of a company to achieve a long-term objective defined with the founders at the beginning of the journey. Shilling’s investment focuses on innovative companies with high growth potential, creating new industry segments, or disrupting a vast, existing market with a 10x better product or service. Mostly sector agnostic, we look at everything with a digital presence. Lisbon


  • Early Game Ventures – Early Game Ventures (EGV) invests in startups that jumpstart new industries in the emerging markets of Europe. Our philosophy is quite straightforward: we invest at the earliest stages in companies whose founders have vested interests, are coachable, and address big markets. If the opportunity is real, we prefer to be the first institutional investor in such startups. EGV is also running a concierge accelerator, taking in only 5 or 6 startups per year for a very intensive and tailor-made program. Bucharest
  • Gapminder VC – Gap Minder is a Venture Capital Fund targeting IT Software and Services startups in Romania and Central Eastern Europe. We sit at the heart of the fastest-growing European economy, with a distinctive technological ecosystem being the third global market for quality and speed of Internet connectivity. In a dynamic and growing startup ecosystem, we are committed to supporting passionate and thoughtful founders to become global entrepreneurs and to rewrite the place of Romania and Central Eastern Europe in the global tech arena. Innovation, People, Impact. These are the three pillars of our investment vision. We are growing disruptive technologies, daring ideas, and influential leaders, and we value creativity, value creation, and the potential of the businesses to impact markets. We are creating a major hub for innovation and entrepreneurship for Romania, which will help us position among the leaders in European Innovation. We focus on Seed and Series A stages. Bucharest


  • Neulogy Ventures – We help entrepreneurs build global companies! We founded Neulogy Ventures to finance and develop talented entrepreneurs and help their companies succeed globally. Neulogy Ventures builds on our thorough knowledge of the local tech scene, our deep and extensive network of mentors and advisors from Silicon Valley to Vienna, and years of realizing equity investment transactions as both investors and entrepreneurs. We know both sides of the early-stage investment world and offer our portfolio companies unique expertise based on our experience as entrepreneurs, investors, and transaction managers. Neulogy Ventures is the first-ever Slovakia-based management company to run fully regulated Seed and VC funds structured along with the highest industry standards. We have a strong commitment to a professional, transparent, and hands-on approach to working with our portfolio companies and our investors. Bratislava


  • FeelsGood Capital Partners – Croatia’s 30 million euro ($33 million) venture capital fund Feelsgood Social Impact Investment Fund. Feelsgood targets early- to growth-stage Croatian and Slovenian startups with an environmental and social impact.
  • Fil Rouge Capital – We love building and being a part of an entrepreneurial ecosystem where everybody plays their role. We want to make the Croatian entrepreneurial ecosystem the best in class, so expect to see a lot of us because this is what we want to achieve! Zagreb


  • 101 Startups – 101Startups is an investment firm based in Spain specializing in early-stage startup companies. Barcelona
  • 4Founders Capital – We invest anywhere from €50K in early-stage investments and typically bring co-investors with us to increase that amount. We do follow-ons for up to €800K per Company over the lifetime of our investment. Barcelona
  • Abac Nest – Abac Nest is a venture capital vehicle investing in seed-stage companies in Spain with global ambitions. Abac Nest was founded in Barcelona in 2017 by the team behind Abac Capital and its network of industry veterans, which cumulate extensive experience investing in early-stage companies since the 90s. The fund partners with great teams with a get-it mindset and a sheer passion for creating the next big thing. Abac Nest puts to work its broad operational and sector experience to fuel the growth of next-generation category leaders through an extensive network of operational advisors ready to move mountains for their portfolio companies. Abac Nest strives to impact society positively and does not compromise on work ethics and integrity. Barcelona
  • Active Partners – Since 2004, we have invested in 25 companies in two funds totaling €74m. In 2007, we created the Venturepreneurs’ Organisation, which promotes relationships between successful serial entrepreneurs investing in early-stage companies. Barcelona
  • Adara Ventures – Venture capital firm managing over €170m investing in Early-Stage, Deep-Tech companies, including Cybersecurity, Big Data, AI, and other Digital Enterprise areas. Luxembourg, Madrid & SF
  • Aldea Ventures – Aldea Ventures is a Barcelona-based investment platform that operates as a catalyst for the innovation economy in Southern Europe. Barcelona
  • With ~€100Mn AUM, All Iron Ventures mainly invests in startups with marketplace, subscription, and e-commerce business models. All Iron Ventures prefers capital-efficient, revenue-driven companies located in both Europe and the Americas. Bilbao
  • Alma Mundi Ventures – Mundi Ventures is a Venture Capital firm focused on technology-based companies, primarily emphasizing B2B business models that are raising their series A or B rounds. We invest between 500K and 5M in each company through our funds.  Madrid
  • Alta Life Sciences – Alta Life Sciences is a leading multistage venture capital investment firm. Alta LS is investing in companies at all stages of development: from seed financing to commercial growth. Alta LS identifies breakthrough scientific discoveries that solve unmet medical needs in all life sciences, including biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, genomics, and digital health. She invests, seeking both the highest societal impact and the greatest potential returns. Barcelona
  • Angels Capital – Nuestra filosofía es encontrar y apoyar al número 1 capaz de liderar un proyecto. Nuestro objetivo es apoyar al emprendedor, colaborar en la creación de nuevas empresas, ayudar al crecimiento de nuestro tejido empresarial, generar empleo y crear riqueza. Desde nuestra constitución en septiembre de 2013, en Angels contamos con una aportación de más de 9 millones de euros que se destinan exclusivamente a proporcionar los recursos necesarios para que las empresas puedan crecer y desarrollar su actividad. Además, participamos en el Grupo Sothis, Instituto Valenciano del Pie (IVPie), Grupo Vintes (Bodega Torre Oria), Codigames, viVood y PlayFilm, además de mantener en cartera toda la actividad del Programa Lanzadera. Valencia
  • Antai Venture BuilderCompany builder, founded several fast-growing startups with operations in more than ten countries in Europe and Latin America. Barcelona
  • Asabys Partners – a venture capital firm from Barcelona investing across the board in human healthcare. We are active in the health-tech and biopharma industries and aim to invest in highly innovative and transformative technologies in Spain and abroad. We are motivated by the idea of pushing the boundaries of science and medicine. We do this by sourcing and financing the most disruptive technologies and collaboration with our industry’s best internal and external talents. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and seek to be involved in the building and managing of our companies. We consider ourselves partners and collaborators to our portfolio companies, not just investors. Barcelona
  • Axon Partners Group – €300m of AUM across two main strategies: Direct Investment: five VC funds in Southern Europe, Latin America, and India. Fund of Funds: Through Aurora, our fund-of-funds platform, we enable access to digital tech, deep tech, and life science alternative investments in a thoughtful well-diversified manner, combining primaries, secondaries, and co-investments. Madrid
  • B4Motion – We support mobility companies and entrepreneurs alike by investing funds and expertise to accelerate them through the ecosystem. B4Motion invests in new startups in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America as a mobility specialist. Madrid
  • Big Sur Ventures – Big Sur invests in innovative companies across sectors. They are especially focused on information technology, digital media, Internet, technology-enabled products and services, green tech, and mobility. Madrid
  • Bonsai Partners – BONSAI PARTNERS is a technology venture capital firm with a hybrid investment strategy focused on the unexploited secondary market. We aim to achieve superior returns by investing in high-growth companies with strong business models and excellent management through a mix of primary and secondary capital deployments. Our scope is centered on Spain, complemented by a minority share of Europe-wide investments. Madrid
  • BStartup – Bstartup is designed to support entrepreneurs so their projects can be developed with maximum guarantees of success. Sant Cugat Del Vallès
  • Cabiedes & Partners – seed funding and early-stage investment services concentrated on eCommerce, Enterprise Software, Design, Fintech sectors. Madrid
  • Caixa Capital Risc – the venture capital division of ‘la Caixa,’ a Spanish bank. Caixa Capital Risc manages more than €180M and invests in the early stages of innovative startups with a global vision. Caixa VC is interested in perceived emerging sectors: technology, digital industries, technologies for industry, and life sciences. Barcelona
  • Capitana Venture Partners – apitana Venture Partners es una firma de venture capital especializada en invertir en fases tempranas (Seed y Series A) de compañías con elevado potencial de crecimiento y proyección internacional. Buscamos emprendedores comprometidos con los que podamos construir algo grande y apasionante juntos. Nos gusta colaborar activamente con nuestras participadas aportando nuestra experiencia y contactos. Invertimos entre 200.000 € y 500.000 € (con posibilidad de realizar inversiones adicionales) en compañías con base tecnológica y/o con un modelo de negocio innovador y testado comercialmente. Madrid
  • Cemex Ventures – Launched in 2017, CEMEX Ventures focuses on addressing the evolving pain points across the construction industry, bringing to life sustainable solutions. At CEMEX Ventures, we have put in place an open and collaborative platform to lead the construction industry’s evolution by engaging startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and other stakeholders to tackle the construction world’s toughest challenges and shape tomorrow’s value ecosystem. Madrid
  • CLAVE MAYOR – a Spanish venture capital & private equity specializing in tech investments. With a strong knowledge of Universities and R&D institutes’ technology transfer processes. We manage ten investment funds and a comprehensive portfolio of innovative companies in different sectors, highlighting Medtech and Health. During the last two years, four new funds focused on Tech Transfer mainly linked to Universidad de Navarra and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and other research ecosystems related to the health sector.
  • EASO – From the company, they rely on their investors to contrast the value of the analyzed projects. Once the project’s potential is validated, they turn to their Investment Committee for the analysis and decision-making of the investment. The phases that make up your investment policy are the following: PHASE 0. It is the phase that forms the requirements of those innovators with a clear growth potential, who are in their initial phase of development and have entrepreneurs capable of leading the project. Those startups and small companies that comply with the demand will participate in the acceleration program at BerriUp, with an initial investment of € 50,000. PHASE 1 – All those companies that, besides having a clear growth strategy, also add a proven business model, with a team capable of leading the expansion project, can participate in this phase. For these entrepreneurs, Easo Ventures offers an investment ranging from € 100,000 to one million euros, in addition to providing adequate support and advice from the specialized team. Easo Ventures aims to be one more investment vehicle for startups and a car designed and aimed at SMEs and MicroPYMEs in the Basque Country, rising as a professional investment industry needed today in the territory. San Sebastion
  • Encomenda – a Venture Capital specialized in seed investments in technology startups. We open the door to investors and professional business angels to capitalize on their investments through collective investment vehicles. We minimize investment risks thanks to portfolio diversification and preferential access to the best projects searching for financing. Barcelona
  • Faraday Venture Partners – We provide our Partners with efficient access to some of the best opportunities for investment in innovative and sustainable Startups in Europe. We boost our investee companies with strength, rigor, and more resources and connections daily to maximize their chances of success. Madrid
  • HASTEN Ventures – a team of senior professionals with an extensive industrial background. We bring the knowledge and contacts generated in years of experience in launching and managing new businesses. Having learned in large firms, we worked for top international companies and started our own companies. Our scope is panned European, where we participate together with institutions, research organizations, investors, startups, and corporations in making good businesses happen. We invest directly in companies through our fund “Hasten seed fund” and operate different Open Innovation Platforms, such as Innolabs. We help Research Centers on Technology Transfer. And we work for Corporations and more prominent Investors as M&A advisors bringing them the best ventures.
  • Inveready – Investing through 4 verticals (Venture Capital in Digital Technology, Venture Capital in Life Sciences, Venture Debt, and Hybrid Financing for quoted companies in growth markets), with +€330M of assets under management. Barcelona
  • Itnig Fund I – Through Itnig Fund I, we invest 100.000€ per company, and we offer our support without getting in the middle. We focus on understanding the market opportunity and ensuring we fully align with the team. We look for intuitive and fast movers, talent developers, hard workers, customer-oriented, bottom-line focused, and growth-obsessed, all at the same time! Barcelona
  • JME Ventures – When we started a decade ago, we wanted to do things differently. We believed that the key to delivering the best results was to become the best travel companion for entrepreneurs and be financially aligned with our investors. Madrid
  • K Fund –  an early-stage VC firm that, with an entrepreneur-centric philosophy aims to fuel the evolution of the Spanish startup ecosystem by investing in the best and brightest entrepreneurs and tech companies in the region. Madrid
  • Kibo Ventures invests in early-stage Internet and mobile startups with a “Super Angel” approach. We look for companies in their early stages but do not invest in seed stages. We aim to grow our investment as the companies grow and develop. We spend initially from €250k to €750k. With our staged investment approach, we can reach up to €5m per company. Madrid
  • Lanai Partners – Lanai Partners is a BUSINESS ANGEL GROUP founded in October 2016 by several Business Angels that merge their knowledge and investment capacity to back digital startups in Spain. Barcelona
  • Mnext Venture Capital – Mnext targets early-stage marketplaces & disruptive e-commerce businesses with a proven business model and supports them to become leaders in their respective fields. Mnext seeks to achieve social or environmental impact through business models based on technology. The geographic scope of Mnext is Spain, and its vision is to foster both innovation and quality employment, which shows great room for improvement. Meridia Capital Partners advises Mnext in corporate governance, business planning, strategic thinking, mentoring, and networking. Barcelona
  • Nauta CapitalThe main areas of interest include B2B Software propositions, disruptive Digital Media companies, and enabling technologies for Mobile and the Internet. Nauta Capital has €300+ million under management and over 40 portfolio companies. Barcelona, London & Munich
  • Nero Ventures – Nero Ventures is a venture capital firm with the following characteristics: 1. Specialization in companies in the service industry with a robust technological base. 2. Active management of investees to reduce operational risk and ensure growth. 3. Investments in early-stage and growth phases; most of our fund is dedicated to follow-ons. 4. International VC firm with pan-European coverage, based in Barcelona. Barcelona
  • Nuclio Venture Builder – Nuclio is a Venture Builder that builds and leads startups with business models validated in other markets. Carlos Blanco, María Hidalgo, Álex Díaz, and Marc Torres founded it in 2016. Nuclio has a team of professionals with extensive experience in different sectors that offer central services to the entrepreneur and the startup, thus facilitating the company’s management. The primary services of the Venture Builder are IT/software, communication & PR, human resources, legal, finance, and investment. Its team of analysts identifies the most successful business ideas in other countries, unites them with the best talent in the ecosystem, and creates the team of entrepreneurs that will lead the startup. Barcelona
  • Reus Capital Partners – Family Venture Capital Fund specialized in digital startups in the seed stage. “We are a Super Business Angel.” Investing since 2013 more than 10M€. Barcelona
  • Samaipata – We are an early-stage founder’s fund investing in marketplaces and digital brands across Europe. Madrid
  • Seaya Ventures – Seaya Ventures is a Venture Capital fund with €160M assets under management. Seaya invests in early and growth-stage Internet and technology-enabled businesses in Spain and Latin America, supporting them in their expansion and growth to become regional and global leaders. Seaya, founded in 2013, has invested through two funds, Seaya I and Seaya II, in 17 companies, among which are Cabify, Glovo, or Spotahome. Madrid
  • SeedRocket 4Founders Capital – SeedRocket offers a complete Seed Funding Venture Program for Entrepreneurs with technology-based startups. We provide the initial investment, and we work together with the founders through the early development stages.  Barcelona
  • Turtle Capital & Investments – an investment company dedicated to financing projects in their early stages. Barcelona
  • UNINVEST  – a venture capital company that specializes in technology transfer. We invest in startups / Spin-offs in the concept test, Seed, and startup phase. Main sectors of activity: agro-food, Industrial Biotechnology, and Health Technologies. Stages: pre-seed, Seed, startup.
  • VAS Ventures – Martin Varsavsky’s early-stage investment fund. We are looking for companies whose innovative founders think big and are courageous enough to shape the future. Martin is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, professor of entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School, and investor. As founder, he has built five successful companies, Viatel, Jazztel,, Fon, and Prelude. Viatel, Jazztel, and all sold for over $700m. As an investor, he backed fascinating companies such as 23andMe, Eolia, Smarthings, Tumblr, and Aura Biosciences. VAS Ventures’ key for success is offering hands-on mentoring from Martin. Madrid
  • VenturCap is a venture capital fund that invests in startups and companies in the growth phase. Sectors we invest in: E-COMMERCE, HEALTH, TECHNOLOGICAL, AND EDUCATIONAL.
  • Veri Seed Capital – We look for competent business partners with the ability and flexibility to take their company to the next level and meet with several candidates every year, but only select a handful to invest in. If you happen to think you have an idea that could potentially disrupt the market, schedule a meeting and let us know all about it. Palma de Mallorca
  • VICTORIA Venture Capital – invests in spin-offs, providing equity from private investors and business advice. The company invests in the capital of spin-offs, which are new companies with cutting-edge technologies that emerge from Research Centers and Universities. The main sectors are cleantech and new advanced materials for Industry. VICTORIA provides business advice, financial and corporate support to the founders of spin-offs, adding value to boost the growth of these companies. Barcelona
  • Ysios Capital – private equity financing to early- and mid-stage human healthcare and life science companies with a particular focus on pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices. €200 million in assets under management distributed over two funds. Barcelona


  • Aggregate Media – Aggregate is a venture capital company investing with media as expansion capital – media for equity. Since the start of 2002, Aggregate has made over 160 transactions in various industries; e-commerce, digital services, product- and B2B-companies, etc. Aggregate target companies today cannot maximize the effect on their market in lack of capital for media advertising. Stockholm
  • Alfvén & Didrikson– We are an active and long-term backer of passionate entrepreneurs and teams with international growth ambitions. Since 2010, our team has focused on making investments in fast-growing Northern European companies. Stockholm
  • Almi Invest– invests in Swedish companies with exciting, scalable business models and motivated entrepreneurs. ALMI Invest consists of seven regionally based venture capital funds with local offices and experienced local investment managers. We manage a total of SEK 1 billion. Stockholm
  • Antler– We’re a global startup generator and early-stage VC firm that builds groundbreaking technology companies. Amsterdam, London, New York, Stockholm, Sydney, Nairobi, and Singapore
  • Bonnier Ventures– While media is in our DNA, a common misconception is that we only look for companies with media affinity. On the contrary, we actively source for high-growth digital and technology companies in sectors including, but not limited to, Marketplaces, B2B, Digital Health, and FinTech. Stockholm
  • Brightly Ventures – an early-stage Nordic venture firm based in Stockholm. Our passion lies in finding and supporting those exceptional technology teams and companies who push the world forward, transforming industries. Our team comprises founders, company builders, and operators with extensive experience in supporting entrepreneurs achieving the full potential of their bright ideas and bold ambitions. Norrmalm
  • Chalmers Ventures AB – Chalmers Ventures is a Swedish firm that specializes in coaching, financing, and business development. They invest in companies that find themselves at the initial stage of their development. Göteborg
  • Club Network Investments – CNI is a network of professional investors and high-profile members who partner with Nordic unlisted, entrepreneur-driven companies in various industry segments. At the core of the system is a team of seasoned investment managers with a flexible mandate and a pragmatic approach to deploying capital, driving growth, and, together with the entrepreneur, creating value in companies in various markets and at diverse levels of maturity. Stockholm
  • Collector Ventures – the investment vehicle of Collector Bank, founded by Lena Apler. Gothenburg
  • Creandum– Seed and Series A investor with € 660m under management focused on software and data startups. Berlin & Stockholm
  • DHS Venture Partners – We are a group of SSE Alumni dedicated to supporting the next generation of great entrepreneurs. With the expertise, proximity, and hands-on support of an angel investor and our network’s reach, resources, and strength, we aim to add immense value to companies in the earliest phases of their journey. Stockholm
  • EQT Ventures– EQT Ventures is a multistage stage VC fund fuelled by some of the world’s most obsessive company builders, engineers, designers, marketers, data scientists, and scaling experts from success stories such as, King, Spotify, and Recognizing that building a global success story takes more than just capital, EQT Ventures’​ operational experts are on hand to advise and support ambitious founders on their journeys to building global winners. Stockholm
  • Fairpoint Capital– We are an active investor that makes minority investments in early growth stage companies, i.e., late Seed to B round funding. Investments are typically made in AI, IoT, Cloud, Simulations, Robotics, Big Data, Computer Vision, XR, Autonomous Systems, Security, Additive Manufacturing, System Integration, and Materials. Stockholm
  • Gullspång Invest – At Gullspång Invest, we fund teams of entrepreneurs who address the fundamental global challenges of our time with commercial products and services, forcing the system to transform into a more resilient state. We optimize for true value, not exits. We plan for the next generation, not for the next quarter. Stockholm
  • Haflo AB – We are a family fund that supports the dreams of innovative individuals. We believe that it takes more than funds to bring a great idea to life. Like our entrepreneurs disrupt their industry, we disrupt the traditional form of investing. We are more than investors; we are a family and treat our entrepreneurs as members of our family. Stockholm
  • HealthCap – HealthCap is a family of venture capital funds investing globally in life sciences. With more than EUR 1 billion raised since 1996, HealthCap is one of the largest specialized providers of venture capital within life sciences in Europe. HealthCap is a European venture capital firm investing exclusively and globally in life sciences. The investment strategy focuses on diseases with high unmet medical needs and breakthrough therapies that can be transformative and change medical practice and the lives of patients suffering these conditions. Having raised more than EUR 1 billion since 1996, HealthCap has backed and built more than 100 companies, taken more than 40 companies public, and made numerous trade sales. Stockholm
  • Inbox Capital – a family-owned investor with a primary focus on disruptive and scaleup tech companies. We invest in various verticals, such as Fintech, Medtech, E-sports, B2B SaaS, and Deep Social Networks.  Stockholm
  • Industrifonden – Industrifonden is a Nordic venture capital investor, focusing on early-stage technology and life science companies with international potential. Industrifonden is an evergreen fund with SEK 5 billion ($600 m) in assets, and we like to work long-term with the team we invest in.  Stockholm
  • Investment AB Spiltan – INVESTMENT CRITERIA • Active entrepreneur with significant influence and ownership in the business. • Companies in the expansion phase. • Significant growth potential, preferably both in market and company growth. • High-profit potential and a proven business model. • Company value of 30-200 million SEK and 20-40 % ownership on the initial investment. Stockholm
  • Karolinska – At Karolinska Development, we invest in Nordic companies developing potentially ground-breaking treatments to relieve or cure serious diseases. Solna
  • Kinnevik AB – Kinnevik is an industry-focused investment company with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our purpose is to make people’s lives better by providing more and better choices. In partnership with talented founders and management teams, we build challenger businesses that use disruptive technology to address material, everyday consumer needs. As active owners, we believe in delivering both shareholder and social value by building long-term sustainable businesses that contribute positively to society. We invest in Europe, focusing on the Nordics, the US, and selectively in other markets. Kinnevik was founded in 1936 by the Stenbeck, Klingspor, and von Horn families. Stockholm
  • MOOR – We invest in globally scalable technology platforms that transform a better future. Stockholm
  • NFT Ventures – NFT Ventures was established in Stockholm in 2014 to capture the opportunity to transform banking and financial services. We empower entrepreneurs and drive the fintech disruption. Since its inception, we have invested in more than 40 companies in the Nordic and the UK markets. Our portfolio companies cover diverse verticals within fintech, including payment, lending, personal finance, and more. In addition to fintech, we are passionate about sectors where fintech is part of the product solution, such as e-commerce, insurtech, proptech, and regtech. We look for established startups with strong, scalable concepts and dedicated teams. We are active across Northern European markets, with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki. We support entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and expand further through our partnership network. Stockholm
  • Nordic Makers – Early-stage companies need angels who invest in founder-friendly terms and advisors who have made the whole journey – from garages to exits and IPOs. We invest our children’s money and our expertise and network to help entrepreneurs build great and enduring companies. Stockholm
  • Norrlandsfonden – Norrlandsfonden är en stiftelse med uppgift att främja utvecklingen i norrländska företag. Vi erbjuder finansiering till offensiva och framåtsyftande investeringar. Våra kunder finns i alla branscher, från traditionell tillverkande industri och besöksnäring till IT- och bioteknikföretag. Luleå
  • Northzone – Northzone is a technology investment partnership. With two decades of experience, we have been chosen by some of the best entrepreneurs as their long-term partners for growth. With offices across the Nordics, London, and New York, we work around the clock to connect our companies with customers, business partners, and key talent on a truly international scale. As former entrepreneurs ourselves, we have been sat on both sides of the table and placed the relationships with our Founders at the core of our business. Stockholm
  • Optimizer Invest – Optimizer Invest is a fully founder-funded venture capital company based in Malta, founded by Norwegian Andre Lavold and Swedes Henrik Persson Ekdahl and Mikael Riese Harstad. The company helps early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs develop and reach their full potential with profitable growth. The founders and the Optimizer team have a successful background in iGaming, eCommerce, and digital lead generation. They primarily invest in consumer-oriented and online businesses. Since the start in 2012, Optimizer Invest has invested in twenty-something companies. Optimizer Invest has also launched a foundation aimed at impact investing. Mälarhöjden
  • Otiva – Equity investment company doing Series A to late growth, private and public. Agile and long-term with no fixed holding period. Stockholm
  • R Ventures – Investing in mission-driven founders within the technology and healthcare sectors. Stockholm
  • Rite Ventures invests in Swedish and Finnish companies within IT services, Software as a Service, and e-commerce. Rite acts as an active investor aiming to transform and position early growth companies for expansion to the midmarket. With a well-proven value creation process and a consistent sector focus, we can act as a catalyst in developing our portfolio companies towards their full potential. Stockholm
  • SamInvest Mitt – We are the Swedish state’s fund investor – investing time, expertise, and capital in privately managed venture capital funds. Härnösand
  • The Springfield Project – We are a Stockholm-based Early-stage Investor with a 100 million SEK fund that invests in up to 10 start-ups twice a year at a time. Since the start of The Springfield Project in 2014, we have invested in 32 companies. We invest in two stages. First, all companies will be provided with a seed round of up to 500 000 SEK on a valuation of up to 10 million SEK. After participating in our accelerator program, our ambition is to follow on our investment with another 2-10 million SEK in an A-round. Stockholm
  • Wellstreet – Wellstreet Group is an innovation and tech ecosystem that includes an investment company, a strategic consultancy firm, and a venture-building incubator. Since our inception in 2016, we have been committed to delivering excellence in all four of our divisions: Ventures, Services, Digital, and Capital. Stockholm
  • Zenith Venture Capital – Zenith Group invests in a Nordic entrepreneurial startup – and growth companies. Our business concept is to be an active owner who contributes to capital, networks, and industry expertise to achieve growth and develop the value of the companies we invest in. With nearly two decades of experience building successful companies through Varenne and recently Zenith VC – Zenith Group was founded in 2018. The new Zenith Group focuses on three types of investments; Venture Capital, Growth, and Real Estate. Our vision is to create an eco-system for entrepreneurs where Zenith Group can assist from seed- or sometimes even pre-seed rounds through A- and B-rounds to exit. Exiting entrepreneurs then get the chance to reinvest into new startup – and growth companies through Zenith Group and contribute with their experience and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Zenith Group manages three listed funds: Zenith Venture Capital, Zenith Growth, and Zenith Real Estate. Stockholm

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