Virtual Digital Health Conferences and Meetings
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Virtual Digital Health Conferences and Meetings

We can’t home school junior, but we can help your remote workday be more productive. Whether it’s a digital conference or networking, we’ve got your Digital Health calendar covered.

Our goal is to bring together senior-level healthcare professionals to learn about cutting-edge innovations and foster dynamic conversation addressing how technology is transforming healthcare.

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Virtual Digital Health Conferences and Meetings



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WBAF Business School to deliver free webinar sessions to startups and angel investors

We are pleased to inform you that WBAF will offer online and free mentorship and financial planning workshops via the WBAF Business School. Its 50 faculty members from 32 countries will share innovative ways to recover the losses of startups and maintain company valuations. We will host online roundtables and panel discussions with guest speakers from around the world. We are confident they will offer valuable advice and innovative solutions for keeping businesses afloat.

Here is the calendar for the WBAF Business School COVID-19 Webinars for April. Please visit the following link to learn more about the speakers and about the content and goals of each webinar—and for free registration:


  • Response from regional leaders: Coping with the effects of COVID-19. 13 April 2020, Monday 15:00 GMT
  • A response from world leaders: What leadership skills do policymakers and business owners need during a pandemic? 16 April 2020, Thursday 14:00 GMT
  • A response from thought leaders: What is the response of the world startup economy to the reality of COVID-19? 20 April 2020, Monday  15:00 GMT
  • The post-pandemic business environment: The post-pandemic business environment for startups, angel investors, and VCs. 24 April 2020, Friday 14:00 GMT
  • Open Forum: The Coronavirus pandemic and the new world. 27 April 2020, Monday 16:00 GMT
  • Global Insights: Insights from Iran, Italy and Spain 30 April 2020, Thursday 16:00 GMT

Virtual Digital Health Conferences and Meetings