VITA Accelerator Open Call for Digital Health Startups
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VITA Accelerator Open Call for Digital Health Startups

Open call for the 2023 Program, which will be open until April 17th  

The Accelerator is looking for pre-seed or seed digital health startups, either based in Italy or interested in operating in Italy and willing to set up an Italian entity to develop, localize and or commercialize their product or service in Italy. The VITA Accelerator Program supports early-stage startups working on innovative solutions in healthcare, with the vast digital health expertise of the partners, connections to the Italian hospitals, patient associations, and corporate partners, and up to 2M€ cumulative follow-on investments (after the first investment of 110K € (of which 50K€ in cash) of equity investment.  

VITA Accelerator Open Call for Digital Health Startups – APPLY

VITA Accelerator is looking for early-stage digital health startups: 

  • Either Italian-based 
  • OR internationally based and interested in entering the Italian market and opening a legal entity in Italy
  • OR internationally based and founded by Italians abroad 

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About VITA Accelerator

VITA Accelerator is the Digital Health Accelerator of CDP National Accelerators Network, born from an initiative of CDP Venture Capital Sgr together with Healthware Group and Accelerace. The program benefits from the support of Zcube – Zambon Research Venture as Innovation Partner, the Corporate Partners Petrone Group and SIFI Group, and the Technical Partner Orrick. VITA Accelerator aims to accelerate Italian and foreign startups willing to do business in Italy in cooperation with key Italian and international operators, investors, and corporates. The Accelerator also has the objective of strengthening and nurturing the Italian digital health ecosystem, as well as promoting it internationally. More info at:

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